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 Renessemee Carlie Cullen
Renessemee Carlie Cullen
This is for my biggest fans, Jess531,prettystar,and stevie_leigh.thankyou all.

On the flight back home,Bella looking down.She looked worried but not about her.I can't get myself to beileve that she was pregnat.I was happy and worried about her.Happy that god has blessed us with the joy of haveing a baby and worried about it being half cold one as it grew in her body.I had heard legends from Gustavo about half mortal children.And how they ate its way out of te womb.Which didn't mean much to me then but was the most important thing in my life.Bella.Her safety.As it always had since...
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I know it's a little early to be thinking about the سیکنڈ movie but I saw some rumors on some blog site thing- just google New Moon movie, you'll find truck loads- and I couldn't resist posting them.
One of the rumors was -"They’re talking about changing Jacob Black’s character, because he can’t grow 7 inches in one year. So they might be looking for alternatives to play Jacob’s werewolf side."
What?! :O
How can they change Taylor...Taylor is just, well, Jacob. Can't they put him on stilts یا something, یا maybe make everyone look smaller like they do in Harry Potter with Hagrid?? Poor...
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