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This Vampire Academy تصویر might contain پورٹریٹ, آرچر, closeup, تصویر, and ہیڈشوٹ.

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ارے guys! Okay, so I've been making a فہرست for what I think the cast of Vampire Academy should be. What do آپ think? I also need to know who Sydney Sage and Mikhail Tanner should be.

Rose Hathaway- Sophia Bush
Vasilisa Dragomir- Taylor Momsen
Dimitri Belikov- Ben Barnes
Christian Ozera- Gaspard Ulliel
Adrian Ivashkov- Chase Crawford
Mason Ashford- Michael Welch
Eddie Castile- Matt Lanter
Tasha Ozera- Zooey Deschanel
Victor Dashkov- Julian McMahon
Mia Rinaldi- Ashley Olsen
Jill Mastrano- Kaya Scodelario
Sonya Karp- Jayma Mays
Queen Tatiana- Blyth Dane
Priscilla Voda- Joely Richardson
Abe Mazur- Naveen Andrews
Janine Hathaway- Kate Walsh
Sydney Sage- ?
Ambrose- Adrian Grenier
Natalie Dashkov- Alexis Bledel
Jesse Zeklos- Jesse McCartney
Mikhail Tanner- ?
Avery Lazar- Michelle Trachtenberg
Reed Lazar- Iwan Reon
Kirova- Caroline Lagerfelt
Dear enterway.                                     First I will start سے طرف کی telling آپ about myself. I am a 18 سال old boy ,yes a boy. The reason I am writing is simply too long to explain, but perhaps I will get to that later...or further in the future.  I am a super with an infinity for spirit, heance part of the reason I am writing. It is the seventeenth of march, 1801.  I am here in my room, alone for now. The weather is chill, فر, سمور کوٹ and boats wheather, but I have none. Well class has just been cancelled do to the snow fall, so I suppose I have time enough to explain...
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1. Victor dahskov( ew a creepy old man! ew and not mention a creepy old man!)
2 Ralf Voda( who ever thinks he's hot has serious problems)
3 Jesse zeklos(we get carried away سے طرف کی his annoying nature we can't see his true beauty cause he doesn't have any!)
4. Aaron. ( he's too up him self to be hot)
5. ambrose( nm he's okay but not as good looking as some of the other guys)
6. Nikoloi( he so cute!)( ppl's he's viktori'a friend and has a giant crush on her)
7. adrian ivaskov( how can we resist this naughty boy!)
8 Christian ( sexy emo power!)
9. nhte hottest of them all Dimitri Belikov the tall sexy mysterious Russian guy, we are all in love with him but only one girl can have him which is Rose)

Tell me your points of view
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