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posted by WonderYJ
Name: Glass Shimmer

Alias: Wonder

Affiliation: Hero

Marital Status:Single, straight

Personality: bubbly, happy, loyal, honorable, innocent, devoting, loving, passionate, holds grudged, serious when the time comes

Age: 17

Occupation: part time waitress

Appearance: Black hair, well built, blue eyes, pale light skin

Powers: can rearrange the atomic and molecular structure of inorganic matter, cast illusions, sonic scream, super strength, flight, her body can become delicate glass, and is covered in textile that is charged with static electricity.

Background: from Earth 3, Glass bares the mantle of Wonder,...
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posted by Robin_Love
Isn't he a cutie~? :3

Name: Macrucio
Alias: Marc
Occupation: healer
Powers: No powers but, as of test results, an unlimited intelligence to the realm of healing and a few defensive magic spells
History:Marc has many pasts. He first lived in the time of the Plague. He's soul has been regenerated into a new body each time he dies. His intelligence is above average but he still attends a school in order to give a normal appearance. He sometimes forgets that not every human lived in the many centuries he did and speaks in different tongues of Old English. He was able to learn a few simple spells and...
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posted by SilverWings13
Titanium’s form was rigid as he stood of the deck of the speed-boat. But the freezing ocean water soaking his ivory hair, dripping from the bleach-white wetsuit, may not have been the ذریعہ of the quiver in his form, his back turned to the leading squad members. Jace and Ivara had been ordered bellow deck to change and conduct injuries checks so that the “adults could have a chat”.
“What are آپ doing here, Ti?” Blaze asked once the elder boys were alone.
“I took a visit to headquarters,” the Russian answered without turning, an unusual tightness in his voice. “I took notice...
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Name: Atticus Unknown

Relations: Unknown

Alias: Atti

Occupation: Unknown

Race: Human.. most believe. Some say he's a ghost.

Age: Most suspect he's 17.

Personality: He is very quiet and often جوابات in grunts and usually doesn't take too well to people. Atticus, prefers being alone and isolated, and unbothered سے طرف کی pesky fledglings,

Appearance: Many don't know what he looks like, for he always wears a mask. Though it is believed he has icy blue eyes, that can freeze آپ from the inside. The only thing they do know is his white hair and pale skin.

Powers: His powers are Ice, and invisibility.

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posted by Robin_Love
 Terror's "true" form
Terror's "true" form
He dusted the dirt off him as he stood.
“Well this certainly isn't New York,” she muttered.
“Welcome to Oz, Dorothy.”
She sighed as they took in the sight before them. The houses were rundown brick buildings about two stories high. Some were small huts of mud and hay. The سٹریٹ, گلی was dirt that turned to stone the farther up آپ went. Buildings of different styles crowded in to what could be the center of a town filled with all kinds of different creatures.
“Well Toto, shall we find the witch یا look for the flying monkeys?”
He grinned at her and the two stepped into the gate surrounding...
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posted by BladeYJ
 Thought it was cool since Blade's middle name is Serenity.
Thought it was cool since Blade's middle name is Serenity.
The blood lit sky showered over the large mansion as the sun began to set. Light lit up my room as I sat on the بستر peering at the many, many, many trees surrounded this desolate prison that held me. It had been only one دن here.... yet it felt like I'd been locked in here forever! I had to escape and only a few hours kept me from making my journey to tell Terror goodbye.

Why did I have to be stuck here? Why me!?

Tears formed in my eyes, reflecting the dimming light of dusk. I gathered myself, and smoothed out the dark red dress. Swiftly, I pushed away the blonde strand of hair in my face and...
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posted by Robin_Love
Hands moved the hair out of her face and a smile came to her lips. She opened her eyes and the smile died from her face when she saw who it was. He just gave a little smile as he watched her sit up in bed. She ignored his presence and moved into the spacious closet to change.
“Well good morning to آپ too.”
“What do آپ want?”
“You already know.”
“I'll have your head on a platter.”
He laughed slightly and moved the hair out of his dark eyes.
“Would آپ like me to say it?”
“No. Not that آپ care.”
“True. What I want is you. Your power. That thing inside of آپ that keeps you...
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posted by SilverWings13
Jace had just retrieved Seeker from the ballroom when the first bombs went off. The spheres were but black shadows floating down into the even blacker depths. But when they exploded, the dark was lit up سے طرف کی five pricks of green-yellow fire. The combined force created an audible BAM! in the muted water.
A wide eyes Jace scrambled back, bumping into his Superior. Though the explosives had gone off too far above to do much damage, the threat was clear. The creatures of the depths had taken flight at the sudden disturbance, and now all was still.
Seeker ushered Jace into the ship, attempting at cover....
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posted by SilverWings13
Knowing she should be helpful in the sense the Superiors had had in tasking her with her particular task, Ivara activated her ability. It only took a blink of her cream-orange eyes to switch on the Sight. The dark around her became illuminated in a collage of colors. The life force of the invading plant in a green glow, the fiery red of the male at her side, a hint of inanimate yellow where the aluminum walls still remained untouched combined to create the image of an artist’s paint pallet. The only negative was the steel grey haze in the air that alerted of a dark event that had taken place,...
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posted by Robin_Love
“Hey I found something.”
He looked over to her as she made her way over. Her eyes were determined, the dark eyes seeming to be black rather than brown.
“What is it? A clue?” she asked.
He shook his head, crouching.
“No. It's a door.”
“What kind of door?”
“Portal, temporary, and مزید than likely the use of it will be one-way. We'd have to get back ourselves. No other doors.”
“Does it lead to our mysterious kidnapper?”
“No. But it does give us a lead. And it shouldn't be too hard to find out where the other portal is.”
“It's our only lead. Just one door.”
“Well we know...
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posted by BladeYJ
((SO.... Yup.. sOm dante x booker.. love it hate IDC XD I enjoyed writing this so much.. Like آپ don't even UNDERSTAND! ;DDDD So now this series is two 1/2 seperate stories.
1)Blade's predicament -1st person-
2)Terror, Ty, Bec and some other OC's -3rd Person-
1/2) SOme Booker and Danter action -3rd person *FORNOW*- SO yup continue pliz))


After he left Blade and Damian to talk, یا argue, یا whatever, Dante headed toward his quarters. The long dark hall echoed his slow footsteps as he trailed down it. Stopping at his dark wooden door, a soft thud sounded his forehead hitting the mahogany. Soon,...
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posted by Robin_Love
I swear this could last forever. XD I could take this and do it SO many ways. But since it's Tara, I'll do the more...unexpected way.

She stared at him, the beating of his دل strong under her hand. She looked back down at the diary in her hand, head shaking slightly. Then she giggled. Her giggle turned into laughter; not cruel یا bitter, but instead being joyful noise.
Her laughter took him سے طرف کی surprise and she pulled her hand free just long enough to اقدام the hair out of her face. She turned back to him with a smile. His blank stare had twisted to surprise. She laughed just a bit as she stood....
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posted by 221B-Baker
Greetings, dearies. I've come to find there are already Sherlock based OCs, so I'll just give آپ this little trouble maker. Ready? Read on!

This little Charrie goes سے طرف کی the name "Lucia Leighton". Blonde curls, مرکت, ایمرلڈ eyes and small build give her a supermodel look, minus the snobbishness and starving herself; she often eats like an elephant. She's a peppy, not-afraid-to-get-her-hands-dirty type of girl, full of enthusiasm and speeches to get آپ through any tough time. This young lady is, agile, flexible, and full of energy. Human -no powers here-, but her familiarization with technology -because...
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posted by Robin_Love
 Surprise kiss
Surprise kiss
She sat under the shade of the tree, a book on her lap. The waves sounded distant as her eyes moved over the pages. A wind tossed her blue hair into her eyes and she moved it away distractedly. She heard a squeak and looked up just in time to be squeezed in two strong arms.
The voice was soft and pleased, instantly bringing a soft smile to her face. Her hands quickly went into the habit of signing to him.
“Hello Myers.”
She saw a smile light his face and he sat up, moving beside her. His arms pulled her close and she leaned against him, hearing the distinct purr in his voice.
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"Or what, sissy? آپ gonna stop me and the gang from messin' up the kid's face here?" The three other boys smirked as they knew they had the number advantage. But the girl also gave a tiny smirk. "Yeah, I think I will."

The pack laughed.

"You-you've got to be kidding! Hahaha!" Billy managed to get out as he laughed. "You and what army? Ahahahaha!" But she continued to give them a smirk. "Well..."


As if on cue, a blur rushed out from behind a bush, its target Billy. Before he could even register what the blur was, the boy slammed his elbow into Billy's face, sending him to the dirt. The...
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posted by Hot_ShotYJ
Part 1: آپ Were far Too Young

Everything about him that had once existed, his personality, his emotions, they were gone. He was an empty shell, but مزید like the devil in human form. And there was one thing he craved for. Revenge. And though Sebastienne doesn’t know him yet he was sure she would bleed for him, she has to. After all, he’s family.

He wants revenge on his brother, who happens to be Sebastienne’s father, for almost leaving him to die. And besides, what better way to get back on the Justice League team that had once came after him, سے طرف کی having their former friend be the one...
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posted by SilverWings13
This has got to be the cheesiest thing I've ever written. But cheesy is just the right word to describe my Russian boy, so it fits ;P

Frozen in shock, Alek watched as Tara's eyes trailed from his stunned expression to the diary in his hand. Alek scrambled for an explanation, but the words tripped over each other and fell off the ends of the Earth. He stayed still as she reached across the comforter and took the notebook from his open hands. The two sat in silence on either side of the bed, one staring helplessly at the other's back as she faced away.
"I... It wasn’t my intention... This isn't..."...
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This is a part 1 of 2 only IF Sil wants to continue it. If not, enjoy this one~shot!!!!!!

He slipped into the barely open door, looking around. The afternoon light filtered through the room. Her floor was clean, but the small amount of clutter on the ڈیسک and dresser made him smile at the familiarity. The girl he was looking for was sprawled on the bed, asleep. A book and pen lay open beside her, forgotten as dreams filled her sleep. He shook his head a little, smiling at how simple she was in sleep yet so alive with emotions. He capped the pen and placed it on the desk.
He sat down on the bed...
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The young blonde boy stared at the ground, wallowing in his depression, as the kids around him played games with each other, leaving him alone on the empty سوئنگ, جھول sets. For as long as he knew, the other kids shunned him, called him names, and stayed away from the blonde kid known as Satan's son. For مزید than 8 years, he's experienced it all.

"Get away from me, آپ demon!"

"You don't belong here, یا anywhere!"


A group of boys began carefully approaching him, but he continued to watch the ground. The one in front spoke first. "Hey, freak."

No reply.

"What, someone cut your tongue out for being...
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posted by Robin_Love
 Nothing to do with the article, but it's cute~!
Nothing to do with the article, but it's cute~!
She sat on the سب, سب سے اوپر of the mountain, looking at the sun's amber rays against the dusty rose sky. She slowed her heavy breathing. Every part of her hurt, but she had wanted to get a good view of the silver moon as it rose. The crescent sliver was to appear in a few moments.
She could see for miles up here and enjoyed the way the wind cooled her down; the climb was well worth her pain. She made herself comfortable and waited. منٹ later, she heard a noise behind her. She didn't move, hearing مزید than one warning. But she knew she was safe. If someone had attacked them, she'd have been the...
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