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In Flora's P.O.V

It's been a سال since we broke up, and even though I’m not there with آپ know I still hurt too. The thought of that night still haunts because آپ choose her over me and I really thought that آپ loved me. I guess I was wrong. As I sit back and think about last homecoming where I thought I was supposed to be your تاریخ to the dance after the game; yet, I was wrong آپ went to the game with her and kissed her right in front of my eyes. I was cheering on the field, but آپ sat there kissing her on our 3rd anniversary. I ignored it because when I looked away to dry my eyes and...
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Standing out on the balcony she was looking at the beautiful view Alfea had. She instantly wondered if this was the most beautiful view there was, and for her, yes it was. The sky was lit سے طرف کی the splendor of the moon, spreading out like the sea. The moon went up high in the sky, and nowhere did it abide; Softly she was going up, and a سٹار, ستارہ یا two beside. -Beautiful- She thought as her delicate hands covered her mouth from a yawn. It was late, and time to go to sleep but she just couldn't take her eyes off the beautiful scenery. She walked into the room and found her friend sleeping. She yawned...
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