IOTY- شبیہ of the سال
Hi fanpoppers! Its me hellgirl223 and this is a just a short مضمون which basically talks about the IOTY (Icon of the Year) and the عمومی سوالات (Frequently asked Questions) and rules about the IOTY. There are only 2 VERY simple rules آپ have to follow and well, this is my first guide مضمون and it goes!

1) The very first simple rule, participants should have an شبیہ (not a normal user fanpop icon).
2) Please do NOT vote for yourself!
3) شبیہیں must be credited. If آپ created it yourself then, Ok, but still write the name =)

Easy right? Ok, lets get on with the عمومی سوالات of the IOTY. If there is any عمومی سوالات آپ would like me to put on the article, then just message me یا write it on the تبصرے :D

1) What is the IOTY?
The IOTY stands for شبیہ of the Year. It is a yearly pick that Fanpoppers can vote to دکھائیں which Fanpopper has the best شبیہ of the Year.

2) Who started the شبیہ of the Year?
I actually created this pick but it was influenced سے طرف کی PkmnTrainerJ’s FOTY picks.

3) Who decides on the people on شبیہ of the Year:
It’s actually my decision to put who on the pick, but, شائقین can also add themselves to the pick, request to be added to the pick, یا they can also request to me to be removed from the pick.

4) Can people add themselves on the شبیہ of the Year?
A simple answer is, yes they can. They can also be removed سے طرف کی requesting it from me.

5) Is there a prize for the winner of شبیہ of the Year?
What he/she gets is mainly recognition and the pride that goes with it for having the best شبیہ of the Year.

6) When does the شبیہ of the سال happen?
The شبیہ of the سال happens every 15th November
7) Which spot does the شبیہ of the سال is گیا کیا پوسٹ in?
It gets گیا کیا پوسٹ in here, in the one and only, Users شبیہ spot!

8) Are شائقین able to win مزید than once?
The answer is yes, they can.

9) Are شائقین be able to be on the same شبیہ of the سال pick twice?
The answer is no, so any users that are on the فہرست twice, I will remove it. Also, of course, I will remove the pick choices of the same user(s) which has the least vote(s).

Anyway, this is all for the article, and I hope آپ understand. Its not the best article, but.......I tried my best :D *A very special thanks to germany123 for helping me on a few ideas on this guide..:D*
FAQ- Frequently Asked سوالات