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 LOZ banners سے طرف کی Knifewrench
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These are the banners I made for The Legend of Zelda Spot, including the scraps and unfinished versions.
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legend of zelda
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 IOTY- شبیہ of the سال
IOTY- Icon of the Year
Hi fanpoppers! Its me hellgirl223 and this is a just a short مضمون which basically talks about the IOTY (Icon of the Year) and the عمومی سوالات (Frequently asked Questions) and rules about the IOTY. There are only 2 VERY simple rules آپ have to follow and well, this is my first guide مضمون and it goes!

1) The very first simple rule, participants should have an شبیہ (not a normal user fanpop icon).
2) Please do NOT vote for yourself!
3) شبیہیں must be credited. If آپ created it yourself then, Ok, but still write the name =)

Easy right? Ok, lets get on with the عمومی سوالات of the IOTY. If there...
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Source: 북구"출장만남"업소/카톡:SMZG2/전국출장안마,070-7918-4234,출장파트너,출장마
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Source: 동구"출장만남"업소/카톡:SMZG2/전국출장안마,070-7918-4234,출장파트너,출장마
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