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posted by Robin_Love
I had to write this!!! It's just....Oh you'll have to read it! Enjoy!!!!

The smell wafted through the base. It was warm, comforting. Trevor, Zero, and Todd looked up from where they were playing cards in the living room. Zeth stood at the counter, piling chocolate chip کوکیز onto a plate. Terror ventured out of his room, eyebrows raised.
“You know Zero doesn't like this,” he said.
“Screw that.”
Terror watched Zeth place a پرستار سے طرف کی the cookies, aimed at the vent.
“There are reasons it's not allowed,” Trevor chimed in.
“I know. Couldn't help it.”
“What are آپ talking about?” Todd asked.
“Cat's reaction to cookies,” Zero answered.
His arms were crossed over his chest in disappointment. The house was silent and Zeth bolted behind the couch. Terror backed away into the shadows, and Trevor joined Zeth. Todd looked at them, confused. Zero nodded to the plate and slipped under the table. Todd joined him despite his confusion. It was silent for a few minutes. Then there was the excited pounding of something in the vents. Cat poked her head out of the vents. She jumped to the ground, crouching low. She looked around before scurrying over to the counter. She reached out, hesitated, then snatched a cookie off the plate. She finished it faster than Todd thought he could run. She licked her lips. Zeth cautiously stepped out from the couch, Trevor close behind.
“Hey Cat. آپ like the cookies?”
She looked at them. Instead of giving a natural smart-ass remark, Cat let out a tiny “meow”. Todd blinked and looked at Zero. But the android had already stood up. Todd got up and came close to where Cat was sitting on the floor. Her tail swayed slightly and she looked up with huge eyes at the plate Zeth was holding. He was smiling, slightly mischeviously. He held out another cookie.
“Want it kitty-Cat?”
Cat mewed again, lifting a paw in the air. Zeth handed it to her and she ate it up. Zeth moved around her, putting the کوکیز away in a jar. Cat watched sadly and her ears lowered.
“No مزید Cat,” Zero stepped in.
She mewed sadly, lip quivering. Terror sighed, leaning against the wall.
“No Cat.”
She mewed again then curled into a small ball. Zeth patted her head and then headed to his room. The room eventually emptied. Cat lifted her head and looked around. She changed to her cat form and climbed into the cookie jar.

Terror headed into the kitchen. He grabbed a glass and a soda. A weird sound caught his attention. Purring. He looked around but couldn't see any sign of Cat. His gaze fell on the jar. He lifted the lid. She lay on the bottom, sleeping. The jar was empty and licked clean. He smiled and put the lid back on, tilting it so air could get in. Cat loved her cookies.
 Cat loves her کوکیز
Cat loves her cookies
posted by EclipseYJ
Welcom to the فہرست on how to piss my off WARNING: TRY ANY OF THESE AND THEY WILL ALL RESULT IN HORRIBLE, SLOW DEATH, i am only informing آپ of these for you're protection ^-^

1> Ask me if I'm anarexstic when i deny Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.

2> Ask me if Jesus is my brother and if he is a cool dude.

3> Touch, poke, bother یا hug me.

4> Take my چادر, فرغل and run away saying Snape called and asked for his چادر, فرغل back.

5> Tell me i need a manicure when ever my claws are out.

6> Call me a Playa/Slut/Hoe just because i have dated 7 guys.

7> Lock me in a white room with a straight jacket...
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posted by Obscurity98
Harley growled as she walked through the Zeta. Silver looked up at her, "Hey Har. Everything, okay?” Harley only scowled at her, “Does it look like everything is okay? Does it!?” Silver stared at her, unsure in whether she should answer یا not.
Harley walked past crumpling a paper in her hands. And an unlucky Burke waved as she pasted the couch, “Hey...” Harley cut him off with a death glare. Burke stopped speaking. Silver watched her friend walk to Skylar’s room. Harley created a large thorn and then stuck the paper onto the door like a tack. Silver and Burke flinched as Harley...
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posted by SilverWings13
"15 minutes" a voice crackled through the speakers mounted in the corners of the arena.
"Damn it!" Aryess exclaimed. She threw back her ڈاکو, ہڈ to allow the cool air conditioning to cool the sweat sliding down her face.
"Your rate is fine," Emily کہا through the speakers from the viewing room above.
"You matched mine," Alek muttered barely loud enough for her to hear through the sound waves.
The teenager standing in the center of the arena glanced up to the long window above. The four other members stood above, all wearing similar and completely different expressions.
Emily tried to give the younger...
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posted by Robin_Love
They'll come into play after Memory

Name: Trey (girl) and DJ(boy)
Alias: کبوتر and Hawk
Occupation: Heroes; students at Gotham Academy
Powers: Trey has the ability of using her voice to calm people down. She can also bend metal into any form یا levitate it. DJ is able to turn anger into a weapon, controlling the person. He also can use gravity to اقدام things around. Both can fly.
Appearance: Trey has long blonde hair and brown eyes and white wings. DJ has black hair, brown eyes and black wings.
History:Trey and DJ were raised in the School, but they don't know Fang یا the Flock. They escaped when...
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posted by Scarlet_YJ
 Korran's School Uniform
Korran's School Uniform
Name: Brette Lanulue
Alias: Korran
Age: 16
Power: Can manipulate people's shadows

Alliance: hero

Apearance: shoulder length white hair, cat ears and tail, 5 ft. 6", red eyes

Personality: kind, caring, childish mindset, brave, courageous, serious, friendly

History: Korran was دیا her powers at the age of six, shortly after getting her powers she got her cat ears and tail. Her parents abandoned her because they believed she was a freak. Korran lived on the streets for two years before she found other kids like herself whose parents abandoned them because of their appearance. Korran stayed with her...
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