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Opinion by misanthrope86 posted پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک
fan of it?
***SPOILERS for episodes 1-8 of the 3rd season of 'Twin Peaks'***

Since there is no new Twin Peaks episode this week, I thought I'd share my thoughts on the season 3 so far. It has already been a hell of a ride!

I'll admit I'm not great on Twin Peaks details. Some people are really good at catching the signposts that David Lynch plants throughout the episodes. I'm usually too stressed to be academically cognizant of those details. So I'm not even going to try piece things together as such, یا predict what might happen next.

I have really enjoyed the reboot so far. Perhaps in some ways, مزید so than the original series. The first 2 seasons were characterised, یا so it seemed to me, سے طرف کی the disruption of the image of 'idyllic' small town America سے طرف کی the intervention of extreme violence and seediness. In this new season, the reboot, the notion of Twin Peaks as idyllic is still there (ie the ڈنر, کھانے and precious Shelly still being a کرن, رے of sunshine), but it is much, much less visible. Even the Sheriff's Department is darker and مزید tense than during the first 2 seasons (ie the new recruits are kinda dicks, Truman and his wife have troubles,...