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posted by PungoBliss
Name¬ Connor

Age¬ 26

Personality¬ Quiet and moody, he tends to be very short tempered and angry.

Title¬ None

House¬ He was abandoned when he was only three, left to the streets, and eventually befriended the Martell Twins, so he considers the Martell House his own, and will defend it to his death.

Appearance¬ Sandy blond hair, very messy, bright green eyes and skin that is tanned from hours upon hours in the sun. He is tall, and fairly powerful in build.

Attire¬ New armor, sometimes fancy clothing. He lives well, and likes to دکھائیں it.

Weapon¬ Very skilled with a broadsword, and carries...
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posted by Blaze_of_Ares
Name: Rakhelis


Title: Squire to the Regent, Lord Jacaerys Connington

Appearance: Rakhelis looks like a normal Dothraki. He has copper skin and black hair. Although he eyes are purple, traces of Valyrian ancestry. Rakhelis is muscular and of average height. He hair is tied into a short ٹٹو tail. Before he had 3 bells in his hair but upon coming into Westeros he removed them and kept them close with him.

Attire: Despite moving into a new land and adopting a different culture Rakhelis still wears his normal leather armour.

Weapon: Rakhelis brought three weapons with him. He has an arakh, a wipe, a bow. From Lady Alys he received a Bastard sword.

History: Rakhelis is the son of Khal Lokh. He lived in Essos his whole life, fighting as part of the Kahlasar. Rakhelis is proud of being Lokh's son. After a tragic event, Rakhelis arrived in Griffin Roost where he was fostered for a time before being sent to be the Lord Regent's squire.
added by Rogue475
posted by PungoBliss
ame¬ Analia

Age¬ 25

Personality¬ Fairly outgoing and energetic. She truly hates to see someone, whether man یا beast, in pain, be it physical یا emotional.

Title¬ Master of Whispers

House¬ None

Appearance¬ she is slim and graceful, with thick blond hair and hazel eyes that seem to change colors with her moods.

Attire¬ lightweight garb, best suited for travel. Usually a simple dress, though she carries with her a pair of trousers.

Weapon¬ her sorcery is her main weapon, as well as her ability to control beasts, but she also uses a long bow and daggers to defend herself if necessary....
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posted by Rogue475
This is an informational guide for the weapons in link

First off each and every firearm in this فہرست is considered a black powder firearm which all required at least two منٹ to reload, so please consider this when deciding your character.

~Standard Muzzle Loaded Rifles~

1853 Enfield, Union/Confederate

1861 Springfield, Union/Confederate

~Sharpshooter's Rifles~

1857 Whitworth, Confederate

1859 Sharps, Union

~Cap and Ball Revolvers~

1851 گدھے کو, گدھی Navy, Union/Confederate ~Six Shot~

1860 گدھے کو, گدھی Army, Union ~Six Shot~

1858 Remington, Union/Confederate ~Six Shot~

1861 LeMat, Confederate ~Nine Shot, Single Buckshot~
Driverless cars have always been a concept of the future, shown in science fiction films and fantastic novels, but what if someone said, “The future is today?” As of the past decade, various automotive manufacturers have devoted their recourses to developing the first production vehicle that could operate without a driver. Surprisingly enough, Google has been the company to spearhead the development of these vehicles, actually going so far as inventing their own self-driving vehicle. One only needs to tell the car where to go, and it’ll start up and take آپ there. These “Future cars”...
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posted by Rogue475
Name- Davis York Scholtz

Age- 38

Faction Ties- Imperial Marines

Rank in Faction- Major

Appearance- Tall, Average Build, Short Black Hair, Clean Cut.

Attire- Imperial Uniform

P08 Marine
 7.63 High Velocity, 10 rounds
7.63 High Velocity, 10 rounds

Personal M712 Rafica
 7.63 High Velocity, 15 rounds, automatic آگ کے, آگ
7.63 High Velocity, 15 rounds, automatic fire

Imperial Marine Saber

Major Davis was a Warrant Officer in the Imperial Marine Corps during the early years of the Empire's Invasion. After surviving three tours of conflict in a heavy campaign to gain territory, the humble Warrant Officer climbed the ladder to the rank of Major. He...
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added by Rogue475
posted by Rogue475
Name- William David Foster
*Nickname- Maverick

Age- 36

Faction Ties- Alliance

Rank in Faction- Lieutenant

Appearance- Average Height, Lean Build, Dirty Blonde Hair

Attire- Field جیکٹ over Army Fatigues,

M1911 Marine
 .45 Magnum, 7 rounds
.45 Magnum, 7 rounds

M1 Marine
 .30 High Velocity, 25 rounds
.30 High Velocity, 25 rounds

Equipment- Gas Mask, Trench Knife, Binoculars, Reading Glasses, Personal Journal.

Story- Lieutenant William Foster, "Maverick" as the boys call him, represents what it means to lead سے طرف کی example. Whereas most Officers tend to merely give commands and watch, William always preferred the hands on approach.

He was...
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Name: James Valor


Faction Ties-Old Alliance

Rank in Faction-Private, First Class

Appearance-Tanned skin, dark brown eyes, curly black hair. Lean, about 6"2'.

Attire-A rather plain attire consisting of a white tee شرٹ, قمیض under a rather worn brown leather jacket, dark brown, nearly black jeans, and shin length boots.

Weapons-Prefers not to carry any due to his strong beliefs regarding violence.

Equipment-He doesn't have any equipment, other than a pair of goggles he wears around his neck.

Story- James Valor was raised in a very religious household. From an early age, he was instructed سے طرف کی his father...
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posted by Blaze_of_Ares
Name- Oskar Reingler

Age- 22

Faction Ties- Imperial

Rank in Faction- Lieutenant

Appearance- Brown hair, blue eyes. Average built.

Attire- Imperial officer uniform

Weapons- Customized P08 Tactical .

Equipment- Tactical eye piece.

Story- Oskar was nothing, just another mouth to feed among the orphan of the Europa. So he enlisted, and found he was actually good at something. The military saw it too. They place him in the Imperial academy, and now he graduated, trained to serve.
Name- Alexander Avis Bourbon
>Known as: Double A

Age- 25

Faction Ties- The Alliance

Rank in Faction- Corporal

Appearance- Short blonde hair, light green eyes. Medium built

Attire- Aliiance Armoured division uniform.

Weapons- Holloway G43, M1911 گدھے کو, گدھی

Equipment- Basic army equipment.

Story- Alex had been living under the shadow of his brother all he's life. It doesn't make him hate his brother though. Sebastian was his idol. After the news of his apparent death, Alex drafted. He will honour his brother and live the way Seb would want him too.
posted by Blaze_of_Ares
Name- Nemo Lahad
>Born: Sebastian C Bourbon

Age- 30

Faction Ties- The Defiance

Rank in Faction- Sergeant

Appearance- Light green eyes. Dark black overgrown hair that he ties into a 'neat' ٹٹو tail. Bushy beard and fancy stache. Muscular built.

Attire- Brown Leather jacket, that he uses when flying

Weapons- Lee Enfield Mk. 5, M1911 Colt.

Equipment- Carved dagger, goggles, basic/light mechanic equipment.

Story- Sebastian was the first born son of a noble Alliance family, until he died of course. Due to his high social status, he participated in the war in relative safety. An ambush? An undetected anti-air? no one knows, but he's plane was shot down in the middle of the war torn land.

When he was found سے طرف کی the Defiance, he rose as Nemo Lahad. He soon joined the ranks of the defiance, offering them his skills as a pilot and engineer. Nemo never looked back.
posted by Rogue475
Name- Micheal John Holland

Age- 40

Faction Ties- The Old Alliance

Rank in Faction- Captain

Appearance- Average Height, Short Wavy Blonde Hair, Average Build.

Attire- Alliance Officer Fatigues

Offier's M1911
 .45 ACP, 7 rounds
.45 ACP, 7 rounds

M3 Greaser
 .45 ACP, 30 rounds, automatic آگ کے, آگ
.45 ACP, 30 rounds, automatic fire

Equipment- Gas Mask, Ammo Satchel, Canteen, Trench Knife.
posted by PungoBliss
Name- Kyell Amanda Briggs

Age- 30

Faction Ties- The Empire

Rank in Faction- Lieutenant Colonel Kyell Briggs

Appearance- Fairly short and compact, far less powerfull in appearance than reality. Medium brown hair and hazel eyes.

Attire- Military issued وردی, فتاگیس

Weapons- P08 Tactical

Equipment- whatever she needs to carry for a mission, along with an old saber and compass that had belonged to her father.

Story- Kyell grew up in a priveledged family, with strong ties to the Empire's military, and like her father before her moved rapidly up in the ranks of the army, surpassing him even, until the old man died in combat. Now she carries his saber and compass to remind her of her family, but continues on in her quest of military greatness.
posted by PungoBliss
Name- Randal Lee Parnaal

Age- 28

Faction Ties- Defiance

Rank in Faction- Generally unranked, technically a mercenary for the defiance, doing whatever someone pays him to do.

Appearance- Tall, fairly thin and wiry, ash blond, wild hair, and crazy blue eyes.

Attire- basic issued وردی, فتاگیس

Weapons- Lee Enfield MK 5

Equipment- گدھے کو, گدھی sidearm, wire cutters, a hunting knife, and various powdered ingredients.

Story- Spent his early years in the Empire, with a family that kept a low profile. As he aged, however, it was found, and well displayed, that he was a strange child, and an even stranger young man, constantly causing trouble for the simple fun of it, even blowing up several imperial buildings, the last act sending him on the run, for his life really. He escaped into Defiance territory, and it was found that the insane man was rather a genius, able to create explosives and disarm weaponry and machines without much effort at all.
posted by Rogue475
Name- Hans Pierre Nodstrum

Age- 51

Faction Ties- The Great Empire

Rank in Faction- Grand Field Marshal of the Imperial Army

Appearance- Quite Tall, Lean Build, Short Brown Hair, Dark Eyes, Clean-Cut.

Attire- Prussian Field Marshall Fatigues,

Officer's P08

Imperial Saber

Gas Mask, Light Flak Vest, Binoculars.

Story- Hans Nodstrum is known throughout eastern Europa as "The Butcher." A عنوان he earned when he single-handedly massacred an entire airfield of Alliance Fighters with his بمبار aircraft. Since then, he has been promoted to the highest combat rank attainable in the Imperial Legion; Grand Field Marshall. He commands an entire battalion, along with hundreds of support vehicles and a Steel Airbase known as the "Iron Maiden."