Just another دن in paradise . . .

    It’s almost four degrees below zero and I step outside.
    Snowflakes twinkle lazily in the air as they head for the ground.
    Everything is covered in a blanket of snow.
    The world is undisturbed as not even a bird chirps.
    I take a step into the crunchy snow.
    Freezing air wraps around me and I shiver.
    I venture another step آگے and I’m swept into a beautiful world.
    There’s white as far as the eye can see.
    I take a breath of fresh, crisp air and lean down to take some snow.
    The snow is perfect: Ominous white made of thousands of compact snowflakes.
    I lick the snow, my tongue brushing along each bump.
    I feel a drop on my head.
    I look up.
    In a flurry, snowflakes dive bomb to the ground.
    The fall around me, and I open my mouth.
    Tiny little snowflakes land in my mouth.
    I smile happily.
    I love winter.