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 Dark Forest cats :p
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dark forest :D
آرٹ پرستار
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T- Tigerstar
G- Graystripe
D- Dustpelt
M- Mousefur
F- Firestar
S- Sandstorm

Welcome to dirtplace wars. I am your host, Tigerstar.

T- today, it is ( drumroll ) Dustpelt v.s Firestar!!!!

D- hi

F- HI!!!!!

T- okay. Um. First we make آپ drink till آپ need to go. اگلے we put آپ in the dirtplace but DON'T GO!!!!!!! Next, we put آپ in challenges that will urge آپ to go. Who ever goes first, loses.
Try to hold it in the longest. The winner gets.... SANDSTORM!!!!

D- :D

F- :D

15 منٹ LATER......

T- everyone ready?

D- yes

F- yes

T- there are cameras in there and 1 judge controls 1 camera.
Graystripe, Sandstorm,...
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Okay, I know that Dovewing decided to be mates with Bumblestripe in the final book and also that some people dislike Tigerheart. But I'm a پرستار of Tigerheart and Dovewing. Not saying that I dislike Bumblestripe. So, lets see how it would've went if these two became mates. If آپ want me to do a version on Bumblestripe and Dovewing, just ask.

I never thought that I would have kits so soon after my warrior ceremony. Especialy with Tigerheart. My دل has been always looking up onto Bumblestripe since I left Tigerheart. But I had never realized that I had stayed with Tigerheart for too long. His...
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SpottedFire25's video.
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All of them fit really well with the cats
warrior cats video
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I am Mistythemedcat on YT so yeah someone already had the name on this so I don't mind but they could have asked me first BUT it also means that they are a big پرستار of me!!!
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Leader: Waterstar- gray she-cat with black stripes and aqua blue-gray eyes
Deputy: Twinklesky- black she-cat with white dapples and yellow eyes
Medicine cat: Frozenberry- white she-cat with red-ginger spots

WARRIORS(Toms یا she-cats without kits)
Lionleap: ginger Tom with brown paws and tail tip;Bright green eyes
Darkgaze: white Tom with black circles on his body and around his blue eyes
Stormsong: white she-cat with gray موسیقی notes on her; Yellow eyes
Sorrelfeather: white she-cat with yellow orange, and red feather shapes and yellow eyes
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"what is it, Warrior?" StarKit asked with worry. "do آپ know who RubyFeather is?" Raveneye asked the Kitten with a fearful glare. "no." she answered with confusion. "you carry her scent." he explained. Starkits eyes widened with excitement. "how strongly?" she asked immediately. "strong enough for آپ to be her kit." he admitted. "WHERE IS SHE!?!?": she demanded, jumping up and down. RavenEye smiled at the thought of finally finding her Kit. it was his too. but then he thought about what a burden it would be to Lithium. she wasn't the Kit loving type.

"StarKit, get up here!" FireStars yowl...
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