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Why He’s Hot:

1. Pattinson is responsible for the whole “men as vampires are hot”, epidemic. For him, you’re a total fiction loving dweeb.
2. He is the epitome of a bad boy. He doesn’t try to have a fuck the world attitude, he just does. He’s far from charming and آپ love him for that. Why? Well because bad boys can work their magic stick better than nice boys. Nice boys need instruction, not Robert. آپ see Robert is instructing آپ and you’re loving every منٹ of it.
3. He’s from the UK and that in itself is hot. He has an accent and will invite آپ over for crumpets and...
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I pulled her onto the بستر and wrapped the blanket around her, there was no way I wanted to freeze her to death. Then I wrapped my arms around her. Already, she was falling asleep. She was thinking about tomorrow and the wedding that was in two days. I smiled at her pictures, she didn't at all think of the wedding dress though.
I could tell when she was out. Her mind went dark, then it was filled with different pictures and my face was the background. We zoomed into a picture, one that hadn't happened. One that, I never wanted to have, of course the experience would be wonderful, but it was...
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Los Angeles, CA August 15, 2008 – TWILIGHT, the first film in Summit Entertainment’s thriller romance franchise, has moved up its North American release تاریخ to Friday, November 21, 2008. The film, which was previously planned to be released on December, 12, 2008, is taking advantage of an opening in the upcoming fall release calendar. The new release تاریخ for TWILIGHT allows the studio to both bring the film to the written-series’ enormous پرستار base sooner, and to present the film in مزید theatres prior to the holiday movie-going season where traditionally screen time for any popular...
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twilight saga
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Sneak منظر پیش of soundtrack songs: A Thousand Years - Christina Perri Endtapes - The Joy Formidable I Didn't Mean It - The Belle Brigade Turning Page - Sleeping At Last It Will Rain - Bruno Mars
bruno mars
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a thousand years
i didn't mean it
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So yeah, I'm back! I know who read my stories want to kill me because I didn't update like months,but I'm sorry and no I will not update those story's, maybe someday when my mind will be in emo side I will XD

Warning! This پرستار fiction contains a lot curse words.


I'm standing in the parking lot 30 منٹ till first lesion starts and there is no one around. Which really surprised me.
I looked up into the sky which was cloudy and I felt cold breeze mixed with snow in my face. I closed my eyes and deeply breathed in. I liked the snow it felt like nothing else in entire world it's beautiful...
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