Warriors: The Lost Omen
#1 Signs of the Stars

The stars were shining brightly as a gray cat sat on a rock, meditating her thoughts and actions. She shook her furry head as she soon started to cry. Thin streams of tears lined down her cheeks. "Why?" She stuttered out. "Why did I not help them in their time of need?"
"It's not your fault mother," a voice behind her replied.
The gray cat whipped around to see her son, کوٹ shining like a سٹار, ستارہ in the night sky. "Oh, Stonefur! Sorry about this. It's just that-" she cut off and her eyes darted toward the sky.
Stonefur shook his head, leaping up to sit beside his mother. "Listen, it is not your fault. We will have a plan to recover the once-beautiful forest we lived and thrived in," he reassured her.
His mother just sighed at this and replied "Stonefur, listen to me now. We failed. I failed them. Maybe if I chose Graystripe یا Firestar with the prophecy than maybe...just maybe...none of this would have happened."
She suddenly threw her head back and wailed "WHY! WHY DID THIS HAVE TO HAPPEN!"
At this, Stonefur knew he should leave his mother to her grieving. "Bluestar...sorry," he whispered before leaping back down on the gentle, flowing vegetation.
He walked away with head down and a tail dragging on the earth. He walked for a bit, noticing the sparkling cats around him. "Hey, Stonefur!" Called a voice.
He glanced up only to see an unexpected force hit him in the belly. He grunted as he was being held down. Stonefur opened his eyes to see amber eyes staring back at him with a toothy smile. "Hey, Stonefur. What's happening? Bluestar fine?" The young apprentice asked with a jump.
Stonefur snarled at him. "Well Swiftpaw, I'll tell you, but YOU'RE ON ME!" He yowled.
Swiftpaw seemed unaffected سے طرف کی the way he yelled at him, but being the polite(and sometimes mischievous) cat he was, he silently sled off of Stonefur.
"Geez, no need to get angry Sir. Grumps-a-Lot," Swiftpaw taunted the bigger cat with a taunting smile to match his voice.
Stonefur huffed and sat down beside his friend, coiling his tail around his front and hind-legs. Swiftpaw silently slided over a few paws over to only whisper in his shredded ear "So, what exactly happened?"
Stonefur glanced over at Swiftpaw and told his encounter with his mother. After the tale, Swiftpaw looked up with a brow raised. "So, Bluestar thinks this is all her fault, is that correct?" Swiftpaw asked.
Stonefur nodded his head. Swiftpaw just scraped at the earth beneath him. "Mouse-brain," he suddenly said, "Doesn't she know this is not her fault?"
Stonefur sighed and replied "That's what I told her, but she just completely ignored me."
"Ugh, back then, I remembered when Bluestar actually listened for once. All well," کہا an eerie voice behind them.
The two swiftly turned around to see a miniature black tom with a white chest and paws. His clear blue eyes shone with grief, but lit up with delight when he saw the two cats. "Whitethroat? Did آپ overhear our conversation?" Asked Stonefur as he looked over the poor cat.
The deadly monster's paw tracks that ended his life was the first thing to notice. Stonefur was not aware of his ShadowClan friend's death because he was still alive and thriving in RiverClan back then. But when Stonefur joined StarClan, Whitethroat greeted him immediately and directed him towards the used-to-be RiverClan warriors den. Swiftpaw met him when he was off hunting in the dense forest that surrounded StarClan. They had a tiny fight for who gets the dead sparrow, but soon made up for it and shared it together. "Yes. Sorry, but I'm now wondering if we can help somehow with all of this..mess," Whitethroat answered.
Stonefur just shook his head. "I'm sorry Whitethroat, but there is nothing we can do now. It's all over," Stonefur replied.
"I don't think so, my dear Stonefur. I believe there is still a way to make things better," another voice said.
"Okay! Who is it now?!" yowled Swiftpaw, whipping back around.
Swiftpaw sweated a tiny bit as he saw a ginger tabby-white, short thick fur, and sharp green eyes. This was Gorsepaw, who was sadly killed سے طرف کی Tigerstar's path toward vengeance against WindClan سے طرف کی not joining his own Clan, TigerClan.
"Oh! Sorry Gorsepaw! Didn't see ya' for a منٹ there," Swiftpaw apologized.
Gorsepaw chuckled and continued "It's mighty fine Swiftpaw."
Whitethroat flicked his ear in curiosity. "What do آپ mean 'make things better'? Everything's gone. Our Clans, our friends, our family, everything!" He asked.
"Well, my friends. How about we make a new prophecy? One that would actually work," Gorsepaw answered.
The trio gasped in unison. "B-but, isn't that against the rules? Only the past leaders and deputies can make new omens," کہا Whitethroat.
"I know a place where we can slip through without any cat noticing, not even the guards," Gorsepaw whispered to them.
Stonefur was about to reply till Swiftpaw jumped in, interrupting him. "Okay! If it helps all of this mess, then count me in!" Swiftpaw said.
Stonefur sighed and groaned "Alright, I guess I'm going too."
All of them looked over to Whitethroat. "Well Whitethroat, coming یا not?" Asked Gorsepaw.
Whitethroat stared at them for a منٹ یا so until he replied "Fine, I'll go. But we better not get caught یا we'll have our فر, سمور shredded off!"
Gorsepaw nodded and made them all lean in. "Okay, so that settles it. We'll all be making a new prophecy. We'll meet at the Great Oak درخت a few badger-lengths beside this RiverClan's camp tonight. We will discuss what we do اگلے and I'll دکھائیں آپ three the spot. Don't tell anyone before and after we get this done. Deal?" Gorsepaw whispered.
The three all nodded and separated, silently getting ready for the night as the sun rose up from the still starry sky.

They all assembled beside the درخت تنے, ٹرنک and Gorsepaw made them follow him. At least 10 منٹ passed when they reached the border of the Lake of Life. Not only is the pool for prophecies, but it is also for a initiation for the new cats that died to make them fully StarClan warriors. The four could smell three border patrollers as they just passed them. Gorsepaw made them gather around him and کہا "Alright, now it is right under our own paws."
This made them jump suddenly and stare at the ground. Gorsepaw wrapped his tail around a sturdy plant and heaved it out. A deep rumble sounded beneath them as a passage opened. "How did آپ find this out?" Questioned Swiftpaw.
"Juniper berries grow مزید freshly there. I like to get juniper berries to munch on every once and a while," Gorsepaw answered as they descended down into the passage.
"Well, duh! It's called 'The Lake of Life' for a reason!" Swiftpaw joked.
This all made them giggle, except for Stonefur as he glanced up at the now closed threshold of the secret passage. 'Is all of this worth it?' He thought to himself.
After a minute's worth of a walk, they finally found the exit. Whitethroat, being in the front of the line, pushed it open and peeked out through the small crevice where light shone faintly through. He whipped around and کہا "All clear."
Whitethroat pushed it fully as they filed out of the passage. The lake shone brighter than anything as bushes and herbs lined it. Whitethroat climbed up a sharp rock, apparently where the ShadowClan leader sat. The others climbed up their own Clan's rocks; Gorsepaw for WindClan, Swiftpaw for ThunderClan, and Stonefur for RiverClan. The lake shone brighter( if it could) as they all stood straight. "Okay, everyone know the procedure?" Asked Whitethroat.
They all nodded their heads yes and Swiftpaw started jumping, asking "Is it time now?"
Whitethroat waved his tail for a sign for Swiftpaw to quiet down. When they all stood straight and not talked, Whitethroat started the ritual. "Mighty powers of StarClan. Guide us as we take on the full task ahead of us. Dangers and complete discord has the forest under it's grasp and we need your help now. دکھائیں and give us our prophecy!"
The lake wavered and shifted into a scene of mass destruction; cats wailing, blood pouring over already destroyed trees, and a deep laughter fit the scene. Suddenly, it changed it to not only a peaceful-version of the horrific scene, but a place where water shone against the clear sky, kits playing tag with one another, and Clan cats and Tribe cats gossiping with each other. Overhead of the leaders, now rejuvenated, was four cats.
The far left one was a clear white one with green legs, eyes, and the tip of his tail was even green! Wind blew freely through the long, thick fur. It clearly showed he was a Persian.
The far right feline was a coal black cat with his ears gray and his paws and under-belly blood red. He was standing under a stalagmite, which cast a long shadow over him. He looked like a cat that could rival Brokentail, Scourge, and Tigerstar, but his grin made the cats beneath him smile also. It looked like he is a Burmese.
The cat beside the green one was a mud-brown Somali. Gray covered his entire muzzle. His کوٹ was wet because of a thin stream of water behind him, making a puddle under his feet.
The middle one was a sandy-yellow with dark-blue eyes and unusual purple rings around her eyes. Her long furry tail was most noticeable. An Abyssinian. A crack of thunder sounded overhead and a struck of lightning was in the background.
The lake wavered and shifted back into it's original form, leaving four gaping cats staring at the pool of water. "What was tha-" Gorsepaw was unable to continue his sentence when a beacon shot up from the lake, sending the poor cats flying back.
"OH MY STARCLAN!" Yowled Swiftpaw from his spot on the ground.
"What the heck is that?!" Yelled a voice from within the bushes.
"Uh oh, time to go!" کہا Whitethroat as he scrambled over to the passage.
The others quickly followed pursuit. Just when they shut the exit door, all of StarClan's cats burst through the trees. They all gaped at the beacon, still swishing the watery depths of the foaming lake. Bluestar, followed سے طرف کی the other past leaders, pushed their way to stand only tail-lengths away from the beacon. Bluestar sat down and drooped her head down. After a few منٹ of observing, a cat with crooked jaw flashed his look over towards Bluestar. "Bluestar, is it what I think it is?" He asked.
Bluestar raised her head back. To all of their surprise, she had a faint smile on her face. "Yes Crookedstar, it is. A new prophecy has been fulfilled. The stars will give the supposed 'chosen ones' signs that will help them return the forest to it's once-beautiful state again. May StarClan light their path. They'll need it," Bluestar answered.
They all nodded and murmured in agreement as they stared at the stars and beacon, hoping that this time the new omen will be completed.


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