Name: Ena Sikora
Alias: Viveka
Powers/Abilities: dance fighting, flight, hand to hand combat
History: Ena grew up with her parents, her father being a millionaire. Her mother was nurturing and her best friend until the tragic accident tore them apart. With her mother gone, Ena became alone in her father’s house. Teased and bullied because of her father’s power, Ena was alone in the world. She threw herself into her dancing, focusing only on her moves and not the people who sought to bring her down. As Viveka, she became a beacon of hope to her city of Central. She was later approached سے طرف کی Nigtwing who recruited her for the team. Despite the kindness, Ena remains on guard and wary of people who seek to use and abuse her.
Notes:Ena enjoys dancing مزید than anything else, and feels connected to her mother مزید when she dances. Her پسندیدہ is the سوان, ہنس Lake ballet. It was the last one she saw with her mother before she passed. Ena suffered some minor wounds in an accident that damaged her hip, but she decided to press on. She is skilled in many forms of dance including, but not limited to, ballet, hip hop, ballroom, waltz, and swing.