Warriors The Lost Omen
#1 Signs of the Stars
Chapter 1/ Part 1

"Manny! Get down here now!" Yelled the mother from downstairs, in the kitchen.
Manny, who was only a poor 9-year old boy, was snoozing away until his mother had woken him up. He was always bullied at school and never had any friends. Even his so called "family" never liked him; calling him scumbag, kicking him around, یا just never cleaned him. "I'm coming mom!" Shouted Manny while scrambling out of his bed.
He could hear his mother muttering to herself till she continued doing what she always does. And it is defiantly not cleaning یا helping. It's sitting on the سوفی, لٹانا and drinking alcohol and beer.
Manny pulled out his overalls and quickly opened the window. This was another misfortunate giving to Manny when he was born in this family. They always locked his door so he could neither get in یا out. He had to go down a loose vine that clung to the crippled building.
He swiftly grabbed the vine, which was flowing gently in the wind, and clung to it. One slip and instead of a boy, he would be just a red splotch on the ground. Manny slid down the green vine, used to 7 years of doing this. A dog barked in the distance. Manny liked animals and wished he was one. A شارک mother is better than the one he has now.
Manny jumped down on the flat earth. The whole backyard was filled with garbage and scum left سے طرف کی stray wondering dogs. Manny was used to the grotesque sight and smell of the home's own dump. Manny sniffed the air, catching the aroma of his mom's alcoholic drinks.
Just out of the blue, a sudden crash was heard. "Jared! How dare آپ even come strolling in my house!" Shouted his mom from inside.
His father, Jared, had a smoking habit. But even if they hate each other, they both despised Manny. "Well Margret, why don't آپ freaking SHUT UP for once and let me explain," Jared replied calmly.
Manny rolled his eyes. 'Geez, sometimes I feel like a grown-up while there the babies! Always whining and complaining,' Manny thought to himself as he casually strolled toward a small gate that lead to the outside world.
He heavily pushed it opened and stepped on the cold concrete that made the sidewalk look glossy in the sunlight. Manny gave a deep sigh of relief, to finally be where it is really peaceful. His eyes darted down to avoid slipping on the fine cover of frost that laid unmoving.
When he walked a few yards یا so, he found his pride and joy. The آڑو tree, which was his پسندیدہ food, peaches, was silently flowing with the fresh, cold morning breeze. Goosebumps popped up on his arms, but he had paid no attention. He wrapped his arms around the firm تنے, ٹرنک of the mighty درخت in an embracing hug. He loved this درخت so much and raised it with gentle care, even as a tiny sapling.
"I missed آپ so much. I hope آپ will forgive me." He suddenly snorted in disgust. "Those evil parents I have locked me up in that cramped room just because I gave some change to a homeless man. They're tyrants, that's what they are!" Shouted Manny.
"Yes, they are quite challenging, aren't they, hmm?"
Manny gasped in shock and whirled around. No-one was behind him. He was all alone with his آڑو tree.
"My, my. I'm sorry to have startled you, but, hmm, look up if آپ want to see me clearly," کہا the voice again.
Manny glanced up at the branches of the آڑو درخت curiously. Staring back at him was a dark-gray stripped feline with green eyes. "I suppose آپ are Manny, from the prophecy. Am I correct, hmm?" Questioned the strange talking cat.
Manny was rather baffled. How could a cat talk, let alone chat یا converse with him? Also, what did the cat mean سے طرف کی prophecy? "What do آپ mean prophecy? And how can آپ talk?!" Exclaimed Manny.
The cat sighed and replied "Alright, I'll tell you. Better find a comfortable spot to sit. It's going to be quite a long speech hmm."
'This cat likes to say "hmm" a lot,' thought Manny as he glanced around for a soft spot to sit.
The gray-striped cat stretched its limbs and leaped down from a low-hanging branch. The cat circled around a few leaves and sat. Manny eventually found a spot and sat as well, ready for the cat's tale.
"Ok, hmm, how should I start? Well, I come from a far-away place. I am River, ancestor of all of RiverClan's territory," the cat started.
Manny raised an eyebrow. 'What is RiverClan?' thought Manny. "Um, what's RiverClan?" Asked Manny.
"RiverClan is a territory where cats who live there, یا are used to the water, can swim. Hmm, آپ Twolegs already probably know this, but RiverClan cats are unique because they are the only Clan of all four Clans that can swim," explained River.
"What is a Clan?" Asked Manny again.
River sighed and explained again "A Clan is a gigantic, یا not hmm, group of cats that live and work together. There are five Clans altogether. RiverClan, ThunderClan, WindClan, and ShadowClan."
River paused and looked at the bright blue sky, which was dotted with an occasional white cloud.
"And finally StarClan," he finished.
Manny tried to remember all of this important information.
River sighed and looked down at the hard-packed earth.
"All of the Clans lived together in harmony. Sure, a usual fight once and a while. At least, until it happened..." River کہا grimly.
It looked like River trembled a bit when those words escaped his mouth.
They sat in silence for a moment until River whipped his head up and stared directly into Manny's eyes.
"So, how about my سوالات Twoleg, hmm?" River questioned. "Are آپ 'Manny Thogins' یا not?"
Manny gulped before answering "Yes, I am Manny Thogins."
River and Manny stared at each other until River gave a chuckle.
"Yes, I believe آپ hmm. I can practically feel an urge of knowledge radiating off of you. Well, the pool did tell me آپ were smart," River chuckled.
Manny was baffled سے طرف کی the sudden change of emotion from River. "Who یا what is the pool?" Asked Manny.
River stopped chuckling. "StarClan of course hmm," River replied.
Another moment of silence entered the air.
Suddenly, River gave a stern look at Manny, who had no idea what River was doing.
"I have a feeling آپ want to know what I meant about a prophecy, don't آپ hmm?" کہا River unexpectedly.
Manny was rather surprised at those words. How did he know? Manny just nodded his head in reply.
"Alright, the prophecy I'm talking about is this. We need آپ to recover our used-to-be plentiful forest. It used to be peaceful, but now evil has taken over. Along with three other kids, we need آپ to fight this evil and destroy it! But I warn you, young Manny, these tyrants shall be strong. There is a possible chance that آپ could die," explained River.
Manny gulped again as beads of thin sweat raced down his face. Death? But he was only 9!
But River's green eyes shined with a reassuring gleam. "But don't worry young Manny hmm. I will be your guide, along with the whole of StarClan. Not only would there be enemies, but آپ will have allies as well," River continued.
"O-ok," Manny merely stuttered out.
It was so hard to believe that he was talking to a cat who actually spoke, which the cat claimed his name was River, let alone if he actually speaks the truth about the prophecy. But even with all the doubts that ran through his head, he listened carefully.
"Well, I have nothing much else to say now. But don't think our little meeting we had now was just a weird dream. We both will meet again soon," meowed River, who was slowly getting up his position.
Manny had so many سوالات to ask. Who was his supposed "enemies and allies" were? Who is the other three chosen kids who have the same omen has him? What happened to there territory that made even the ancestor of the land tremble?
He had so many more, but before he asked River was padding over slowly over to the small stream that flowed just a couple of feet away.
River was looking over the edge, admiring the clear reflection of himself.
He sighed and exclaimed, "Amazing, hmm. I haven't seen such water this pure since the incident."
Manny was rather surprised that River was now hypnotized سے طرف کی his own reflection. "So," Manny کہا unexpectedly, "what were آپ doing again?"
River jumped when Manny spoke and swirled around to face him. He blushed, which showed under his gray fur. "S-sorry, just looking. Well, I better take my leave now. I must رپورٹ this meeting to the rest of StarClan," stuttered River, who was straitening up.
River turned around and asked for Manny to walk back a few feet. After a quick mew of goodbye and swipe of the tail, River leaped into the stream. Before Manny could reach him in time, a splash of cold water gotten in his eyes, which made him rub them swiftly.
When Manny had rubbed of the spray of water, he found River no where to be seen.
River has gone.

Two solid weeks has past since the encounter with the talking cat, who claimed he was called River. A heat wave went through where they lived a few days پہلے and ever since than unbearable heat has scorched all of the people in Chicago. Many citizens has occupied the gigantic local area pool.
That specific day, Manny was supposed to go to the nice, cool, soaking pool with his father and mother. But he had a sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach that something horrible will happen, and it will involve his mother and father both.
Not only that, but he had a rather strange dream last night.
Flashback of Last Night

Manny, sprawled on his mattress, was silently sleeping away, twitching every now and then. But in his dream world, many things were racing. He was on some kind of plains, soft گھاس gently flowed around him. He glanced over at his right to see a river.
It seemed like paradise. He turned to take a glimpse at his body, but he found just thin air.
Just of a sudden, a whirring sound of some kind of machine started. The rumbles shook the earth, making him try to hold on to the unstable ground.
He looked up just in time to see many various cats, running out of the reeds that lined the area and away from him, yowling to whatever StarClan is to help them.
A gigantic bulldozer crashed in suddenly, destroying the reeds and the beautiful گھاس in its' path.
Manny tried to run away from the humongous bulldozer, but he seemed to be stuck. It came closer, the large jaws smashing everything.
Manny squinted his eyes and hoped that he would appear in his so-called bed, a sun peeking out from his dirty curtains.
But it did not happen. When he opened his eyes, instead of a bulldozer hovering over him یا a beautiful landscape, his eyes met a gray sky. The earth was reduced to cold mud and the once clear water was now an intoxicated stream.
Manny tried to choke down a scream for help as he checked his surroundings.
One word described this whole scene.
"This is what آپ will have to deal with when آپ are on your little quest Twoleg," a voice suddenly said.
Manny tried to ask who that was, but nothing came out of his mouth.
"I suggest آپ give up. This is not possible, this world is cursed for never-ending pain and suffering," the voice explained.
A red glow surrounded Manny. He did not like the color red. It resembled war, hatred, and...blood.
"But there is another option. آپ can شامل میں us and make this territory the greatest! آپ can make even...them bow down to your all-mighty power over w-"
The voice was cut short when the river suddenly cascaded over them, wetting Manny to the bone and the voice screeched.
'River? Did that voice meant that cat I met two weeks ago?' pondered Manny.
"Because Mapleshade, I know what is right and what is wrong. And I know this is pretty low, hmm. Even lower than what happened last time, remember?"
A blue wind circled around them. Suddenly, River appeared. Instead of his seemingly old, crippled form when they last met, he looked bulkier and smarter.
The red wind transformed into a beautiful, but ragged and rather scarred, thick-furred tortoiseshell-and-white cat. The aurora still covered her, but it transformed into a darkish gold.
The girl cat smiled evilly and unsheathed her claws, scraping at the thick mud.
"Of course I remember the attack! Who wouldn't? Also, I guess آپ still have that weird problem where آپ keep on saying "hmm", am I correct?" she replied.
Manny, now knowing that he can speak now, blurted out "What was the attack?"
River and Manny guessed Mapleshade turned toward him. They both had different expressions on they're faces. River was nervous, gulping while Mapleshade still hold her smile, but she smiled even wider( Manny thought it wasn't even possible for a human to grin THAT wide).
"Well, my friend, the attack was when my forces, the Place of No Stars, fought against this traitors force, StarClan," replied the devious cat.
River flashed a look over at the tortoiseshell-and-white cat and retaliated over to her "Shut up, will you! My name is not even close to that revolting word! If anything, آپ are the one that is traitorous! Seriously! ThunderClan to a pitiful loner. Pathetic."
Mapleshade just chuckled. She rolled her eyes and tilted her head.
"Denial," she taunted.
River just huffed and turned toward Manny, who was watching intensely.
"Listen Manny, don't trust warriors, یا سے طرف کی any chance any kind, like Mapleshade here. They are just plain evil and want to use آپ for their own control hmm," warned River.
Mapleshade reacted greatly to River's comment.
'Note to self,' thought Manny, wincing at her mighty voice. 'Don't ever tick off this cat.'
River jumped up and screeched right back at her. "YOU ARN'T EVEN CLOSE TO TRUSTWORTHY! ONLY A MOUSE-BRAINED FOOL WILL BELIEVE YOU!"
They argued for a while until Mapleshade screeched her battle cry and leapt at River.
Seemingly knowing this, River rolled away at the bloodied claws. River jumped on Mapleshade's back and slashed. River's true target was her neck, but missed narrowly, opening a scar on her leg. Either way, she howled and started to shake off River vigorously. A thin, red vapor poured out of the opened scar.
Finally, Mapleshade shook off River, who crashed into a deep mud puddle with an oomph.
Mapleshade leapt at the mud-soaked River. Her claws slashed inches away from his belly. It still hurt him though. He let out a high-pitched wail as the claws raked along the right side, letting lose an aqua blue vapor.
Among all of this, Manny watched in awe as the two cats fought one another.
River wearingly opened his green eyes. "I was hoping for a better time to talk. Tomorrow, آپ will start your prophecy. For now..it is time to take your leave."
River suddenly jumped straight up with a surprise, holding a clinging Mapleshade with him.
River's eyes shone, changing green to a چیتی, نیلگوں ہرا among Manny's and Mapleshade's eyes.
Mapleshade gasped as River raised his paw.
Manny heard a splash somewhere. He turned around to see the murky water slowly rising up from the dirty river.
"Don't آپ dare River! I will still haunt his dreams if آپ do! He can never escape me!" shouted Mapleshade, still clinging to River's gray fur.
River sighed and glanced over at Manny. He looked down at Mapleshade, چیتی, نیلگوں ہرا eyes gleaming furiously.
"And I'll stop آپ every time," replied River.
River's paw crashed down on the mud, making it go everywhere.
"NO, آپ MISERABLE FOX-DUNG!" Mapleshade screeched.
The wave of water came crashing down. River collided with it, becoming one with it, while Mapleshade was swept away with the tide, screeching curses every now and then until her head went completely underwater.
Manny watched as the wave came toward him. Manny let out a cry for help just when the wave crashed over him. His head bobbed up and down when he felt a weird tingling feeling from his shins downward. The feeling slowly crept آگے as Manny could not feel his neck down. Manny saw his life flash before his eyes until, quite suddenly, his head melted to become with the murky water.
Manny woke up, beads of sweat pouring down his face.
"What an unusual dream," کہا Manny to himself. His head soon collided with the warn-out تکیا as he soon drifted into sleep again.
Back at the Present

"This دن could not get any worse!" shouted Manny to himself, throwing up his arms.
His mother and father did the one thing he dreaded most on these kind of days. Abandoning him.
Not only that, but as Manny rummaged through his dresser( which was actually just an over-sized box), he found out his two guardians sabotaged his clothes and left him with only his weird pineapple swimming trunks( Manny likes pineapples. Deal with it).
He also found out his parents had somehow made a huge hole in his floatie( Manny can't swim either).
"Well, پار, صلیب out swimming," Manny کہا as he held up the floatie to examine more.
After a few منٹ of examining, Manny threw off his shorts and شرٹ, قمیض and wore the trunks. Manny sighed as he looked over himself. He was sure as ever that he going to be bullied and called names years to come...but he had to risk it.
For hydration!
He opened the window and slid down the vine. Manny unlocked the gate and started to run down the concrete sidewalk. Manny let out a sigh as he wiped off sweat of the sun and this immense running period.
He passed سے طرف کی kids who were playing games of hide-and-seek and tag. They pointed at the sweating and extremely embarrassed Manny.
He also passed سے طرف کی parents with their children, gasping at the sight of him while teenagers laughed and called him loser.
A sudden thought raced through his mind. A mud-brown cat was dodging another cat, who was covered in shadow and had darkened blue eyes.
Manny shook off the thought and kept on running toward the pool. 'What the heck was that?' questioned Manny inside his mind as he ran. But he soon smiled at the thoughts of small tides of actual clear water splashing on his face.
He soon found where the pool was, thanks to a friendly homeless man who knew Chicago like the back of his hand.
Manny entered the pool entrance cautiously, glancing at the other many people who were chatting and texting. Manny passed سے طرف کی some kids who were rustling through a huge box of water toys.
Finally, he found himself inside the دل of the local pool. He looked around for a hopeful sound of his mother's یا father's arguing and complaining. Instead, a sign caught his eye. Police tape wrapped around the border of that specific body of water.
He casually walked towards it. When he reached it, he read out aloud.
"Dear reader, an unexpected tragedy has happened. A tiny child nearly drowned, but came out alive and, after a few breaths of air, healthy. No need for alarm though. Just a notice of caution, don't get too close to this area. Thank آپ for your very thankful time of reading this warning.
-Mr. Walkner, Manager of Kalaku Pool

Manny took note and stepped back. He WOULD drown if he somehow accidently fell in this area. Manny silently walked away from the sign and strolled to a line of chairs. He suddenly heard a familiar voice.
"Margret, are آپ sure we didn't make the mistake of leaving that kid at a time of دن like this?" asked Manny's father.
"Of course Jared. That scumbag of a kid doesn't even deserve to set foot on this wonderful planet. And what did آپ mean سے طرف کی mistake? We both agreed to do that," Manny's mother pointed out.
Manny's father chuckled and slowly nodded his head. "Yeah, I guess you're right about that," agreed Manny's father.
They both kissed, unaware of Manny staring with shock at their words. But...his parents...
That was then when Manny snapped. He thought maybe, just maybe, there was a small glimmer of hope that his parents actually LOVED him, but all of that changed now. All of his innocence...gone in under a moment. All that was left was pure hatred in his دل for his entire family.
With clenched teeth and fists and a twitching left eye, he approached the two guardians, no, STRANGERS that hated him.
The two strangers( I'm going to call Manny's mother and father 'girl stranger' and 'boy stranger' just for this chapter to understand مزید with the story) noticed him swiftly, due to his stomping feet.
The girl stranger wasn't really effected سے طرف کی the missed expressions on Manny's face, but the boy stranger was slowly backing away from the hatred in Manny's eyes.
"So, آپ finally decided to دکھائیں up. About time! Now, get me a کاک, کاکٹیل dirt-pile," ordered the girl stranger.
Manny smiled and snarled at her "Of course. Coming right up!" and leapt at the girl. The stranger was rather taken back سے طرف کی the sudden assault, but quickly got over it.
The boy stranger just gulped and ran out of the pool. They struggled at each other, scratching, yelling curses, and biting. The security guards soon became part of the fight, trying to pry Manny off the girl stranger. Blood splattered everywhere and many other security guards ordered the other citizens to hide in the Snack Shack. They soon came close to the unauthorized area of the pool Manny visited just منٹ ago.
Manny caught a glimpse of his other attacker's new features.
Her new hair-doe was messed up with some dirt and drops of blood dotted the used-to-be beautiful blonde hair. Bite marks littered her skin and Manny saw her legs tremble with a bit because of blood loss.
Suddenly, his attacker grabbed his arm and threw him up in the air, a few inches above the low-hanging diving board. He soon came down and down. Narrowly missing a مککا, عجیب الخلقت to the face سے طرف کی the girl stranger, he landed on the edge.
He held his breath as he teetered on the edge. Manny's attacker soon came آگے and raising a finger on his head. Manny's eyes widened in fright. This was how he was going to die. سے طرف کی drowning at the hands of his evil mother.
"Bye bye," cooed his mother.
She let go. Manny let out a mighty wail of help until he splashed into the water. He suddenly remembered his horrifying dream last night and the feeling of dread in his stomach. It was coming to life.
"Help me! Somebody!" yelled Manny as he bobbed up and down from the deep water and flailed his arms.
"Don't worry Manny."
Manny gasped and saw a glimpse of gray when he finally saw River. His scars from Mapleshade in his dream last night showed clearly.
"River! Help me please!" Manny pleaded, spitting out pool water.
River shook his head and replied "I'm sorry Manny, but there is no other way for آپ to go into our world, but for آپ to...drown hmm. But don't worry, let the water consume you. It will be okay."
Manny gulped as tears streamed down his face. His limbs were growing steadily weaker as he struggled. 'I guess there is nothing much else to do, but do as he says.' thought Manny.
He let the water cascade over him until he was consumed سے طرف کی the depths of the water.

River smiled. He truly, deeply hated to do that to him, but there was no other possible way. He sighed and glanced over at the queen, who was being held سے طرف کی three other seemingly strong Twolegs. River growled at her. How could a queen, of all things a Twoleg queen, killing her own kit. Despicable.
River sighed and smiled up at StarClan.
"Yes, young Manny, آپ will be a legend among all RiverClan warriors."
River dipped his head. Upon lifting his head, his green eyes turned چیتی, نیلگوں ہرا again as he spoke.
He dipped his head and his eyes turned swamp green again. River grinned weakly as he turned around, turning into a blue vapor and sliding into the cool blue water of the pool.

"Hawkfrost, آپ will lose you're تخت to RiverClan. آپ shall be destroyed along with your allies."
The brown tom awakened, his dark-blue eyes darting every inch of the warriors den. Hawkfrost sighed and looked out into the night sky.
"Hey Hawkie~", a soft voice cooed.
He turned around to see Mapleshade, a soft smile on her tortoiseshell face.
Hawkfrost smiled back in reply. Ever since the tragedy came, the destroying of the forest, Mapleshade had become his new friend, watching over his Clan and him while just telling funny jokes, Mapleshade was a tom's dream come true.
"Why greetings Mapleshade, what had brought آپ here in the middle of the night?" whispered Hawkfrost.
Mapleshade seemed to grin widely.
"Oh right, remember the prophecy I told آپ about days پہلے and my encounter with the Twoleg, Manny was it?" she asked herself.
The cat pondered to herself until she flashed her goofy look at Hawkfrost again.
"Yeah, Manny. Anyways, the Coming Ritual has started. He should be here tomorrow at dawn," reported Mapleshade.
Hawkfrost seemed to jump at this. He suddenly smiled deviously.
"So, if I'm correct, if we can کنٹرول, جوتنا that power, we can use him to control not only the other three remaining Clans, but ALL OF THE CAT WORLD?!" shouted Hawkfrost.
He shut up when a light golden she-cat, Mothwing, his sister, grumbled in her sleep and Mapleshade putting her tail over his shoulders for him to calm down.
They turned to look in each other's eyes. Mapleshade gave a quick lick of affection on his cheek as she started to turn into yellow vapor and slink out of the cave.
Hawkfrost silently slinked down, smiling wonderfully. If he could somehow capture and make this 'Manny' one of the Clan, he could not fulfill his prophecy and complete and utter power in his paws would be his. He tingled at the absolutely wonderful thought of it. He only had one problem racing through his mind. But what does 'Manny' look like? He just shook the thought off as sleep covered him in its sleepy blanket. His paws tingled with excitement over the thought of immense power.
And it felt bloody amazing.
(End of Part 1)

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