These are the results of the prettiest young heroines of disney countdown. I'm kinda surprised but also fairly happy with the results. Alot of this I agree with but some I don't agree with. I'm not gonna talk much about the bottom five because discussing about then is pretty simple, which is why they're on the side and aren't big. However I will talk about the سب, سب سے اوپر 5 since there is مزید to talk about. Please leave a تبصرہ telling me what آپ think ENJOY!

10.Lilo(Lilo and Stitch)
she's only cute other than that nothing special- blablablu95
She maybe loved سے طرف کی many but she didn't get alot of love with her looks. Mostly people thought she was just cute but some people thought she was really ugly. In fact one person *coughs Mongoose09* made it very clear that she's ugly. They also think she's much too young and they really hated her nose. However it can't be denied that she has really beautiful hair. There were a few who thought she was really pretty and appriciated her looks but مجموعی طور پر people found her to be the least pretty of them all.

9.Penny(The Rescuers)
She just isn't as cute as the rest- Takuya
Looks like characters from فلمیں that reuse clips from other فلمیں don't get much love. She's considered just cute and one person کہا she's ugly. It's probably the bad اندازی حرکت in the movie that makes her bland looking. However آپ must admit in this picture her eyes look really pretty. Maybe she'll get prettier when she's older. However people don't care much for her looks, she's just cute to others. In my opinion she's just plainly pretty. Nobody really saw anything about her stand out.

I wouldn't say she's as beautiful as the other girls, she has a cute face really.- NightFrog
Looks like the other Penny didn't get too far ahead either. People found her really cute but that's all they really کہا about her. Nobody کہا anything else they didn't call her ugly, homely, pretty, and certainly not beautiful. Another reason she's not higher was that everyone prefered hand drawn اندازی حرکت over computer animation. But one good thing about computer animated characters is how much detail their hair has. Look at her hair, isn't it pretty? However they also look kinda weird with big eyes, but it's kinda okay with a little kid. I really disagree with this, I think she's really pretty.

7.Jenny(Oliver and Company)
Very plain compared to the other. Cute, but plain.- ppgbelle4
We're still just at the girls that are considered just cute. It can't be denied that she's adorible! However that's the most anibody had to say about her. She has pretty red hair but some didn't like that she didn't have any corneas, the اندازی حرکت is also kinda bland looking. They also kinda found her rather plain and there's the fact that the others are older than her. I'm the one who thinks the most of her سے طرف کی calling her cutesy-pretty. However she'll definitialy be prettier when she's older but not right now.

6.Wendy(Peter Pan)
awful...look at that hair, she looks like drizella- pretty_angel92
Okay now we're to the point where people call the heroine مزید than just cute. People found her either really pretty یا beautiful. They love her smile and eyes. However some people found her rather plain compared to the others. One person in particular found her ugly and really hated her hair. Her hair was compared to that of Cinderella's ugly step-sister Drizella. Her hair was the main reason for leaving almost everyone found it weird. It was strange that she left but she had the most تبصرے in the pick so it was obviously not rigged, so don't be saying that the countdown was rigged because the proof is in the pick. This also was the beginning of a big rant and you'll see what I mean soon.

5.Jane(Peter Pan 2: Return To Neverland)
her hair looks awful- ebkang99

Okay now we're to the point where I can talk about مزید of what the voters had to say about the heroines. Looks like Jane did it again, she's ahead of her mother in a countdown once again. They loved her eyes and smile! Obviously she has the most gorgeous eyes out of all the young heroines. There were a few who liked her hair thinking it's unique and that she's one of the few girls who can look good with short hair. Not everyone looks good with short hair and it's actually a big accomplishment if someone can draw a heroine with short hair but still be a beautiful girl. It's a wonder how Hook mistook her for Wendy since she looks nothing like her. مجموعی طور پر people found her either beautiful یا pretty, however there was one who found her ugly. But really how could anybody find her ugly? But the main issue was her hair. This was the سیکنڈ step to the rant I was talking about, your about to find out what I mean.

4.Alice(Alice In Wonderland)
alice's face is exactly like wendy's, she just has a better hair- pretty_angel92

People really found her pretty یا beautiful. They love her hair, eyes, and smile. This is the third and final part of the rant I was talking about. After Jane was eliminated a rant was started سے طرف کی ppgbelle4 about Wendy, Jane, and Alice. As most of آپ know Alice and Wendy were both modeled after the same person(she also did the voice for both of them too) so they look exactly alike, just different hair. However Jane who is considered prettier than Wendy wasn't considered prettier than Alice, even though she looks nothing like either of them. Which means that there are people who are being baised and can't seperate their personal opinions from their opinions about a characters looks. It also might be to the fact that people aren't a پرستار of Wendy یا Jane's hair but they love Alice's hair. They don't try to judge their faces but they judge alot of the time سے طرف کی the hair. Okay back to Alice, well there wasn't much to say about her, the only reason it's easier to talk during this was the rant. Mostly people found her مزید pretty than beautiful, especially compared to the سب, سب سے اوپر 3.

3.Shanti(The Jungle Book 2)
Shanti is pretty, but she isn't stunning like the others.- SarahCorine

Okay so not very many people شدہ تبصرہ about her however people who talk about her say she's beautiful. There was only one person who کہا she was just pretty and not beautiful. They love her dazeling smile and her big beautiful brown eyes. After all that's what she used to get Mowgli to come to the village. She's well aware that she's got a good thing going on for her. Though it's obvious that her hair looks prettier in the sequel than it does in the original. One person کہا she prefers how she looks in the original than she does in the sequel. Alot of voters were sad to see her leave and in the finaly two شدہ تبصرہ saying that she's the prettiest. She's obviously one of the most beautiful disney heroines disney has ever created. However she didn't get higher I guess they just thought the other two were مزید beautiful.

2.Eilonwy(The Black Cauldron)
This one is hard because they're both beautiful, but Melody is just a little مزید pretty.- SarahCorine

Looks like Eilonwy had done good for herself in yet another countdown, looks like we can't call her underrated anymore. One thing that can't be denied is how beautiful she is, she's indeed a radiant beauty. Long beautiful سونا hair, gorgeous blue eyes, a dazeling smile, a lovely rose leaf complextion, and such pretty گلابی lips. Everyone کہا she was beautiful! She's obviously the eye-candy of the movie, آپ can't take your eyes off her! There's nothing not beautiful about her! She can be compared to the adult heroines and is obviously one of the most beautiful animated females. All that just at 12 years old, just imagine how gorgeous she'll be when she's all grown up. However some thought that in some scenes that she looked plain. They also just thought that the number one was مزید beautiful.

1.Melody(The Little Mermaid 2: Return To The Sea)
Both are gorgeous but definitialy Melody is prettier- KataraLover

There must be something about being royalty that makes آپ so beautiful since our سب, سب سے اوپر 2 are princesses. There were some people who though she was just pretty, cute, and plain however مجموعی طور پر she's considered the most beautiful. It figures since she has two really attractive parents! She has the beauty of both her mother and her father, she's a perfect blend of both of them. She has her father's eye color, hair color, eye brows, and skin tone. However she has her mothers head shape, facial structure, hair style(only in a ponytail most of the time and black), nose, eye shape, and smile. She has that one stand of hair in her bangs that always stands, who doesn't love hair like that? The ووٹ loved the combination of black hair, pale skin, and blue eyes. If her lips were red we could actually call her Snow White, since she was voted the most beautiful of them all. I actually think she's prettier than Ariel. I'm really glad that Melody won YAY!