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Lately all I seem to care about would be Dragon Age. The universe, the characters, the story, everything. So here is a فہرست of my favourite DA characters :) Please note that this فہرست will be excluding the Warden, the Champion and the Inquisitor. So no sassy-Hawke here I'm afraid!

Honourable mention: Dog.
My mabari Barkspawn is a cutie.

10. Sandal
Enchantment! Ah yes, the supposedly simple (although I'm not buying it) Dwarf with a talent for enchantments comes in at number 10. He is such a sweet character and many times I've found myself laughing at his odd charm. And yes, do I find the...
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Hello there! Welcome to a new series of mine where I take a good old gander, بطخا at some classic games from my childhood. I'll say what I like, what I don't like, what آپ can do to beat the game, and how good the عنوان is overall.

This is like a guide AND a review, so keep that in mind while reading. Hope آپ enjoy!

Also, since episode #1 of this series is one of the hardest goddamn games to exist on this side of the Earth, there will be profanity in this article.


SO yeah, today's عنوان is a Sega Genesis game سے طرف کی the name of Dr. Robotnik's Mean سیم, پھلی Machine. Released on November 26, 1993...
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This is one of the funniest ویڈیوز I have ever watched. At least, about games.
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