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posted by nevenkastar
Everyone was sitting on the tables just 2 people still wasn’t there. Then the teacher came in. She was old. Very old, she had grey hair, like my میز, جدول and dark red eyes. I wasn’t scared of her. She looked nice and she was nice! She introduced herself. And then begin to call our names to see if we are all here. She began:
“Jackson Belmont.” She said.
“Here. ” He afro boy said. Yeah آپ heard right. He has a big black afro and brown eyes. He looked like not a evil person so I thought we would get good friends. He smiled and sat down.
“Laura Alcotte” The teacher called.
“I’m here ” My newest smiling friend کہا and sat down.
“Demencia Varcolac.” She repeated sometimes but nobody کہا anything and just was shocked یا smiled evil. I was just confused and watched the teacher.
“Eathan King. ”
“Here” The blonde haired boy said. He acted so cool. But he wasn’t!!!
“Lucifer Strigoi. ”
He just raised a hand and put it down fast. He didn’t کہا anything and looked at me mad. I looked around but he was looking at me! Freak, then he looked away.
”Boris Tepesh” The teacher called 2 times but he didn’t say anything he just sleep. Then a tall boy hit his head with a book hard and Boris almost fall down. Then get up and said, “Yeah sorry, I’m here.” Then got down and hit the boy with his book. I just tried not to laugh.
“David Aschelme.”
“I’m here.” He کہا nice. I was suprised. He sit down and smiled at me and Luna.
“Blade Lucusta”
He got up and hit with his hands on the ڈیسک and کہا “Here” and got down.
“Festar Evan.” The teacher کہا almost a bit tired of all the names.
“I’m here. ”The blacked boy who hit Boris got up, sat down and smiled.
“July Mayfair.”
“I’m here. ”She got up with a chewing gum in her mouth.
“Luna Eswards”
“Here” My BFF کہا happy.
“Alexandra Thomas”
I got up and کہا slowly “Here”. Everyone was looking at me. Some with a smile, some with a evil face. Then I just sit down and stared out of the window.
“Gustav Cula”
“Here” The blonde haired boy with nerd glasses got up.
“Maximilan Yanro”
“Here” The red haired boy کہا cool.
“And the last one Mitchel Varcolac”
Nobody کہا anything for 5 سیکنڈ and then he opened the door fast and got in the class. That was the boy that I stared for some time. He apologized, looked at his دوستوں and came slowly to his seat. He passed near my نشست and looked at me. I opened my eyes wide. I didn’t know what to do so I just turned around. He smiled and sat in the نشست behind my seat. As he sat down I blush hard and pushed ma head slowly on the desk. I didn't wanted to turn around, because I wasn't such a loser so I would watch him the whole time. I am cool!! Haha...Ok after the introducing the teacher began to talk again.
„So today آپ won't have any class, but آپ need to know some things so listen careful: 1. Nobody knows that آپ are vampires beside the teachers, so DON'T TELL ANYONE!!
2. It' forbidden to drink human blood.“ As she کہا that the „bad boys“ stand up and began to yell at the teacher. As it seam they will get much trouble with blood. The teacher seemed nice but she could be very angry when she wants too. She grab Lucifer's شرٹ, قمیض and pushed him hard on the دیوار so he was higher that she was tall. That miss was very strong and mad now.
She کہا all angry: „Listen Kiddo, آپ will listen to the rules یا I will tear your little heard out. Understand? “He just nodded and she let him go. She sat on her ڈیسک and continued with the rules: „The 3. And last important rule is that آپ CAN'T never ever go into the forbidden part of the library. “That's so great why do they have to set a rule to not go to the forbidden part of the library? Now, everyone will want to go there, how smart!

Here this one was a long. Hope the grammar was ok. Like everytime I will need 25 تبصرہ for the new part!!

Part 8: link

Part 10: link
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posted by omgpirate
Have آپ guys seen this!? It's on Fangoria!


Vampire-Con 2009, the world’s first convention devoted to Vam-Pop culture swoops into Hollywood, CA for a weekend-long event, August 14 – 16. In association with Harris Publications, Vampire-Con will celebrate the 40th anniversary of the sexy comic-book شبیہ Vampirella ®.

The weekend kicks off with a Vampire Film Festival at The New Beverly Cinema on Friday, August 14th and Saturday, August 15th. The fest will feature celebrity guests, contests and a program of your پسندیدہ vampire flicks both classic and new.

On Sunday, August 16th, Vampire-Con...
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The Clearing

The دائرے, حلقہ clearing was surrounded سے طرف کی a دیوار of trees that were connected سے طرف کی a vine that held pale گلابی and white flowers in a hedge like fashion. Light filtered in through the leaves of the trees. The گھاس under my bare feet was long and somehow soft. Petals from the flowers drifted down like snow on to the گھاس making the clearing look مزید like a fairytale every سیکنڈ I stood there.

Jackson pressed his lips gently to my jaw to grab my attention. In an attempt to lengthen the kisses I threw my hands around his neck –accidentally smacking him in the back of the head with...
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Okay... I may get shunned from the human race for this, but I'm gonna say it anyway.

I think that the whole "Twilight" rage is an abomination to TRUE vampire fans.

It's like Dawson's Creek meets HBO latenight softcore porn. C'mon! Vampires are suppose to be old like in Underworld یا Queen of the Damned. Even the original black and white Nosforatu was ingenius! What the hell is up with this crap now? Young teen hormonially stressed vampires? Please.

A true vampire is that old distinguished, but still errotic and sexy being that no woman can resist. Even the old female vampires were hot as hell....
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