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twilight saga
breaking dawn
Chapter 32: The Truth is often Hard to Take

My new parents and I drove my new grandfather’s Mercedes to my memorial. It was so odd, although I had driven down the same streets in Forks all of my life this was the first time that I truly saw them. My human eyes hadn’t taken in all of the details and I was itching to draw them. I sighed. “What’s wrong, love?” Rosalie asked with her eyes on me in the rearview mirror “I just wish that I had my sketchbook,.” She looked at me sadly, knowing that it was too much of a risk to go to my house and get it. Emmett looked back at me, “On...
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1. Snarl at you
2. Throw something at you
3. Possibly kill you
4. Kick آپ into the اگلے continent
5. Throw آپ into the اگلے cotinent
6. ذائقہ, مارنا آپ in the face and break it
7. Get Jacob so she comfort Renesmee and so he can take care of you
8. Get pinned down سے طرف کی Emmett so she won't kill you
9. Scream at you
10. Tell you, "Run while آپ still can!"
11. مککا, عجیب الخلقت آپ and break your jaw into pieces
12. Get Rosalie to help
13. Perhaps Rosalie will do the dirty work for Bella while everyone's comforting Renesmee
14. Spit at you
15. Drink your blood
16. Try to go at your throat
17. Crush آپ with a giant boulder
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I waited outside the restaurant for what seemed like hours. The time dragging سے طرف کی as I waited for her. I couldn't believe how antagonizing it was to wait. I hate waiting.
Look at that hottie. Some moron was thinking. I looked to that direction and there, walking towards me was the most beautiful girl in the world. Elizabeth Martin.
Her brown hair reminded me of the warmth I used to feel from Bella. Her bright blue eyes reminded me of the ocean in the sun. Her pale, rosy complextion reminded me of cream colored milk. So beautiful yet so out of reach. I remember that night that I proposed to...
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sorry i didnt finish this but here is some مزید of the first book of breaking dawn sorry bought the wait...

i threw my arm over my face i didnt wwont her to see the pain in my eyes. it was quite for a long aganizing moment.
there was a light touche on my arm i didnt اقدام i didnt wont to move. she wrapped her fingers around my wriste and tried to pull but it was worthless she was so weak so fragile. that brought it all back. everything i have done to her.
i didnt move
"edward?" she tried again
"im not sorry i carnt even tell you. im so happy. that doesnt even cover it....
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