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 how bout this one
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 Grey بھیڑیا and yearling son
Grey wolf and yearling son
Gasping for breath, the grey بھیڑیا raced through the trees.
His mate ran alongside him with a tiny pup dangling from her jaws and her yearling son on her heels.
Their pursuiters crashed through the underbrush behind them, gaining ground with each step.
“Keep going!” he barked to his small pack.
Without warning, two wolves stood before them, teeth bared.
As they came to a sudden stop, half a dozen wolves emerged from the forest.
They were quickly surrounded on all sides.
“What do آپ want from us?” the grey بھیڑیا growled, فر, سمور rising along his back.
Beside him, his mate laid her ears back...
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The fresh scent of لومڑی ran up her nose, and the she-wolf lifted her feeble head. It was almost her time to give birth to her first litter of pups. Suddenly, the bushy فر, سمور of the لومڑی was visible. The she-wolf growled, and the لومڑی ran.
"Oh, thank Deo!" She cried aloud, the لومڑی wouldn't be trouble. Snow was gently falling outside of the den. As she lay in wait, her first twinge in her belly made the she-wolf yelp, surprised.
The birth was long and horrible. She knew Deo was punishing her for mating outside of her pack. The she-wolf's sides were heaving up and down, pain gripped her belly....
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 I love this picture.
I love this picture.
Now, I think we all agree on this. I think hunting wolves should b illegal. Now mostly I'm writing this مضمون to hear I mean read your opinion on the matter. I've been trying to start a petition to band hunting wolves. Now, what I'm wondering, if I met you, would آپ sign it?

I'm sickened سے طرف کی people hunting wolves. My dad keeps saying they should be exterminated. Every time he say that he ends up on his back with my foot on his head. I really hate my dad doesn't support my love for wolves.

Sorry, got in to my personal live for a سیکنڈ there. But But, anyways what do آپ think on the matter? Why do آپ think this please tell me.
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