Anastasia Romanova II
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"Why did آپ interfere?"

The air was stifling with so many people crammed into the room. The Ruriks lined one side of the room with their matching dark hair uniting them. Facing them stood dozen of strangers in colorful clothing. They were here for the spectacle. Ana felt a drop of sweat run a path down her spine as she stared at the man sitting at the head of the room. His dark hair mixed with grey the only separation between him and his sons. Grand robes pooled around his chair on the raised platform where he presided like a judge over the room.
With the rest, Ana's eyes darted to the doors as they slammed open. In they dragged a man with hair as white as snow, but dirtied سے طرف کی blood and mud. The guards held him up سے طرف کی either arm, dragging his injured leg behind him. Ana could tell سے طرف کی the dirty bandages around his leg and chest that the Ruriks cared little for keeping his wounds clean.
"I'll keep this quick," Wilhelm Magnus began at the from of the court, silencing the room's murmurs and whispers. "We all know Aleksander Romanov's crimes against our country. He has attempted to disturb what little peace exists for the last century between the red and white armies. Aided سے طرف کی his sister, Mr. Romanov has conspired to overthrow many fellow supernaturals from their places in office."
Ana stiffened as many eyes turned to find her where she stood on the balcony in chains. She jutted out her chin and stared back in challenge. "Shouldn't your queen be here to give this sentence?" she demanded loud enough for the entire room to hear.
A rustle of movement amongst the crowd marked an uncomfortable uncertainty, and Wilhelm Magnus glared back at the reminder that he was little مزید than a military general again. "The Queen of Supernatural Russia is not well enough to be here," he remarked coolly to the crowd. "Unfortunately, the chaos that Mr. Romanov has caused forced her to lose her baby...Another grievance on this man's head." The middle-aged warlock had the audacity to sound mournful for the unborn child of his greatest opposer.
The room sobered, but the effect was most obvious on the accused. His head sagged further, his face hidden from view. His muscles tensed beneath his thin t-shirt, دکھانا his overwhelming grief to the whole room.
"As I was saying," Magnus barreled ahead before pity could develop for the man. "I think the sentencing for Aleksander and Anastasia Romanov is obvious. Death on both their heads, to protect the peace under our new queen. Any objections?"
His سوال was only met سے طرف کی silence. Aleksander's head snapped up at his sister's sentencing alongside his own. She sucked in a breath at the long gash down his face, slicing his skin from his temple to his cheek, straight through his clouded eye ball.
There was another nervous shift from the floor as the prisoner glared straight up at Magnus. Ana recognized some of the crowd as officials her brother had moved around like pawns on a chessboard in order to help the queen get her seat. And she had helped him manipulate these men and women every step of the way.
Despite the siblings' rulings, Queen Hailey would rule from a new throne, with just enough power over the supernatural to reign-in power-hungry threats to peace such as Magnus, but not enough power to frighten the delicate human leaders. No such position had ever existed in any country, due to the compliance it took to unite all supernatural beings under one ruler. But Aleksander had wanted it, to protect all of their people, and Ana had spent time fighting him for the ridiculous idea. But here they were, in a room full of people who before would have killed one another on the spot. Queen Hailey Romanov had won enough love not to be damned with Aleksander and Anastasia. Even in the back stood a trio of white haired shape-shifters; close relatives to the prisoner who remained silent in the face of his sentence. They too were Ruriks, cousins to Aleksander's mother, but here blood was nothing to water.
"Good. The executions will be carried out tomorrow evening. Tonight, we celebrate a new era of peace." Magnus clapped his hands once in finality. Aleksander looked back at his sister as he was dragged out, and when their eyes met, she gave him her bravest smile. This fight was not over yet.
Aleksander Rurik-Romanov
Queen Hailey of Supernatural Russia