I thought I'd make yet another پسندیدہ article, I've been meaning to do this one for a while. I just love to write and tell people my opinion espeically when I have a different opinion from others. Though I wish someone besides me would make opinion مضامین on this club besides me. I like to write my opinion but I would for once like to read some one elses so I could take a break آپ know. Anyway please leave a تبصرہ telling me your opinion of my مضمون but be polite and not rude so enjoy.

10.Peter Pan
Truely a Disney classic, as in a classic way to bore آپ to sleep!

This is the only Young Heroine movie that I don't like at all. The only characters I like in this movie are Tinkerbell and Nana, the others I either hate یا have a neutral feeling. The songs in the movie are just meh and the only one who can actually sing in this movie Wendy. All the characters in the movie are morons except John, Nana, Tinkerbell, and to some extent Hook. I watched the movie lately and not only did I like it even less I don't like Wendy anymore at all. Take a look at my پسندیدہ young heroines of disney مضمون I updated Wendy and Jane. The only reason I enjoyed this movie when I watched it was because I was talking during most of it and making fun of it. But I couldn't stop yawning during the movie! Hook is such a lame villian, he would be cool with his hard core attitude but he's such a big cry baby. I mean what villian jumps into their sidekicks arms when their scared? یا asks for their sidekicks to save them? I also hate the song What Makes The Red Man Red it's so stupid and racist. They make indians look like complete morons in this movie, I take offense to that because I'm part native american. Peter Pan is so ANNOYING! He's the biggest idiot in the whole movie! Why is every girl in the movie falling for Peter? Tinkerbell is too old, too short for him and isn't oh gee I don't know THE SAME SPECIES! The mermaids in this movie give mermaids and females for that matter a bad name. Tiger Lily isn't a bad character but seems like an unnecessary character, it seems like her only reason for existance was to make Wendy jealous. I didn't even enjoy this movie as a child! The اندازی حرکت isn't all that the only impressive اندازی حرکت was Tinkerbell and her pixie dust. All the male characters are ugly in this movie except for John and Micheal who are just homely but not cute at all. I could go on about how stupid this movie is! I'm not sure if it's a neutral feeling یا hate for this movie. So if I ever watch this movie it'll probably just be so I can make fun of it and it's really fun to talk though it to make fun of it. So I never liked this movie and I never will. I wanna add that my پسندیدہ version of the story(other than the sequel) is the 2003 version because the story and characters are actually enjoyable.

9.The Rescuers
The story that proves your never too small for anything!

Okay from this point آگے I at least like the فلمیں just some مزید than others. I'm not madly in love with this movie but I do find it very enjoyable. I love the songs in this movie the girl who sings all the songs(except for Rescue Aid Society) has a beautiful voice. I think it's Penny singing the songs. My پسندیدہ character is Penny. Okay just to let آپ know that my پسندیدہ character in almost all the young heroine فلمیں is the young heroine, I'll let آپ know when I get to a movie where it's not. The characters in this movie are fun and entertaining. I love commenting on Medusa's driving because apperently nobody can drive when they're evil! Seriously where did she get her licence, a cracker-jack box? When she was coming back to the کشتی after finding out that Penny was back at the کشتی and was flying in the air I was thinking SHE CAN FLY. She can't drive but apperently she can fly. It's cool how they say that anyone can do anything if they believe, no matter who یا what they are. It's not higher because it's kinda bland compared to the other movies.

8.Lilo and Stitch
A not so typical Disney movie!

I always enjoyed watching this movie along with the sequels, however I enjoyed the series مزید than I did the movies. I like that disney tried to make it different from other disney movies. The characters are fun and entertaining. The songs aren't anything special except for Aloha Oe. Some parts made me sad and touched my دل like when Stitch was going to be taken away from Lilo and Nani. The ending of the story while it was kinda fast was also kinda fun to watch. I know this probably isn't everyone پسندیدہ movie but I do enjoy it, even though it's not one of my favorites. The movie sorta lacks a villian that we can actually enjoy and love to hate. It lacks enjoyable songs with the exception of Aloha Oe. Plus unlike the series it doesn't bring out Lilo's true strength and heroics.

The story where everything a dog knows is a LIE!

I find this movie enjoyable and even though on Rotten Tomatoes it's the most loved سے طرف کی the critics out of all the young heroines movie it's not all that to me. I find the characters entertaining and funny, especially Mittens even though Penny's my favorite. I thought it was funny how Mittens always شدہ تبصرہ on how crazy Bolt was. I thought it was a sweet and charming story. It's not something I'd watch over and over but it's enjoyable. It was upsetting that Miley Cyrus was the voice of Penny but didn't sing until the end credits. Speaking of the end credits I thought it was cool how they showed basically all the fun times they had after the movie. However the movie didn't make sense. I mean how did they keep that lightning bolt on Bolt? We see that it easily comes off so I'm kinda cruious. Didn't he find it weird that a trailer came out of no where? How could the dog not notice that none of his powers were real? He must be a complete moron! I actually think that it would have been ٹھنڈے, کولر if it actually was about a superdog and a girl trying to save the girls father and the world. The plot of the دکھائیں in the movie was actually مزید interesting than the actual movie.

6.The Jungle Book 2
Where we actually see Shanti with an actual personality!

Unlike alot of people I consider the sequel to be Shanti's movie because we know her name and she developes a personality. The songs in this movie aren't as good as the original but they are kinda catchy. I hated that they did a new version of The Bare Necessities but didn't for My Own Home. Because Shanti's voice actress Mae Whitman actually sings too and has a beautiful voice. I wish there was a song where Mae Whitman was singing in the movie. Besides we get مزید screentime of our villian which makes the movie مزید interesting than the original in my opinion. I actually find it مزید enjoyable than the original. The movie also shows that Shanti is مزید than just a pretty face. However it just lacks the amazing songs the the original had. What's disney without music? NOTHING I TELL YOU! While I do enjoy this movie and like it مزید than the original it just lacks something else besides music. I also wanna add that they actually make Mowgli and Shanti sound مزید their age. In the original Mowgli sounded like 6 and Shanti sounded 24. But unfortunately I only like this movie not love.

5.Oliver and Company
A twist on a classic tale!

Okay from this point on are the فلمیں that I'm madly in love with. This movie definitely has one of the best soundtracks of the young heroine movies, I can't decide between this یا The Little Mermaid 2: Return To The Sea. All the good guys are entertaining and fun, I'd love to hang out with them. It's based off one of my پسندیدہ کتابیں Oliver Twist, this is probably my پسندیدہ version of it because I grew up with it. One of the funniest characters, Georgette is so funny in this movie and might be my 3rd یا 4th پسندیدہ character in the movie. I loved how she acted during the chase and she was freaking out threw the whole thing. "SAVE ME! SAVE ME ALONZO!" I was laughing so hard that I thought my lungs would burst. I use to have a blanket that had the Oliver, Georgette, Dodger, and his gang on it. I always went to sleep with it along with my Power Rangers blanket. The reason it's not higher is because it has a lame villian and evil minons. What's a good story without a cool villian? آپ know what they say a hero is a hero but everyone loves a good villian.

4.Alice In Wonderland
The story of a pretty little girl who goes to a wonderful place that was so much مزید than a dream!

Ironic because I actually went most of my life without this movie, I didn't see it until like 4 یا 5 years ago. I love it because it reminds me alot like The Wizarod of Oz, but not as amazing. I always wanted to go into a magical world with lots of amazing creatures. That's why I've always been into stories like THe Wizard of Oz and The Chronicles of Narnia. The songs are really entertaining even though most of them are مزید talk some than singing. All the characterrare funny even though they can be annoying, except Alice who's always awesome. The trial for Alice was really funny because it made no sense. When I first saw this movie I kept do the unbirthday song to my best friend who love this movie. Even though I didn't grow up with this movie as much as I did most disney فلمیں this will always be one of my پسندیدہ disney movies. I still believe that Alice didn't just imagine this all in a dream I believe that it really happened to her and somehow she came back. It's not higher because the others were مزید of an adventure I'd wanna go on and less weird, but I still love it.

3.The Little Mermaid 2: Return To The Sea
Once upon a time, a mermaid dreamed of life on the land! Now her daughter..... dreams of the sea!

WHAT? SOMETHING NOT RELATED TO THE LITTLE MERMAID ISN'T NUMBER ONE? آپ DON'T BELIEVE ME? WELL STOP SAYING STUFF! Okay seriously I really love this movie, this was one of the فلمیں me and my big sister could watch as kids without fighting. I loved this movie ever since I was a little boy, I would keep watching this movie over and over again until آپ had to pry me away from the TV. I love the songs their fun and I use to get up and dance around with them. I got ہنس bumps when Ariel was singing to Melody "You are my world my darling! What a wonderful world I see! آپ are the song I'm singing, your my beautiful Melody!" it's so sweet. I'm thinking of naming my daughter Melody so I can sing that. I always wanted to jump into the story and شامل میں Melody so that I can be a Melody and go through this wonderful adventure. I love the original مزید of course but one thing I think is ٹھنڈے, کولر about this movie than the original is that in the first movie the hero Eric saves the دن but in the sequel Melody save the day. It's awesome that a girl even a little girl can save the دن and دکھائیں some girl power. She made mistakes and she's fixing them. However it's not higher because we all know that the سیکنڈ movie is just the original Little Mermaid only remixed. So I didn't put it higher because the other three are مزید original.

2.The Black Cauldron

This is one of the most UNDERRATED and AMAZING disney فلمیں ever in creation. I don't see why it's so underrated! So what if it's harder than most disney movies? It's still awesome, not all disney فلمیں can be all goody, goody and sweet. It's like when آپ read a book آپ don't always wanna read a mystery maybe sometimes آپ wanna read horror, adventure, fairy-tales and all that. The characters are really cool, my پسندیدہ character is Taran. The funniest character is Gurgi he's one of the best disney sidekicks. I love the way he talks and acts it's so funny. Eilonwy is so beautiful, I can't take my eyes off her when she's on screen because of how amazing she looks. The اندازی حرکت is wonderful it maybe and it should be since it was expensive. The اندازی حرکت to me looks like a mixture of Sleeping Beauty, The سوان, ہنس Princess, and Anastasia put together. I think people need to give this movie مزید credit than what it gets. It's not number one because the other one is مزید magical.

1.Peter Pan 2: Return To Neverland
All the world is made of faith, and trust, and pixie dust!

This movie is WAY better than the original سے طرف کی so much that there isn't even a number high enough to tell how it's better. It's better at everything that there it. The اندازی حرکت is the best out of all the young heroines of disney movies. It even has my پسندیدہ young heroine song, I'll Try. It also has my saddest young heroine moment when Tinkerbell Dies/I'll Try Reprise. Jane is so much better than Wendy because she's actually someone who has backbone, stands up for what she believes in, and knows when to be mad at someone when they try to kill her. I actually really like Peter in this movie and he's handsome in this movie. If they can actually manage to pull off two miracles like that. Just like with The Little Mermaid 2: Return To The Sea, in the original the hero Peter saves the دن but in the sequel Jane saves the day. I'm a boy but I love girl power because I think that girl's are just as good as us boys, and apperently they can do it wearing high-heels. سے طرف کی the way, how do آپ girls do that? Anyway just like Melody, Jane makes mistakes but she fixes them. It's refreaching that these two فلمیں have the heroines save the دن instead of the guy doing it. Truly one of disney's best masterpieces.