Twilight Series HONESTLY: if آپ had to choose one of the actors to change in the movie, who would it be?

Pick one:
Edward Cullen & lt; robert pattinson& gt;
Edward Cullen <robert pattinson>
Bella سوان, ہنس & lt; Kristen Stewart& gt;
Bella سوان, ہنس <Kristen Stewart>
Alice Cullen & lt; Ashley Greene& gt;
Alice Cullen <Ashley Greene>
Carlisle Cullen & lt; Peter Facinelli& gt;
Carlisle Cullen <Peter Facinelli>
Jacob Black & lt; Taylor Launter& gt;
Jacob Black <Taylor Launter>
Emmett Cullen & lt; Kellan Lutz& gt;
Emmett Cullen <Kellan Lutz>
Rosalie Hale & lt; Nikki Reed& gt;
Rosalie Hale <Nikki Reed>
Jasper Hale & lt; Jackson Rathbone& gt;
Jasper Hale <Jackson Rathbone>
Esme Cullen & lt; Elizabeth Reeser& gt;
Esme Cullen <Elizabeth Reeser>
 mcclare34 posted پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک
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