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This Twilight Series تصویر contains بارش کا کوٹ, خندق کوٹ, مٹر جیکٹ, peacoat, مصری چنا جیکٹ, and پیاکوت. There might also be greatcoat, کوٹ, topcoat کے, overcoat, topcoat, گریٹکوت, فرغل, ٹوپکوت, overgarment, بیرونی چادر, اوورگآرمانٹ, burberry کے, and بربیری.

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posted by 2bearz
hey, jus wanted to say that this is bout 4 months after the last chapter , and Bella n Edward got married, and Bella is a few دن from havin her baby! sorry for skippin the good parts, but its jus like in the book, n i didnt want 2 repeat evrythin. sorry again.

" But I thought that آپ کہا the Volturi were coming Edward!" Alec raged. He was mad that his sister hadn't chosen to come over to the Cullen's family, but he wasn't leaving. We had tried to persuade her, but she held fast. Carlisle mentioned a girl who could make, and break, bonds in the Volturi.

When Edward کہا they were coming Alice...
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posted by Brown_x_Eyes
Edward: Happy Birthday, Bella.

Bella: Screw my birthday, I don’t wanna grow up!

Edward: You’re like Peter Pan, except you’re a girl!

Bella: About that…

Edward: What?

Bella: Nothing.

Edward: Let’s go to my place.

Bella: Giving in? The perfect present…

Edward: Hell no! آپ think I’m weak?! WELL I’LL دکھائیں آپ WEAK! –Bends down to Bella’s neck-

Bella: Edward, wait for Victoria to kill me. She has مزید practice.

Edward: Let’s go inside!

Alice: Surprise! Big huge party to be celebrated سے طرف کی only 8 people! WOO!

Bella: I totally didn’t see this coming…

Esme: I baked آپ this wonderful cake!...
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posted by team_edward_
Edward stood there for what flet like forever, when really it was only 3 سیکنڈ یا maybe less.I blinked and he was gone.O.K not really gone but he was beside me, I turned to face him and he said"Why are آپ here?"I didnt know what to say so I sat down wishing I could just say it was a big mistake and leave but instead I asked him "Do آپ love me" "Bella I ......I dont know" I looked at him "Answer my question...Do آپ love me?Please I dont care what the answer is but I need to know if آپ still love me."Now he was sitting beside me and I could feel this electricity between was like that day...
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Song is "Love Lockdown" سے طرف کی Kayne West
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