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Fireheart and Graystripe slid quietly through the weeds, trying to be as quiet as they could so they would not be followed. No one could find out where they were going. They would be scraping bedding for a moon. So Fireheart slunk along soundlessly with Graystripe سے طرف کی his side.
"We should bring some prey back so no one gets suspicious," Graystripe meowed.
"I am sure there will be leftovers," Fireheart answered. "They can spare some."
"Right. One sniff of that and everyone will know where we went!"
Fireheart felt so stupid right now. He knew that! All the better reason to let Graystripe tag along....
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The death combo
chapter 1

It was just a normal دن for Scourge. Taking care of Bloodclan. “i think I'll go hunt” mewed scourge. He walked in twolegplace, searching for something edible. When he was about to give up he saw it, a plump گلہری, جائے وقوع on an empty thunderpath. He stalked it slowly. Right before he could pounce the a shadow fell on the گلہری, جائے وقوع and it ran away. Scourge turned over to the one who cast the shadow. 'hey you, I was about to catch that!” but when scourge saw the one who did it he froze. It was no cat who scared off his prey. It was a strange creature. A cat sized green...
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(Tigerstar walks into the library)

Leafpool: Welcome to the first and only Warrior cats library! We have every book آپ will ever need!

Squirrelflight: And we mean it!!!

Tigerstar: Do آپ have any کتابیں on how to rip Firestar's pelt off?

Leafpool: Actually, we have several کتابیں on the subject! Would آپ like 101 Ways to Rip Firestar's Pelt Off سے طرف کی Brokenstar, 62 and One Half ways to Claw Firestar's eyes out, سے طرف کی Darkstripe, یا would آپ like 738 ways to kill Firestar and then some, written سے طرف کی Mousefur!

Mousefur: (shifty eyes)

Tigerstar: I'll take all three!

Squirrelflight: (Checks out books) Thank...
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"Come on, Bouncepaw!" yelled Falconfur. The kit was only 3 moons old, but Smokestar insisted on
starting training early, but no battles until they were really old enough, he sent them into their first battle as close as he could to 8 moons. One day,their deputy, Birchheight, brought back the bodys of Bouncepaw`s only sister, Summerflame,and his mother, Sweetwish. Bouncepaw`s father was killed سے طرف کی a بیجر, بادگار before he was born, and his mother sister reeked of بیجر, بادگار and death. Bouncepaw`s whole family was murdered سے طرف کی the same badger. " I`ll flay that badger", and he ran out to do just that. He came back with the badgers body. "He killed my family,I made him pay!". He was دیا his warrior name, Bounceflame,in memory of his sister.
"But he`s not old enough" protested a few other cats.
"He went out to tackle that بیجر, بادگار alone ,even though he is too young, he deserves it.
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DuckFeatherz video
warrior cats video
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