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Sorry if this isn't very good!

Angel was so excited, her best best دوستوں were coming for her birthday sleepover at five o clock! Time crept slowly to ten past five and still not a single soul in sight! Suddenly her little sister Summer shouted “Ha Ha they're not coming they hate آپ so much!” Angel ran upstairs weeping and charged desperately into her sister Friday's room.

“Was Summer being mean to آپ again?” asked Friday
“Yes, she کہا that my دوستوں weren't coming because they hate me and that's not true!”
“Don't worry its only because she is jealous about آپ having the best sleepover ever”said Friday
Suddenly Angel heard a knock at the door “I'll get it!” she called out. As soon as she opened the door Yvonne started singing happy birthday and was holding a large oval shaped present neatly wrapped up in sparkly purple paper. Angel and Yvonne hugged and while they were doing so Tillie appeared holding a square box covered in 'Happy Birthday' paper. They were all catching up on gossip when the گھنٹی, بیل rang “That must be Aliona!” shouted Yvonne and they all ran to the door. “Hello people!” Aliona shouted in her excited American voice.
“I hope you've all remembered your swimming costumes because after چائے we're going for a swim in the lake!” exclaimed Angel
“Right time for the presents!” Angels mum میریگولڈ, دونا shouted. First of all Angel opened Tillie's present which was a short book and a پھول craft set. Then she opened Aliona's, which was an art box with pencils and charcoal all neatly in قوس قزح order.
“Oh thank آپ Aliona! I have been wanting this for ages!”
“Your pleasure” کہا Aliona feeling pleased that Angel had liked her gift.
“Mine اگلے mine next!” shouted Yvonne. Yvonne's gift turned out to be a massive tub of sequins, beads and lots of arty things.
“Oh thanks Yvonne!”

After their magnificent party چائے the girls went to the lake near Angel's house. “I'll be first in!” Aliona shouted. So Aliona jumped in the lake and screamed at the temperature. The others were too scared so they just left Aliona in there. “I'll try and touch the bottom then” Aliona said. Aliona ducked down sticking her feet in the air and sticking an arm up over the سب, سب سے اوپر of the water, waving. A few سیکنڈ later Angel, Tillie and Yvonne heard some splashing and saw some bubbles where Aliona had gone down. “She must of reached the bottom!” Tillie shouted excitedly. A number of سیکنڈ passed and still no sign of Aliona!
“Where is she?” asked Angel

They waited.
“It's been over nine منٹ now!” Tillie shouted, almost in tears.
“What are we going to do?” asked Yvonne who was the smartest of the lot. It was bad news if she couldn't even think of an idea. “We can't exactly tell Angel's Mum, she'll go ballistic!”
“And so will Aliona's parents! They'll never want to see us again!” Things were looking very bad for the girls and they still didn't know what to do.
“Right I'm going in!” cried Yvonne “What? We cant just stand here and do nothing!”
“Y...v..v..v..vonne's right” stammered Tillie who was in tears now “We have to help A..A..Aliona!”
“Right” Yvonne declared “It was nice knowing آپ guys!” she hugged both of them and jumped in. Tillie and Angel burst into floods of tears. It was bad enough losing one best friend let alone two!
“Yvonne shouldn't of followed Aliona down there, it could be dangerous!” exclaimed Angel (The
worrier of the group). It was getting dark and the two girls who were still dry were very very worried! It had been over 11 منٹ since Yvonne had jumped in and 18 since Aliona had disappeared! “Lets go inside and get Mum!” Angel suddenly decided after lots of pondering. “She'll know what to do!”
“But what if they come back up?!” Angel cried “I'll stay here!”

So Tillie went pelting back towards the house, faster and faster, when she saw a hooded figure in the distance. For a تقسیم, الگ کریں سیکنڈ she thought it was Angel's Mum but no, it couldn't have been. For Angel's Mum didn't have fiery red hair. Angel's Mum wasn't that tall. Tillie slipped out a small scream. Her legs had frozen. She didn't know why, she didn't know how. The hooded figure turned. It had a chalky white face. Tillie felt her دل freeze.
posted by T-lover
what I'm writing isn't exactly an مضمون , but I hope آپ will enjoy it ^_^ ..

Girl; Do I ever پار, صلیب you'r mind ?
Boy; No .
Girl; Do آپ like me ?
Boy; No .
Girl; Do آپ want me ?
Boy; No .
Girl; Would آپ cry if I left ?
Boy; No .
Girl; Would آپ live for me ?
Boy; No .
Girl; Would آپ do anything for me ?
Boy; No .
Girl; Choose me یا you'r life ?
Boy; My life .

The girl runs away in shock and pain and the boy runs after her and says ....

*The reason آپ never پار, صلیب my mind is because آپ are always on my mind .
*The reason why I don't like آپ is because I love آپ .
*The reason I don't want آپ is because I need آپ .
*The reason I wouldn't cry if آپ left is because I would die if آپ left .
*The reason I wouldn't live for آپ is because I would die for آپ .
*The reason why I'm not willing to do آپ anything for آپ is because I would do everything for آپ .
*The reason I chose my life is because آپ are my life .
posted by zanhar1
It’s raining. Not like a hard rain یا anything. Parker makes his way downy the highway with determination and a degree of speed that might not be exactly legal. But he isn’t going alarmingly fast. He maneuvers his car–a rather stylish Dodge Viper–into the fast lane. It isn’t the latest model but he has it painted a sleek purple some shade in between light and dark. After successfully making his pass he get back into the right lane. He’s behind a Chrysler Pacifica with a collect of bumper and window stickers.

From this he deduces that the driver is probably a soccer mom یا an unfortunate...
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posted by zanhar1
آپ hear a lonesome bird call as آپ wander out of the forest. It is dull and misty. The sky is concrete, آپ can taste rain in the air.

Fell it on the breeze.

But آپ don't care, آپ keep waking. Walking into the opening where the trees grow ever مزید sparse. Where the woodland meets the grassland and all that remains are the twigs and trunks the forest had coughed out. Your bate feet slide over the greenest dewy grass. And here آپ arrive with a sense of peace despite the chilly drizzle that has just begun to fall. A few مزید steps have آپ standing in the center of an earthy ring. آپ are...
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“Bow before oh bow before the Mistress of the Blade.”

She dances in shrouds of silk scarlet.

Heel over heel in spinning in time.

Fabric twisting ‘round her delicate ankles.

“Praise oh praise the Mistress of the Blade.”

The sword an extension of her graceful arm as she twirls it about in Mid-September air.

Crisp September air.

The blade slashes through leaves as they fall.

Hilt of سونا adorned in ruby and diamond.

Gleaming and glistening as it slides from her grasp. Wailing through that oh so crisp Mid-September air.

“Watch in wonder oh watch the Mistress of the Blade.”

By night she finds...
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Can آپ sit through the whole thing? I got about six منٹ in and couldn't take it anymore. XD
added by storylover
A shadowy figure silently brushed the silken curtains aside as she slipped through the open window and stepped into the dark chamber. Passing a small میز, جدول and a bed, the لومڑی quickly headed towards a cabinet that stood against the far wall.
Beaded necklaces hung above a oval mirror that was set in the center. Her eyes rested on a miniature strongbox half hidden behind the mirror.
Paying no heed to the deafening clatter coming from the oblivious guest downstairs, she skillfully picked the tiny lock and raised the lid. It was hard to tell what was what in the darkness, so she emptied it into...
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posted by fanfangirlfan
As I stand on the sidewalk thinking where to even start, I try and think of everything I know about Sam. It’s not much. I know that he has a younger brother. Yes, his name is Tyler and I know because he’s دوستوں with my younger sister Jennifer. They’re in grade 1 together. I’ve even babysat them for god’s sake. I know that he’s a good student, smart, hardly gets into trouble, but he’s not really involved with anything like sports یا clubs. I know that he lives with his uncle because his parents died in a car crash 2 years ago. I know that besides seeing each other in the halls...
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posted by problematic124
We are your saviors.
We are your protectors.
We are your heroes.
If آپ شامل میں us,you pledge yourself worthy.Worthy to protect every single living species.Even if it costs your life.
Once your in your in ...and there's no gettig out. Our secrets are sacred,our discoveries valuable. We hold the key to things that,to the human eye are unreal. But to us their not because we know the truth. And so will you.
It is your choice, take it یا leave it. If آپ are a true protector آپ will pass the test.
We welcome all, to the Protection. Choose your path correctly and then let it be.
posted by para-scence
The اگلے day, after Nikolai and Carmine went to work, I waited until school would've been out to go find Andrew. I waited سے طرف کی the side of the high school, until the students started filing out. I kept my eyes open for him, but when I didn't see him for a long time, I began to worry that he hadn't shown up to school at all today. My دل skipped a beat when I saw him, and I realized I didn't have a plan.

I hid on the side of the school, until he walked past, not even noticing me. Then I grabbed the back of his shirt, and pulled him back into the alley, forcing him up against the wall.

"Ow! What...
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posted by HouseMindFreak
Chapter 13

The hallways of the hospital were dead silent except for the beeping noises of the دل monitors from the patient rooms and random coughing. Jax slowly and silently stepped passed each door not wanting to spook anyone and draw attention to him. So far it was working.
Finally, he reached an elevator and pressed the down button, hoping that no one was on the other side of the door.
The door binged loudly as it reached his floor and Jax held his breath waiting to see a doctor یا security on the other side. It opened and he let out a huge sigh to an empty elevator.
He stepped inside and...
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We sat there, tears falling from our eyes. We, being me and my sister Friday.We were sixteen سال old triplets but our brother had left for boarding school, three weeks ago. We all had black hair. Friday's short and straight, Mitch's cropped and spikey, mine long and wavy. Friday's red face contrasted so much with her hair and I was sure that I looked almost exactly the same. Izzy the oldest of our younger siblings, age thirteen, just sat. Kate and Sammi, age eight, were twins. Kate rolled around restlessly and Sammi gripped her doll so tight that it almost seemed that it's one eye was popping...
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posted by kateeuy
Jenny was a seventeen سال old girl who lived in Sydney. One دن her mother sent her to live with her Nan who lived in the country side.
When she arrived at her Nan’s house, she opened the boot of the car to get her bags out and she put them on the ground. Her aunty helped her take the bags to her room.

“We have a party to go to in an گھنٹہ so get freshened up so we are ready” کہا her Nan.
“Ok. Thanks Nan” exclaimed Jenny.
When she arrived at the party she realised that it was only اگلے door to her house. There were a lot of people there that she didn’t know, including a boy who looked...
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posted by GigglesD
I never understood my hometown. It's always changing. Crime is high, pigeons fly, and it's basically impossible to not pass something that's been vandalized.
One sad thing is, I never met my father. My mother always told me he ran off when I was an infant. I never got all that good of an education, because my teachers never teach. My mother isn't around much anymore. She doesn't even call me. I wish everything would change. Before my father ever ran off.
I wonder what he's doing right now. He probably also does vandalism. Maybe he's found a hobby. Maybe he's going through therapy. آپ can never know what someone is doing when آپ don't have sight of them.
Right now I'm in a pharmacy, and I always wonder: what people have when they walk in here. It could be anything from a cold, to rare and chronic diseases.
posted by mitchie19
6. T H E C R U Z F A M I L Y

“Welcome, Mariah.” Aunt Lourdes’ hugged me while the maids took care of my stuff. “Your house is so big,” I complimented. My eye caught on the beautiful carved statue on the corner and the massive staircase.
I waved my black hair on my right shoulder.
The walls were covered in golden rod پیپر وال with a hint of yellow-green vines as the design. “Are آپ hungry? We’re about to eat lunch,” she looked at me.
I pursed my lips. “Um, yes,” considering the fact that I didn’t eat along the long way, made me hungry as I smelled the scent of the food...
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posted by zutaradragon
i made my life with a ridged frame, so nothing bends it only breaks into...peices and peices. all this talk of life being great, well wheres the love for me...these days? it seems it may not be worth, seems so much easyer to just give in. when you're reaching for...so much more.
what happens to a girl when she spills her دل on a page & she watchs words flow away. then, these feelings are alone on the page & they're waiting for someone who cares to read them. to open their eyes, to see them. then they realize that life aint purfect, & that the scars run to deep to heal. and every...
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posted by Percysclique
Chapter 1 – A Prisoner is Set Free

Amorite let the دیوار be her guide as she descended the stairs to the dungeon. A ring of keys dangled from a sash just below her waist. Silently, Amorite tiptoed toward the sleeping guard. Kildee was asleep, but just to be on the محفوظ side, the sixteen سال old girl put a pouch of powder under his nose.

Amorite’s hand shook as she took the pouch away. She knew that what she was doing was forbidden. Amorite had stolen the sleeping powder from Ilea, the healer, yesterday when Ilea had been taking care of a patient. Amorite promised herself she would return...
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After Patrick left, I had a restless night. I couldn’t sleep feeling that I’m a prisoner in those four walls in my room. I couldn’t sit quietly all night, nor slept for a brief moment. After all, Patrick’s visit was quite unexpected, and I wasn’t ready to see him that day. Also what was weird about his visit, that during all these two weeks he didn’t pay, not even a brief visit, to Robert’s house.
Wandering around my room with my pajama on, didn’t help me to sleep, nor comforted my restless mind. As I didn’t see him during these two weeks, I thought that those feelings I...
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A Metaphor For Survival In The Entertainment Industry سے طرف کی Adam Skelter via FilmCourage.com.
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Why Is It So Hard To Write An Ending? سے طرف کی Gordy Hoffman via FilmCourage.com.
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