Vampires Vampire 30 دن Challenge

SherlockStark posted on Oct 24, 2013 at 03:06AM
I love this game :) I've found it on many different spots, so I modified it for Vampires so we could play here.


Start by answering question 1 and then come back each day and answer the next one until you're done. You don't have to do it for 30 days in a row you may take breaks. You can post pictures if you want. And that's it - it's really fun!

Day 1: Favorite Vampire Movie

Day 2: Favorite Vampire Book

Day 3: Favorite Vampire Character

Day 4: Favorite Character from a Vampire book/movie/show that is not undead

Day 5: Least Favorite Vampire Book

Day 6: Least Favorite Vampire Movie

Day 7: Least Favorite Vampire Character

Day 8: Favorite TV Show with Vampires

Day 9: Evilest Vampire

Day 10: Vampire with the Biggest Heart

Day 11: Most Overrated Vampire

Day 12: Most Underrated Vampire

Day 13: Favorite Couple with a Vampire

Day 14: Least Favorite Couple with a Vampire

Day 15: Vampire would you give back humanity (if you could)

Day 16: Vampire you would Kill

Day 17: Favorite Vampire Outfit

Day 18: Favorite Quote by a Vampire

Day 19: Funniest Quote by a Vampire

Day 20: Favorite Vampire Eyes

Day 21: Favorite Actor who played a Vampire

Day 22: Favorite Vampire Name

Day 23: Vampiric Power You Wish You Had

Day 24: Vampire you Relate to Most

Day 25: Scariest Vampire Movie

Day 26: Vampire Universe you would Live in

Day 27: Song that Fits your Favorite Vampire

Day 28: Song that Fits a Different Vampire

Day 29: Would you Like to be a Vampire

Day 30: Anything Vampire Related
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