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okay guys, this is really short. im sorry, i've just had no time this week. please tell me what آپ think anyway :)

part 22
“If there was only some way to make آپ see that I can’t leave you.” I whispered. “Time, I suppose, will be the way to convince you.”
The corner of her mouth pulled up slightly. The idea must have pleased her. “Okay.” She کہا agreeably.
I was glad to see her happier again but the pain was still flowing through me at full force.
A questioning look came into her eyes before she asked “So—since you’re staying. Can I have my stuff back?” she spoke in...
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new vid.
robert pattinson
kristen stewart
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Love this twilight teaser!
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4. Defenseless
    Dylan and I walked to Carols. He was stiff, and walked like he was in the military. I tried to push in front of his and skip the rest of the distance to the house, but he walk almost making himself block me. I sighed and paced myself to match him. When we got to the house, Dylan rang the bell, once.
        “You see, she’s not here, let’s just go back. I’ll cook dinner.” He کہا while turning from the door. He’d only waited for a hundredth of a second.
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“Vincent Salvatori asked about you.” Jenny کہا as I joined her for lunch today.


“The recluse. He introduced himself to me during class.” I decided to ditch class this morning. I don’t want to spend an گھنٹہ and a half beside arrogant Vincent Salvatori.

“I told him آپ overslept.” Her eyes narrowed as she took in my bloodshot puffy eyes. “Care to explain to me what last night’s sobbing was about.”

“Some other time, Jen. Don’t want to talk about it.” I murmured then picked up my cup of coffee and took a sip.

“Okay….Listen, do آپ want to go to Jessie’s for...
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