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added by Deidara567
A deidara tribute!
Hi,un! I miss the dear akatsuki,wonder hows it going,un. I like it that my شائقین really miss me,un. Even though I don't know my شائقین I still thank آپ for missing me,un. *tears start swelling up in his eyes* Sorry,un, Didn't mean to cry,un. *gives gentle smile with tears rolling down his cheeks* I just want to say I miss آپ all too,un. I really do,un. *wipes tears* Hope that all of آپ پرستار girls out there, stay beautiful,brave and always believe in me,un Cause I believe in you,un! *smiles* If آپ are starting to cry right now,don't do that cause you're starting to make me cry,un and your beauty will fade. Again thank آپ for missing me! And remember I miss آپ too,un!