Warriors (Novel Series) Hello, all آپ timid cats!

Mistyflower posted on Oct 18, 2010 at 09:51PM
So ive noticed more and more that in the internet Clans the cats aren't letting loose with their cats' descriptions. (most of them anyway.) So if you're one of those "short and sweet" kid of person, feel free to let loose with your descriptions and have fun visuallizing your cat in full detail! Here's mine, just to get things started:

Name: Mistyflower
Clan: OceanClan
Full-out description:
Dark tortoiseshell she-cat with a dappled coat of every shade of amber, gold, and brown, splotches of white, and tiny flecks of silver. Her chest, paws and muzzle are pure, markless white, the white on her muzzle stretching up to the middle of her forehead and ends in a point. Her tail is ringed with the same color of her pelt, and it has thick, long hair. Her paw pads are hard and pink, and her claws are long, sharp and white. Her eyes are shockingly bright ice-blue and sparkle like the moon and stars.
Strange rumor about him/her(optional): Some say if she is sad or angry on a starry night, the stars dissappear.

Feel free to add more categories, like, Personality, History, Rank, Age, whatever you want! Just remember to have fun with it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Okay?
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