So, I decided to become active in this club, and breathe some life back into it, and what better way than with an article? So, here is my پسندیدہ heroine list! I'm going to be dividing the فہرست into three sections, like, like a lot, love and adore. So with the introduction out of the way, let's see where the heroines rank on my list, shall we?

3 Young Heroines I Like:

12. Penny Forrester
A lot of the young heroines aren't main characters of their movies. But Penny has always felt like مزید of a plot device than a character. I don't get the enjoyment watching Penny as I do watching the other heroines. We see very little of her, and most of what we see of her is just her when she's acting, so I can't really connect with her character.

Wait... what do آپ mean I'm twelfth place?

11. Princess Eilonwy
I'm going to start off سے طرف کی saying I really, really dislike 'The Black Cauldron'. It's truly as bad as its reputation. As for the young heroine herself, she's just okay. Except for her occasional sassy moments, which I love, she is just kind of bland. To be honest, for some reason she's always been utterly ridiculous to me.

But... I'm Princess Eilonwy!

10. Elsa وین Helsing
She is very much a side character in her movie, but I have her this high because I love all the scenes with her I did see. I'm not exactly a dog person, but her dedication to her pet was sweet, and I like her quieter personality that آپ don't usually see in child characters.

Eh, whatever...

Young Heroines I Like A Lot:

9. Shanti
She has much مزید screen-time in the sequel, and I haven't seen the sequel in years. So I'm going off my vague memories of the sequel and her few منٹ in the original. I really like Shanti. She's responsible but not so much as to be annoying, and she is brave. But, I like the others above her more.

My own home... in ninth place!

8. Jenny
She's also not a main character, but I think she's adorable. I love the scenes of her bonding with Oliver, her creativity with her 'cooking', and her bravery and selflessness. She's just great.

I guess all this cat-bonding finally paid off!

7. Penny
She also isn't much of a main character, but I really like Penny. In an ironic contrast to the مزید حالیہ Penny, I really like the personality we see of her. For one thing, she's absolutely adorable. I also love her bravery and how insecure she seems.

Hear that, Teddy? Seventh place!

Young Heroines I Love:

6. Princess Melody
She is my sister's سیکنڈ پسندیدہ Disney character ever, and maybe that rubbed off on me a little because I find myself quite fond of her. I definitely like her مزید than I do Ariel. I like how she's pretty tomboyish and stubborn, but still kind of shy and awkward around people her age. Her making a deal with Morgana is actually مزید understandable than her mother's with Ursula because of her youth and because she didn't know that Morgana was evil.

Sixth place? This is almost as good as having fins!

5. Wendy Darling
Making it into the سب, سب سے اوپر five is Wendy, who I find to be an absolute joy to watch. I love her love of storytelling, her motherly yet still childish nature, and her elegance and poise. She's also quite brave, and has quite a few moments of sassiness which I love.

Oh, isn't it just darling?

4. Jane
I wish I could fit her into the سب, سب سے اوپر three, I really love her, but she gets fourth place. I love her cynicism and no-nonsense attitude, and the fact that she is also fun-loving and fearless in addition to that. I like how she's a Lost Girl, and basically I think she's just all-around great.

Hooray! Fourth place isn't bad for a Lost Girl!

Young Heroines I Adore:

3. Vanellope von Schweetz
Ugh, I just adore her! I love her sassiness and spunk, her twisted sense of humor and her quickly forgiving nature. I sympathize with her torment at the hands of the other racers, and I love her determination for her dream of winning races.

Third place? Are آپ a hobo? I'm the PRESIDENT!

2. Lilo Pelekai
The youngest young heroine is nearly my favorite! I love Lilo's eccentricity, her weird hobbies and sense of humor, her love of Elvis Presley, and her kindness to animals and aliens alike. And, similarly to Vanellope, I'm sympathetic to her being ostracized سے طرف کی her peers. So yeah, I love Lilo. She's very close to being my favorite.

If آپ want me to be سیکنڈ place, Scrap and Stitch have to be سیکنڈ place too!

1. Alice
The girl on this club's شبیہ is my پسندیدہ young heroine! I love her curiosity, her inquisitiveness, her snarkiness, how she's polite and demure but also kind of contrary. She seems to be honest to a fault, and I like her love of چائے and daydreaming and her tendency to get lost in a world of her own.

First place, آپ say? I don't care, I'm busy with my daydreams...

So, there was my list! I hope آپ guys enjoyed, and, obviously this was all just my opinion.