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This Twilight Series تصویر contains اچھے کپڑے پہنے شخص, سوٹ, پتلون سوٹ, pantsuit, اچھی طرح کپڑے پہنے ہوئے شخص, and پنٹساٹ. There might also be کاروبار سوٹ, بزنس سوٹ, پہناوا, overclothes, آؤٹر, اوورکلوتھیس, hip boot, and thigh boot.

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I think this story is going to be Taylor point of veiw from now on.PLease tell me what آپ think and everything!! This might be turning out to be a Twilight story!!

Sorry this one is gonna be short the third one I wrote got deleted like the first too!! Stupid computer!!

Taylor POV

I walked out of the ligeguard's office and I heard the door open, I didn't think anything of I just kept walking. Taylor! Jesse just called my name. I wonder why? I thought to my self. Jesse?? I کہا as I turned around to face him. I am so sorry for kissing آپ but, I cut him off سے طرف کی saying " don't be sorry, I not" and...
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When I woke up, I turned over and looked at my clock and it کہا it was 6 am. I couldn't believe i woke up at six! I decided to get out of bed, I went over to my computer and checked the surf as I usually did. I saw that the waves are going to be great so I put on my bathingsuit and sweat pants and then a sweat شرٹ, قمیض on. I grabbed my wetsuit out of the colset and went downstairs and ate breakfast. Alice was in the باورچی خانے, باورچی خانہ when I walked down.
Hey Addi, Whatcha doing up this early? she ask.
Oh, just the usual surfing all day. I told her.
I ate and then left for the گیراج got my bike and board...
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Vampires have existed in a variety of cultures almost since the dawn of time. Until the 19th century, they were believed to be monsters, rather than the stereotype of a مزید aristocratic being who could infiltrate the world around us, as popularised سے طرف کی Bram Stoker. Legend has developed since, with pop culture shows such as "Buffy the Vampire Slayer", which tackles concepts such as a vampire with a soul and possible redemption for a creature previously believed to have had no redeeming qualities whatsoever. Bella lists her observations when she is researching on the internet: "Speed, strength,...
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