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posted by khanna266
name:Lily Star'gei
Alias:short stuff
civvies:nothing special
hero suit:none
powers:hypnosis,white magic,andsuperspeed
BG story:she is Daniel's little sister and she is hoping to follow in his footsteps.Plus she has been taking gymnastics since she was little.

<3<3<3>3hope آپ liked this OC I really wanted to add alittle kid to the group.And I thought this would be the perfect idea to use as a little kid.

PS:Lily was born from a different mother so she is half russian and half German,Isn't she just the cutest thing آپ have ever seen.
 Lily waking up
Lily waking up
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posted by XxKFforeverXx
 Trystan's civvies~
Trystan's civvies~
These OC's are for writing purposed only~!

Name: Trystan West
Alias: Zeal (Hero)
Age: 16
Powers/skill: Superspeed, hand to hand combat and it able to use a staff somewhat.
Past: Trystan always grew up in the shadow of his older brother, "Why can't آپ be مزید outgoing like Wally?" Would be what his parents would always say. He was created in the same lab experiment as his uncle Barry.
Other: Trystan is extremely shy, unlike Wally.
-He hates to be compared to his older brother, someone he is not.
-He has a love for science, and is know to be better at it than Wally himself.

Name:Braylin Caverly (unknown)...
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