Moontail ( Tigerfur's daughter ) "I give آپ a life of courage, to keep FireClan together آپ will need it."
Yellowpelt ( Tigerfur's first mate ) "Take this life of love. Use it to protect the kits, apprentices, warriors, elders, queens, and your deputy."
Stormfire ( The deputy of ThunderClan before Tigerfur ) "I give آپ a life of perseverance. It will be used to guide your heart, and your clan mates."
Lilacholly ( Tigerfur's oldest sister) "This is a place of light. Your دل is light. So, I give آپ a life of light, to spread understanding to your clan mates."
Frostkit ( A friend to Tigerfur when she was kit ) "You are presented with a life of playfulness. You're Clan will love a playful leader."
Rainysky ( medicine cat in ThunderClan ) "Endless energy is my life to you. Never stop your دل from chasing dreams."
NoelStar ( Tigerfur's سیکنڈ oldest sister ) "I give آپ a life of generosity so, آپ will earn آپ respect, not take it."
Bronzeshade ( Tigerfur's سیکنڈ apprentice ) "Here is a life of patience. آپ will need to wait for your Clan no matter how long it takes."
Keypaw ( Tigerfur's friend ) "Your last life is faith. Always believe in your Clan mates in times of doubt.
Tigerfur is now back on the ground سے طرف کی the Moonpool.