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posted by girly_girl
Amanda: I think I'm gonna pass.
Marc: You're not passing. I'm not going to stag, hag.
Amanda: You'll have to buy your own beer, queer.
Marc: آپ can't just ditch, bi-
Amanda: Oh shut up!

Amanda: Who cares about carbs when you're from Queens, right?

Marc: When did catwalk become fatwalk?

Amanda: Keep working- a little مزید overtime and آپ can switch to invisalines.

Amanda: I can bearly leave the house with an out-of-season handbag and آپ دکھائیں up on a daily basis looking like a yard sale and آپ don't care. Its like آپ were genetically engineered without the fear gene.

Amanda: Have آپ been smoking one of your ponchos?

Amanda: Hi. Are آپ the before?
Betty: Huh?
Amanda: Before and after. The photoshoot?

Marc: آپ must prove your loyalty to the queen.
Amanda: You?
Marc: Wilhelmina!

Amanda: But its your mother. I'm the love of your life. Remember?
Marc: آپ are officallly released from beard duty. Consider yourself shaved.

Amanda: Oh look. Its scary Bradshaw and a side of potatoes.

Betty: آپ keep walking سے طرف کی Daniel's office saying really loud that آپ have big plans tomorrow with this new guy you're seeing.
Amanda: Not anymore. Jerk called me an گھنٹہ پہلے and says he has to spend the دن with his wife and kids. I;m like, grow a pair, will you? I am so over men. They all suck.
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ارے guys so I wrote this fanfiction a while back and I figured mabye some other Detty شائقین out there might want to read it...:)

I'm TeeFly on, and so here is the first chapter and the link to what was my first Detty fanfiction, Be Careful What آپ Wish For...hope آپ enjoy!!!!

Disclaimer: I don't own Ugly Betty یا any of the characters,but I sure wouldn't mind if someone decided to give them to me. Anyway please don't sue cause I have no money!!!!

Authors Note: Its taken me awhile to finally put to words this story. It has “magic” I reckon آپ would call it inside so if that...
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(S02E05) Love was in the air, courtesy of Ugly Betty's newest phony website, Betty found a date, Amanda found a new way to tease Betty, and someone from Christina's past found her. Even Marc found romance! While some characters made significant progress, others (thankfully) went back to basics. Alexis remembered what being a Meade is all about, and Justin's dreaded rebellious phase is officially over! I just hope he didn't throw out his old clothes.

Gallery: Ugly Betty: A League of Their Own

Betty's first rebound تاریخ wasn't with Gio after all, but with so-called NiceGuy47. I...
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