Hey... It's me Khanna. It feels weird calling myself that now. Hehe. Um, it's been so long since I've been on here. I don't know if many of آپ remember me, but I remember آپ guys. At least the older members that is. I remember when I used to talk to آپ guys for hours and hours. RPing, chatting and who knows what else. This club, this place, it means a lot to me. آپ guys have دیا me so many good memories and I'll cherish them forever. I feel so nostalgic right now just typing this. It's so weird how much we grow as people. I've been making مزید art than ever in these past two to three years, and I'm (hopefully) going to college اگلے semester. It feels so strange. When I first got on Fanpop I was like 12. Wow. I'm fucking NINETEEN now guys. That's huge. I feel so weird right now, but that's not why I'm typing this right now. I wanna say thank آپ to everyone on here who gave me some of the best years in life. Y'know I had like no دوستوں in middle school except for آپ guys. This place was like an escape for me. A whole other world to be honest.

Times have changed so much since then. I finally came to terms with my sexuality once I entered high school, and now I'm مزید proud than ever. I'm not gonna go into full detail on what's been going on in my life. I just wanna give a sincere thank آپ and say I love you.

Ari: I love آپ guys too! Damn, Kamryn doesn't even use me anymore. They've forgotten all about me and the other OC's.

Daniel: *Eating a cookie* Yeah, she has her own characters that are completely non پرستار oriented now.

Lily: I'm probably twelve now right? If so, then آپ missed out on all my cuteness Kam! How dare you!?

Daniel: Yeah Kam *both him and LIly stick their tongues out at me.*

Forget them. They're just cranky. Anyways, thank آپ again for everything guys. آپ mean so much to me. <3