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Whisper of the دل – After Story
~> this is a پرستار made story of the events after the timeline which is set in the اندازی حرکت of “whisper of the heart.” آپ can read this for free, آپ can also کریں شائع this on other websites if آپ want, but please remember to give the credits to me. Enjoy reading. Sorry for the wrong grammar if there are some ^_^

    7 years had passed since Seiji made a promise to Shizuku that they will get married...
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posted by Windrises
Whisper of the دل is a Studio Ghibli film. Studio Ghibli has made some good films. Is Whisper of the دل a good film? Please read the review if آپ want to find out.

The Plot

The film is about Shizuku, a high school girl who loves to read books. She meets a high school guy named Seiji. At first Shizuku dislikes Seiji, but she eventually falls in love. Shizuku and Seiji try to focus both on their relationship and their future jobs.

The plot is good. Most romance films are painfully predictable, boring, and annoying. This film is actually pretty charming and entertaining. It has a few slow...
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