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Source: Alisa مارٹینی, مارٹانا
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Source: Alisa مارٹینی, مارٹانا
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Source: Alisa مارٹینی, مارٹانا
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In the solemn shades of those art angelic clouds my airy spirit grows so light in love. There سے طرف کی your unnamable beauty with all inspirational grace my souls descending passion thrives against a well refined pen. To lance these honey words in the fairest cursive.

Where the high born heavens sunny beams shine
solely through the transparent windows of the Lords day. Where the blessedness of that visible light that bogged the darkness with it’s colossal rays. Shall harvest the kingdoms realm, before those flowering hills, سونا faced meadows and glassy streams. Which nature made and molded with...
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In one دن to dear never has a fair name
Been مزید nobly born in arms then she. It
was that age like morning when Cupid’s
sweet aim, fled swiftly toward my hearts
blood, with loves venomous arrow to
wield that mortal blow,

Love! That winged saint, and his archers to
the battlefield armed themselves against me.
I could not defend myself from such a sweet
assault. I am bound to the book of love, wished
away سے طرف کی old romance, musing her love inspiring
beauty; scribed with a doe white feather
borrowed from Cupids wing,

and if these honey words come to be my last so
sweetly composed, and death himself takes my
breath from me. May the heirs of heaven breathe
in me the dynasties of life. But if my eyes dim
in this bright light,and دکھائیں love to آپ without breath.
O’ my dearly loved, leave me with a kiss to die.

Copyright (c) Valentinno 2010
To her own lips my own kisses sin, fair desire bounds my دل in sweet division, and do upon love's altar true, my dear angel has found her fame in heaven.

The wings of night, sleep with Endymion and سے طرف کی word یا vow, two bodies are interchanged and in exchange for her sweet loves joy.

When promised, I swear سے طرف کی the golden bow of the moon, that in amity, faithfulness and adoration, I will keep my holy oath unbroken...

and with mouth to breath I kiss her diving eyes, like righteous veiling stars in long bright fane, sparkling in their circled orbs. Where those Goliath rays اقدام the night.

O' those rays, that her بادل gazing eyes infuse in me as pure as unpainted innocence, she draws in the whirlwinds of passion that shake the velvet buds with beautys might.

Copyright (C) Valentinno 2010
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Valentinno is a nationally acclaimed poet (Born on 03, November 1974) to a Catholic family, and is the youngest of four children. He was born in Brooklyn, New York, his farther served the United States as a Marine and NYC as a Fireman and his mother was a Lab Technician. Valentinno was baptized at St. Pancras and was educated at a private school when he was a child. He attended Whitestone Academy where he developed an interest in the literary arts which would stay with him for the rest of his life. His first poem of note was written when he was just fourteen, when most young women are just...
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A Romantic's Passion

A Romantic's Passion is based on a true story of one of the most haunting and torrid romances. Where the true call of love is expressed in an enriching collection of inimitable prose poems, love letters, and romantic photos, that tell the story of a laureled poet and the heat of his passions for his beloved muse. Revealing the most beautiful and elaborate تصاویر of love and devotion. Where the desire, the romance and his immortal beloved became his life's work.

NOTE: A Romantic's Passion is in pre-production and will be released in 2011 in soft-cover, hard-cover and eBook format.
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Source: Lizette Hernandez
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Source: Alisa مارٹینی, مارٹانا