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breaking dawn
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Finally love is back in the house :D LOL

Bella's pov

I just laid there again for a long time again, when I suddenly heard something at my window. I jumped up saw Edward standing there.
“What are آپ doing here” I whispered to him
“I’m sorry Bella, for not believing in you” he کہا with snobs. I just looked at him not knowing what to say. I wanted to confer him but I was still angry, so I didn’t do any attempt moving myself to him. I just took place on the side of the bed.
“I was so selfish to believe the volturi and I ended up hurting you” he still کہا with snobs. “I’m not asking...
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that's a fanpire's song about what Rosalie کہا to Bella that night ![eclipse]
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This is the same story but i had to change the عنوان because someone already had it sorry.

I stayed at edwards house until 10 o'clock then went ہوم and edward came too.We went inside and sat on the sofa then i said"sorry for breaking your دیوار i guess i kinda threw her a bit hard".He said"Bella its fine we can fix it i am just still angry at tanya see attacked آپ and bit you,she hurt آپ i could kill her right now"."You know i felt the same way when she was kissing آپ but more"."Yes i bet آپ would feel like that the look on your face was scarey but i didnt stop آپ from hitting tanya because...
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