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This Twilight Series تصویر might contain گرین beret, خصوصی افواج, اشرافیہ سپاہی, گرین باریٹ, سپیشل فورسز, ایلیٹ سپاہی, رائفل مین, رائفل, جنگ کا جوڑا, and جنگ لباس.

posted by Brown_x_Eyes
Bella is driving her brand new bullet/tank/bomb/vampire proof car.

Bella: OMC, like everyone is staring at me cuz I’m getting married! The shame, the shame!

Random Guys: Sweet car. Can we get a picture with it?

Bella (because this is in no way awkward at all): Sure


Bella, Edward, and Charlie sit in the سوان, ہنس living room.

Bella and Edward: Charlie, we have something to tell you!

Charlie (gasps): You’re pregnant.

Bella: Of course not, silly! That comes later on in the book.

Edward (hands wedding invitation): We’re getting married whether آپ like it یا not!

Charlie (jumping up and down...
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posted by BuffyFaithFan1
Blood Lust
by: BuffyFaitnfan1
I watched as Ili left the room, and felt the lights go dimmer. And then everything went black. And I then now over.
"I'm sorry. . . .Bella!" I choked out and my head slumped to the side. And I heard the door open just as the bar went into a straight line. The door closed, and someone was at my side. There hand was cold. They hooked me back up, and air rushed into my lungs. And I could start to see spots! Colors of sorts....
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no i did not write this, its from entertainment weekly @, when i read this i was SO EXCIDED can't wait till saturday!!!!!

With the understanding that this spoiler will send the blogosphere into either a tizzy of celebration یا outrage, hereby reveals a major plot point from Stephenie Meyer's Breaking Dawn, the fourth and final installment to her Twilight series. And no, the forthcoming information is not from a fever dream یا a filched copy of the book found in the dusty stock room of a Barnes & Noble. This exclusive spoiler comes straight from Meyer herself, with her explicit...
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A trailer to celebrate the 5 سال anniversary of the Twilight movie's release
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posted by NeeNee14
This is my first مضمون please تبصرہ and tell me what آپ think. Thanks
- NeeNee14

As I walked down the hallway I heard my name in everyone,s conversation. I hate being the center of attention just like my mom.
"That's Renesmee Cullen. Do آپ remember Edward Cullen,that's his niece." I heard someone say.
"I know who she is and she is so hot!" I heard some one reply. I rolled my eyes.
I walked into my 11th grade science class and I smiled thinking back to when my parents told me about the first time they saw each other.I sat down in the middle row waiting for this stupid school to start. I didn't...
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