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This is a book I own I wonted to share some of it with you, سے طرف کی Jim and Jamie Dutcher. Foreward سے طرف کی Robert Redford, National Geographic. Subtitle: In the Hidden Life of Wolves, wildlife filmmakers Jim and Jamie Dutcher present an untold story as intriguing and unique as the animal in profiles, panorama of human attitudes about wolve's. P.S. If آپ like the book تبصرہ I'll right مزید were past the boring part. :)

Life with the Sawtooth pack
Beneath the Peak's of Idaho's Sawtooth Mountains,
in a ماند, خلوت خانہ just a few weeks earlier, a young mother بھیڑیا gave birth to three pups. In 1996, when this event took place, it was nothing short of miraculous.
No بھیڑیا had been born in this regain in مزید than 50 years, but across the West, that was changing.
As these pups opened there eyes to look upon the Sawtooth Range, other first generations were born else were!
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Thunder led me out of his office with an arm around my shoulder. My tattos started hurting again, so I rubbed them.

"What's wrong?" Jenny came up to me.

"Uh, I just had an itch," I said, putting my arms down to my side. Thunder took them though and rubbed my little bird tattos with his thumb.

"When did آپ get this?" He asked.

"Like last night," I said, taking my arms back.

"What does your بھیڑیا look like?" I sighed. I really don't want to Change, but I guess I have to. So I let my mind and body "go wolf". Scarlett, Jenny, and Thunder gasped. Hugo's already seen me as a wolf, so this is nothing...
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