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posted by MercyYJ
**Anything like (this) means it is a translation of what was just said, and anything in italics is a letter, and anything that isunderlined and italicized is the lyrics because THIS IS MY FIRST EVER SONG FIC!! Just a quickie one-shot of how Mercy feels! :) Enjoy! ** آپ also might want to scroll to the bottom of the مضمون to get the link to the background music, if آپ want!

There's a faraway land so the stories all tell.Somewhere beyond the horizon,

"Ek weet nie meer nie, Nala!Ek het regtig nie ..." (I don't know anymore,Nala! I really don't...) She sighed and fumbled around again with her memory box, still carefully trying to balance my cell phone between her shoulder and her ear. "Dinge het so afdraande gegaan sedert jy laas hier was!Die mantel het byna doodgemaak Jake!Ons het jou nodig!" (Things have gone so downhill since آپ were last here! The چادر, فرغل almost killed Jake! We need you!) Mercy groaned and ran her hand through her recently combed hair. "Ek bel jou terug môre, Nala. Totsiens vir nou." (I'll call آپ back tomorrow, Nala. Goodbye for now.) She sighed and hung up the phone, placing it on her already cluttered basket-shelf.

If we can find it then all will be well, troubles there are few. Someday, we'll go to...

Carefully, she slowly undid the latches and opened the rickety box. Inside, a small torn-up leather book was the only thing there. A small smile flickered across her face as she went to pick it up, running her fingers over the scratched surface. "My Travel Journal" was etched into the cover with what seemed to be some kind of burn. Flipping through the water-stained pages, Mercy didn't try to stop the silent tears that began to form in her eyes and roll down her cheeks.
Finally reaching a page somewhat near the back of the book she stopped and began reading...

They say breezes are warm there and people are kind. Maybe it's something like heaven.

Salutations Sir Travel Journal,
You'll never guess what happened today! No seriously! I was confronted سے طرف کی Batman! THE Batman, asking me to be on some team of his! I really want to, but I'll have to give it some thought... He کہا that if I do I won't be able to back out, meaning no travel! I can't give that up! Maggie's dying of phenomena in Italy, and Nala's team is losing the turf war in Africa!
I kind of want to, though. My first team since my last fiasco... The one where everyone ends up dead? Yeah... A fresh start to helping مزید people would be nice, though!
I guess I'm just lost... I wish آپ could tell me what to do! You're probably the only person I trust on this dang planet!
An Incredibly Lost 14 سال Old Pyromaniac

I close my eyes and I see in my mind: skies of bluest blue...

Mercy laughed at herself quietly, realizing how funny she sounded when she wrote in here. Continuing, she flipped a few pages and ended up a piece that was written not only 6 months پہلے when she first joined the team. She wiped off her eyes with the sleeve of her sweatshirt, continuing to read...

I've had so much trouble finding my way there. When I get close, it disappears.

Hi Again Dearest Journal,
It took him 2 years of coaxing, but Batman actually got me on the team! He کہا something about violating a law, and it was either this یا Child Services, bleh.
So far, everyone on the team is actually pretty nice! They gave me a bedroom, a com-link, and a bunch of other things to make me feel spoiled!
This has دیا me the most serious sense of deja-vu here.... Kaldur is reminding me مزید than ever about Gavin, too. He gave me Japanese water flowers... Which is what Gavin would give me every weekend.
Maybe a blast of the past is just what I needed, I don't know...
A Somewhat-happy-yet-confused 16 سال Old
P.s- Still trying to work out the travel thing with the League!

If we can get there, we're gonna stay there. If it takes us miles, if it takes us years...

"Okay! Done reading!" Mercy whispered to herself, beginning to close the small book, but stopping when a small folded piece of paper fell out of it. "What the..." She picked up the paper, slowly unfolding it. A note was quickly scribbled onto it, dating back to when Mercy was 11...

High on a mouton یا lost on a sea, sooner یا later I'll find it...

Dear Bells,
I didn't have the guts to actually sit down and talk about this, and I barely have the guts to even write about it. Maura's coming for us, we all know that, and I came up with a plan. I feel like a traitor to the team for saying this, but what if we ran away, together? We could be safe, live normal lives, یا even travel if آپ wanted! Everyone else would understand, I hope. They would probably be able to protect themselves, also!
Just meet me at that ice cream دکان آپ and I go to every Tuesday tonight, and we can leave. If آپ decide that آپ don't want to, I completely understand... We can stay and continue to fight with our friends.

I have a picture of how it will be, on the دن I do..

Mercy sat there, frozen with one hand over her mouth. She couldn't believe it. 5 years, and she had never known about this! Mercy sniffled and wiped her eyes once again. Complete shock, that's what she was in. She couldn't believe it. Gavin wanted to run away with her, and she completely ignored it! Well, she didn't know about it in the first place. But she couldn't shake the thought that if she did, he wouldn't be dead.

Finally putting herself back in order, she zipped up her hoodie and tied her sneakers on. Glancing in the mirror, she shrugged to herself and placed a hand on her doorknob. "Life is either a daring adventure, یا it is nothing..." Mercy muttered to herself like she did every time before opening the door to the openness of the cave, where her new life was.

Troubles will be through, and I'll be ہوم with you...

**I've never worked so hard on something like this! Man! Bleh, my fingers are tired! PLEASE give me some feedback and tell me what آپ think! LOVE آپ GUYS!**
P.s- link
Thats the link to the background موسیقی for this! The song is "Solla Sollew" from the Seussical!
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"What'd آپ mean آپ give her permission?!" Koda asked harshly. with the other two young men Superboy and Akash behind him with their arms fold.
"Lelisa been coming over at our house pretty offend and I kept telling her to tell Alanna do what they wanted so I guess they did." Kaya said, finishing with a slight smile on her face.
"Have آپ lost your mind? What's wrong with you?Do آپ have any idea what you've done?!! And..."Koda yelled at her but was interrupted.
"Of course I know want i'm doing!" Kaya yelled back.
"Then what are آپ doing?" Akash asked quietly from the back.
"Alanna wants to show...
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posted by Kurls_Basd
 Ashley in civvies
Ashley in civvies
Events of before and during the fire.
Ashley had just finished with a mission. Jaivus was her temporary bodyguard سے طرف کی Kaya's orders, he had just picked her up from her phone booth in her blonde wig with blue jeans and shirt
"Let's get ice-cream." She says with a thumbs up. He didn't answer but rather turn and continued walking down the road. She rolled her eyes and ran up behind he pulling his hoodie down. Jaivus turned to her exposing his sapphire eyes.
"You really are annoying." He replied, in a low tune walking away from her. She walked briskly pass him grabbing his hand.
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posted by Robin_Love
He slipped in through the open window, looking around for nurses یا doctors. No one was in sight as he moved the girl's bedside. She was sleeping now, but he hadn't really told her he would come back before visiting hours in the morning. She had woken up, almost like she refused to be trapped in a coma. And he had talked with her all day, listening as she explained the things she gone through.
And he was suddenly thankful it wasn't as bad as he had imagined. He should have been terrified that she seemed unaffected سے طرف کی this last kidnapping. But she had waited until Becca left till she broke into...
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posted by Mclovin_69
Name: JD ( Jared Dammon Morse)

Alias: none

Age: 18

Appearance: dark wavy brown hair and rich blue eyes, always wears snapback.

Personality: JD is a very nice and funny guy to get along with, he hasn't met one person whose had a problem with him. He is very understanding and will do anything for his دوستوں and loved ones.

Powers/Skills: he has the ability to see the potential of people. basically he can see what they can fully do and have that others may not. (ex. he would be able to see someones skills, way of thinking, and talents)

Relations: owner to Shane

Civvies: jeans, a sweater, converse,...
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posted by Robin_Love
And I am not even finished yet!!! UGH! XD

She flew down the steps, knocking the two guards away.
“You sick fools!”
Her hands worked on the collar, eyes glaring at any who approached. She snapped the کالر off the girl's neck, working on the chains next. Kuran stood behind her, watching. When released, the girl clung to her, whimpering in fear. Tara held her close, protecting her shivering body.
“Why such an interest, Tara?”
She turned to glare at the vampire king. Her blood was boiling and she stood with the girl in her arms.
“You dare to bring someone so close to me into this trouble?!...
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posted by AislingYJ
I already introduced her, but since I'm pretty sure no one actually read her bio the first time, here we go again!!! I'm gonna start RPing with her now, for reasons.
Name: Carmen Vidal
Alias: Moanna
Occupation: Hero
Age: immortal but looks 16
Appearance: about 5’6”, slender, lightly tanned skin, short wavy brown hair about shoulder length, dark brown eyes, Hispanic
Personality: sassy, sarcastic, rebellious, headstrong, friendly, bitchy to anyone she doesn’t like, really nice inside even though she’s super sassy, outgoing, confident
Civvies: She usually wears old fashioned clothing; dresses,...
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posted by AislingYJ
Finally got the inspiration to write it!!!!!!!! Once again, all گزشتہ parts are in my favorites. xD
“Why don’t آپ ask my friends--your friends--about that?”
The three kids looked first to the woman’s still body, then to each other, and up to the crowd of Leaguers that had surrounded them. Confusion and disbelief clouded their faces, quickly fading to anger as the meaning of the fallen villain's words registered with them. Chandler was the first to react; his cornflower-blue eyes widened, then narrowed as he gritted his teeth. Without warning, he let out a strangled cry and lunged...
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posted by Robin_Love
 Irra-dressed as a girl
Irra-dressed as a girl
This is the time line where Lexi and the others are already there and Jamie has his squad

Name: Irra Weldon-Addams
Alias: Ray
Occupation: Apprentice
Powers: bends light, wings, controls heat, expert سٹریٹ, گلی fighter, small weapons
Age: 15
Weaknesses: If she is kept in shadows یا cold for مزید than a few hours, her light extinguishes; if she expends too much light she becomes uncontrollable; limited fighting endurance
History: Irra's parents died before she was a سال old. She was taken in سے طرف کی an orphanage. سے طرف کی the time she was four, Irra had escaped her foster care ہوم and stayed in the streets. She...
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posted by XxKFforeverXx
 Tarrant Hero
Tarrant Hero
Name: Dariyn Swift
Alias: Tarrant
Age: 16
Powers/skills:-Creates optical illusions
-master of hypnotism and mind control
-hand to hand combat
Past: Dariyn grew up in a wealthy family as well, along with Hikaru and Kaoru. Dariyn was sitting at his ڈیسک doing his school work, when his maid entered the room, and noticed a slight change of attitude in her and decided to make some arrangements to it with his powers. Dariyn met Jaime and the Eden twins while attending school.
Others: -People refer to him as the "Mad Hatter" because of his costume.
-Keeps cards in his hat.
-Occasionally uses his powers to get what he wants.
-Has flirtatious attitude as Hikaru and Kaoru.
 Daryin civvies
Daryin civvies
posted by InfinityYJ
A/N: Okay! This is loosely based off some youtube ویڈیوز "11 Drunk Guys Play Slender/Hospice/Sanatorium/Slender Mod."
Warnings for pure stupidity, some cussing, and mentions of alcohol.

You ever heard that joke, 4 drunk heroes go into the forest at night, with nothing but their stupidity and a flashlight? No? Well, here’s how it went.

The dampness of the forest sent shivers down her spine. Fin glanced behind her, then back آگے again. اگلے to her, Eric was waving the flashlight aimlessly, letting the light hit the dark green leaves of the treetops above and the muddy road below their feet....
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Life is a series of collisions with the future; it is not the sum of what we have been, but what we yearn to be.-Jose Ortega y Gasset
Bandages wrapped around his sweaty, matted hair, covering his closed, damaged eyes. The blood had been cleaned from his head wound, stitches put in place, and morphine injected into the blood stream of the 12 year-old-boy. Now he lay on the cot, chest rising with each breath. A women with the same fiery red hair as her son looked down at him with sad eyes.
"Margaret," a towering man with jet black hair murmured to her softly and set a hand on her shoulder. She...
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