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posted by Blitz359
The guards went down before they could even blink.

In an instant, Scotch had shot 3 of the 5 guards with a syringe-like projectile in the unprotected part of their neck, which embedded themselves into the flesh and injected a fluid into their bloodstreams. As the guards fell unconscious, Valeriya played her flute, which caused the last 2 guards to collapse to the ground, writhing in pain from an inaudible noise. One of the guards' رائفل fired a shot as it hit the ground. "They won't die, but the sound will leave them deaf for a couple of months." she reassured Cain as he looked over at her curiously, changing back into his original form. "We need to keep moving, but fighting here is not good for us," Richi told his team. "If we hear anymore guards coming down here, we need to بتھ, مرغابی into the nearest floor."

Without another word, he continued heading up the stairs, tirelessly running up without breaking a sweat. Cain stared at him incredulously. "He's changed. I didn't notice it before, but he's a lot مزید assertive." Val shrugged as she began to climb the stairs. "Been like this since we've met him. He gets the job done thou- ow!" Cain noticed her clutching her side. "You've been shot. Ri-" Val interrupted him before he could call out to the blonde leader, who was several flights above everyone else. "No need. Guess I need to take a break now."

She snapped her fingers three times and began to shine brightly. Cain averted his eyes to avoid being blinded as Val's physical form changed. When the light died down, in place of the brunette was a teen with night-black hair. "...Who-" The black-haired teen interjected as he walked over to the railing. "Name's Zephyr. آپ gonna stare at me all night یا are آپ gonna catch up to Rich?" Leaping over the railing, a gust of wind blew up from under Zephyr, and he began floating up. In a few moments, he had already caught up to Richi, who was waiting for everyone at the 12th floor. "Showoff..." Cain muttered as he continued running up the remaining 7 floors between the group and him.


Catching up with the trio, Cain nearly collapsed onto the floor. Richi raised an eyebrow. "Tired already? Figured you'd at least be a little out of breath, not near dead exhaustion." The exhausted teen glared at the blonde leader. "Not everyone has increased endurance and stamina, and I never travel in my regular form." Zephyr rolled his eyes and went through the floor's door, Scotch following him. "Where's he going?" Cain asked. Richi offered a hand to Cain as he explained. "There's guards coming down. We need to continue on the West Wing's stairs." They entered the floor and surveyed the area.

"It's a storage floor." Scotch noted. Zephyr's eyes, which were glowing green, reverted back to their original red color. "About 7 guards in here. Three patrolling, 2 watching a باسکٹ, باسکٹ بال game on a security monitor, and the last 2 guarding the door to the West Wing stairs." Cain stared at Zephyr for a moment in curiousness. Richi explained it to Cain. "He can survey an area سے طرف کی sort of... looking through the eyes of air. It's complicated."

Cain shrugged as Richi turned to the other two comrades. Motioning to them to follow, Richi walked into the corridor and fired a shot from his pistol. "Eliminate all hostiles, but use non-lethal weapons." His own sword morphed around his hands, and black brass knuckles formed on his hands. They glowed red and sparked with electricity as he gripped them. As he rolled up his sleeves, Scotch loaded a new clip of the syringe-like bullets, and Zephyr pulled out his stun-stick from it's holster. Cain selected the red-haired assassin disguise once more, and coated his dirks in a special liquid from a container hanging from his side. The guards came out and noticed the group. "Freeze!"

"Don't think so. Let's go."
 Cain's assassin disguise
Cain's assassin disguise
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posted by Blitz359
////Sigh....there's, like, one یا two مزید parts after this one.////////

Richi looked up at his friends, his eyes empty and cold, as if the آگ کے, آگ that once fueled his emotions had finally snuffed out. They glanced over at the two bodies in the shadows سے طرف کی the corner, and an audible choke escaped from his mouth. "We're done here." stated Richi, his words monotone and meaningless, and he stepped away from the decapitated corpse. Before Richi could say anything else, a long beep emitted from the remains of Giovanni's metal suit. Without warning, the ground under the teens began to tremble and rumble,...
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posted by KatRox1
Yeah, I left the team. Why do آپ ask?

Personal reasons.

My name? I thought this was already covered?

Bella Watson. Age 19.

No مزید powers for me. I grew out of them, like how آپ grow out of allergies.

I work outside the government. According to them, I died in a train accident in December.

Yeah, new clothing style. No مزید fancy costumes, just plain old jeans and jackets.

I dyed my hair to be مزید brownish-red, so that it’s easier to blend in. Government, remember?

The کچھی backpack had to go, along with any other habits. So, no barefoot running, no teas… yeah.

No, I don’t miss it. It’s...
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posted by MafiaYJ
Babylon stood in an alley, another one, as she liked them best, breathing heavily from the incident with the Demon. Adrian had killed him quickly and easily. But he was a watcher, she was not.
She was scared, for the first time in her life, Babylon was scared to die. Ethan کہا she could possibly meet an end this way, become one of them. Never in her life, did she want to both live and die, than at this moment then.
She made sure the cape was pulled tightly around her, and walked on. She was going to hide in a church. An old one, one she knew had been left alone many years پہلے from a fire....
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OOC: oke this one shot will take place a few weeks afther the escape frome ahrkam, about 6 weeks.

Twan sat on the chouts wel Harley Quinn slowly and carfuly removed the casted frome his arm using a chisel, the cased craked open and she took it of his arm.
There آپ go kiddo the bone should have been healt سے طرف کی nowe. she کہا whit a smal smile.
Thanks Harrley, fore evryting.
My pleaser kiddo, she replied.

2 weeks later:
Twan was hiting a punsing bag, as Harley and Joker walked in.
Good news kiddo, harley کہا as she tossed him a newespaper.
I am decleard sane, i got pardond fore my crime. he کہا suprised....
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"Get your men back!" Blaze yelled as he trotted out the gateway of the abandoned maximum-security prison. The captain of the squad signaled the 50-or-so men of his betalian to retreat from the entrance. The heavily-armed soldiers positioned themselves behind the barricade of cars as the earth began to shake beneath their boots. A howl derived from Hell erupted from the dark, a first of anger and bloodlust. Blaze leapt onto the ڈاکو, ہڈ of an SUV just as the creature charged from the exit tunnel of the prison.
The monster could have been mistaken for a rhino, accept it was 11 feet long and shrouded...
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posted by Robin_Love
 Red eyes
Red eyes
“How did it work out?”
“Just as آپ predicted.”
“Good. Just keep her away from the nosy crew. Before long, it will be time.”
“Don't order me around!”
“Of course not. It was merely a suggestion.”
“Keep your patronizing for your master.”
“Testy, aren't we?”
“Keep your end and I'll keep mine. It would be a shame if ارے found her so soon. After all your hard work that is. To keep her hidden.”
His face turned to a frown.
“Yes it would.”
The knock at the door brought them to look at the solid wood. He turned back to his guest.
“You better leave.”
“Of course.”
He turned...
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posted by Punk__Heart
Name: Tristan Mistry

Alias: Rider

Age: 16

Powers: He has the ability to control a huge spirit dog which he rides as a mount (hence his alias)

Appearance: Long blonde hair, turquoise eyes, 5'10", deformed arm, well built, pale skin

Past: Tristan lived with his parents until he was twelve, and his parents abandoned him near the outskirts of town. He was taken in سے طرف کی a strange man named Eli, who he lived with until Eli forced him to face a giant spirit dog. During his battle between the spirit dog Tristan's left arm was severely injured, the spirit saw that Tristan was not his enemy after Tristan passed...
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Name: Reyna (Ray-na) Jackson
Alias: Hyde
Occupation: Translator; vigilante; student
Powers: Levitation, magnetic fields, explosive energy, “wings” that can repel radiation
Weaknesses: If she expels too much power, she will pass out. She is not invulnerable to weapons that aren't magnetic. She can only levitate herself and only for short periods of time.
History: Reyna's mother is a poacher, her dad is a scientist. She grew up in New York. Reyna was teased because of her mother's work and her dad's money. Reyna had a lonely childhood. And a hard one. Her father was mentally insane. Since her...
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posted by WingsOfDeath
*Giggles* I thought I would write this cuz I really like writing fluffffffff! *Whines* ;-;

Mel linked her arm with her brother's, smiling proudly; she had finally gotten Ciel and Jaime to go on a double تاریخ with Shane and herself.
"So, Royal Diner?"
"Oookay." Jaime pushed open the doors. He led Mel inside, Ciel and Shane followed. They sat at a window-side table. Grey tabletops greeted the young couples, as they sat on the wire backed chairs.
"Fancy." Ciel muttered, sitting beside Shane.
"The usual, Adams?"
"Yes please!" Mel beamed. "Plus a number three, and one!"
"Right on it's way." Mel giggled,...
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posted by White_Lightning
Name: Christopher Adams
Powers/skills: -No powers.....but, he is swordsman and a expert marksman.
-Field tactics
-Hand to hand combat
-Can make bombs and explosives
Past: Chris was دیا up for adoption when he was born, his parents failed to tell their later on kids that had on older sibling. Upon returning later on around the age of 21, he realized both his parents had passed. But had two remaining siblings, Brendan and Crystal.
Others: -Musically inclined!
-A lot مزید social than Fang. He's a social butterfly!
-Picks on Fang مزید than Crystal.
The group walked through the woods. Three days have passed since their "small" encounter with Chaser and the fall of Delta. A still silence was set over them since then, not one person had کہا a thing. Melissa decided it was too quiet,"Are we there yet!!?"
"Almost, we're in the Golden Highlands." Becca muttered as she continued to lead the group forward.
"What about Chaser?" Bentley growled.
"We'll face him."
"We're here."

All eyes fell on the castle. Becca scowled,"So? We تقسیم, الگ کریں into groups?"
The others nodded. She turned to them. "Okay Bloodaxe, Tesla, and Onyx stay guard outside. Nightlock...
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Some of it is Scott's perspective of Gotham city, and some is Scott's past. Enjoy~ :P

Danny looked up from the parking lot, and up towards his apartment window. Scott was perched in the window sill with his head on his knees. He walked up to the apartment and unlocked the door.
"Hey Scott, what are آپ doing here..?" Danny sat down his backpack.
"Needed a break....."
"And may I ask what?" Danny plopped down on the couch,
"Everything. Work, the cave. I'm just tired and wanted some peace." Scott looked over at his cousin. "Did I ever tell آپ the whole story?"
"That night.."

When آپ see...
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Scene 2:
"You are a good man." Barbara کہا once more, firmly. 

"Thanks, Babs." Sam کہا softly, looking into the red-head's blue eyes. Barbara returned the gaze. Sam leaned آگے and brushed a strand of hair put of her face. "You are one of the best people I have eve met in my life." Sam کہا softly. "I'm glad we're دوستوں Barbara."

The red-haired girl smiled and leaned forward, pressing her lips slightly to Sam's. Sam reached one hand into her fiery hair and pulled her closer, deepening the kiss before breaking off and standing up. "We tried this before. It didn't work out." 

"Yeah..." Barbara said, looking to the side. "Sorry."

"Me too." Sam said, slipping on his mask and jumping from the window.

Barbara took a deep breath and about a full sixty سیکنڈ before returning to her computer.
A sharp knocking came at the door. Artemis jerked awake from Wally’s shoulder and looked up. “I’ll get it babe.”

The blonde stood up and slid on the روب, چغہ she had laying over the back of the couch. Artemis walked out of the bedroom and through the living room before opening the door. A man in Bermuda shorts and a hawaiin شرٹ, قمیض stood outside the door. A low straw hat hid his features, but he was deathly pale.

“Hello,” Artemis said, somewhat nervously.

“Hello, Miss Grant.” The almost sinister voice came.

“This is Miss West.” Artemis replied.

A small chuckle. “I’m looking...
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posted by khanna266
Ari stood behind the limber dark درخت *snap* a deer
just fell into her trap she turned to it a baby deer
right in front of her...she let it free."No luck today."
she whispered to herself and then out of the bloom
right behind her was Nightwing."Dick!I hate it when آپ do that is it really neccessary?!"she asked in anger,"Actually yes it is."he answered sarcastically,
"What do آپ want Nightwing?"she asked in a sigh.
"to wish آپ a happy 16th birthday sis."he said,
"Oh,thanks."she کہا surprisingly,"I still remember this place Bruce would take us here all the time when we were kids."Dick said,
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posted by Mclovin_69
Name: Ryan Verbeck

Hero name: Red Clock

Age: 17

Personality: Ryan is very nice and hates to see people upset and always needs to help and make them feel better, he often gets along مزید with the female side.

Powers: he has the power to دکھائیں others things that happened the days back until he was born, he can also open portals ( but that involves a lot of his power so he cant usually do it often) to other times یا دکھائیں others pasts in mental links.

Gender: Male

Skills: he has some skills in hand to hand combat but hates using guns یا swords.

Appearance: for Ryan his hair is dyed black and usually has...
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posted by StrayYJ
This bio aint mine! My bro Loki was nice enough to take some of his precious time to make me an OC. She is just that awesome! I only told loki to make him have the name “Stray” and related to Catwoman somehow then he sent me this unicorn crack. Anyways enjoy this mofo’s masta piece. Also one مزید thing I have no main account because I just don’t and because of what he told me about how she isn't in the club anymore (for idk he didn't tell me) loki will have no association with the RP although I will bug her to write مضامین about this bamf as mother fucker and I might post them on...
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