Squrrielflight: Yes hello there Squrrielflight here live from Squrrielflight's broadcasting Corporation, and now the Weather.

Squrrielflight: Today for Windclan expect some High Winds with clear skies this wind might be strong so hang on to your Hat.

A video دکھانا a Live Tornado in the background and Squrrielflight looks at it.

Squrrielflight: oh my look at that.

The live screen goes to Thunderclan where a Massive Lightning storm is happening.

Squrrielflight: For Thunderclan expect a few thunderstorms today with some Lightning.

Squrrielflight looks at the screen

Squrrielflight: Pretty

The Live Screen changes to Shadowclan where Raining explosive acid is occurring.

Squrrielflight: Shadowclan why آپ lucky cats some acid is falling from the sky and explodes on impact, but it only rains 1 drop every few seconds.

The Live screen shifts to Riverclan where it's all flooded

Squrrielflight: Now all آپ ماؤس brains at Riverclan sunning rocks was ours. But it was raining super hard and lake flooded Riverclan oh ho.

The live screen shuts off

Squrrielflight: And that does it for today, now where's the Light Switch.

As soon as Squrrielflight hits the Light Switch a Nuke Engulfs Lake Territory.

Bramblestar's: Now where's the microphone.. Squ.. SQURRIELFLIGHT!!

Squrrielflight: NO!