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lovedeath26 posted on May 04, 2009 at 08:01PM
Words of Hope
One night on graveyard of the angels, I was walking,
that night I saw an angel, saw her crying,
her wings broken, torn, hurt, she was dying...

Angel, such an beauty, fallen from the heavens garden,
I watched her soul escape in the little tears,
to see her there, so deadly wounded, it was burden,
she was lost, fallen, dying, filled with fears...

She was lying on the cold white marble plate,
to help her I tried, but I was too late,
in the pool of blood, to die, was her fate...

Angel stared me, I heard her silent cries,
pale little form on pool of so red blood,
angel, so fragile thing with beautiful eyes,
in rage I cried, next who dies will be god...

I took angel on my arms, kissed, loved, hold her near,
gave my warmth, words of hope I whispered in her ear,
god will pay for this crime, my love, do not fear...
, I see mirrors of madness..

My Eyes
I stare to the madness, I see just my pain,
it staring me back, drowning me in the sadness...

My tears flow, blinding me, just for vain,
for no reason, my mind falling to the emptiness...

I stare in the mirror, once again,
I see my eyes, I see mirrors of madness..

I am bored with love
and it's passionless limbs
that drape over my bed
in a lethargic state of impotence
while wearing the same red heart
my soul picked up hitchhiking
off highway serendipity

Now here we are
alone in togetherness
trying to build dreams
with two by fours and glue,
but even a home
won't tie us together
when our hearts live alone

Poetic vows cliched
into nothingness
like all words do, eventually
and we allowed
our bodies to become
another pair of hollow shadows
that make love to a wall
instead of each other
and we wonder why
the roses are dying
Follow my tears down the road
You’ll find me somewhere at the end
Where all hope is faded
Happiness is overrated

Down the road
You’ll look and see
Everything I used to be
Scattered around
Battered up
And fucked up

Don’t look down
Don’t look up
It can’t be avoided forever
The proof is all around

Down the road
You’ll look and see
Everything I used to be
Scattered around
Battered up
And fucked up

I tried to turn around
But theres too many mess ups I’d have to re visit
I rather keep walking
Hope it leads to somewhere better
Just forget my face
You look at me like you love me but I see that you dont. You look at me like something you need. But I know its all a lie. If you really love me, when I turn around you will stab me in the back and let me die
My happy place
I wake up in a dark cold room. It takes me a few minutes to grasp that this is my room. I wait for some one to come and get me but nothing. No email, no text, no call, not anything. It looks like every one has forgotten me for today. I decide to go to the next room, it is the same room as before. I keep running through all the rooms but they are all the same. At one point I see a TV. with two buttons under it. One says gun and the other poison. I hit the gun button under the TV it shows were it is. It is on the table in the next room. I put the gun to my head and I cock it. At that point I realize that I am like a lab rat being poked and being cut to see what makes me tick. I think of all the people who love me, my family, they don’t like me they despise me. My friends, phh, what friends they are loser’s like me that no one likes. With cut’s on my wrist’s and all dressed in black I pull the trigger, click.
I wake up, the sun is in my face. Maybe next time I can have a bullet.

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