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link n-washing-line-in-suburban-back-garden-Kingston-London-England-1-JR.jpg.html)" alt=" J Ryder - Wild Robin on a UK Clothesline (link n-washing-line-in-suburban-back-garden-Kingston-London-England-1-JR.jpg.html)" width="256" height="192" />
J Ryder - Wild Robin on a UK Clothesline (http://gallery.hd.org/_c/natural-science/_more2006/_more06/robin-redbreast-o n-washing-line-in-suburban-back-garden-Kingston-London-England-1-JR.jpg.html)
"My kettle's no use any more," mother said...
She hurled the hole-y thing over the hedge...

A robin who found it flew down from a tree..:
"This'll do nicely for missus and me..."

Now robin and family, happily settled..,
Peep out - all five from the hole in the kettle.
I Serraillier

For centuries the English have observed that robin redbreasts like to nest in human's discarded 'junk'. Old hats, old boots, old kettles (above). If the human's 'junk' is to be found in یا near human habitation, the better robins like it. Robins love to roost in occupied barns and buildings, and small suburban backgardens....
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