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((Rene has some سوالات that she would like آپ all to answer...))


((Calm down girl...))


1)    If آپ had to choose between riding on a قوس قزح یا delivering rainbows, and why?

2)    When is someone going to go ہاتھی riding with me?

3)    Would آپ rather live in a giant pumpkin, یا eat a giant pumpkin?...
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posted by HarmonianYJ
Mel laid in her bed, unable to sleep, because of the angel statue on the window sill. It gave her an eerie feeling, almost as if a demon was lurking in the angel's eyes. She pulled the تکیا over her head, hoping it would go away. The phone beside her بستر began to rang. Only greeted سے طرف کی a dropped stomach, she curled up, gripping the pillow. She blocked out the noise, able to fall asleep.


The covers were pulled over the small body, and the تکیا rested beneath her head. She couldn't sleep. She could only hope nothing would...
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posted by WingsOfDeath
*Shrugs* Something to read.

Ciel sat in the small cave, reading the small words engraved in the wall.

Amongst the flesh of the sacred gem, مزید scars and wounds she ever needed... She wore them with pride, claiming the blood on her enemies hands.
Swords she holds cut her deeply, but have also healed her wounds, gliding through the air, wounding everything that would lay a claw on her.
A courageous young soul, her mind corrupted at a young age.
Ebony hair grew long, vines entangling with one likes spirits, whispering to each other.
Emerald eyes that could unlock your secrets through any barrier...
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posted by Robin_Love
Just a little mini-series. This first part is based on the return. Read and you'll understand. ((Assuming he doesn't die)) Ignore her. Becca has no clue what she's talking about.

He knocked softly on her door, دل beating quickly. It had been a little over an گھنٹہ since he and his partner had returned to the base. She hadn't come out during that time, and he really wanted to see her. But he had forced himself to politely answer سوالات and talk to those that greeted the two when they had returned. Now he had finally managed to slip away and anticipated her reaction. He knocked a little louder...
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posted by Robin_Love
He paced back and forth in his room. He couldn't sleep, couldn't eat, knowing that Tara was in the hands of a relentless murderer. He racked his brain for any kind of solution, any plan. But he didn't even know where she had been taken.
He had to figure that out first. Alek moved to his desk, scanning every piece of weaponry and equipment. His eyes fell on a small box. It could fit in his palm, round with a latched top. It was only about two inches tall, an inch deep. It wasn't very heavy despite the authentic silver rim and latches.
The box itself was a navy blue velvet. It looked like it...
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Drumroll’s my brand-new series, CHASING SHADOWS!!!! Hopefully this one won’t get abandoned.. Ahahahaha you’re gonna hate me for this! *runs and hides*

She was in the third bed, sitting up propped on her good elbow, the other arm in a گوفن, جھلانا resting on her chest. She gave a faint smile as he approached the only occupied infirmary bed, her soft turquoise eyes meeting his icy gray ones. “How are آپ feeling?” he asked, perching himself on the edge of the bed.
    “Better,” she said. She slid closer to him, her face serious. She sighed, resting her head...
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posted by Blitz359
Upon reentering the boat, Richi and Aryess could still hear the bickering of the "team" of who should be the leader. Sighing once more, Richi snapped his fingers, and black hands emerged from the walls of the کیبن and shut the mouths of everyone who was talking. As if it were rehearsed, almost everyone shifted their eyes over to Richi to glare at him. He snapped his fingers again, and released his now-silent teammates. "Before we spend the rest of the دن arguing," he began, "shall we head to Georgia first?" After some grumbling, مزید arguing, and almost burning to death, they all consented....
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posted by XxKFforeverXx
 Adam! :3
Adam! :3
ONLY because I went out and cleared out my OCS, like.....4 یا 5. He's my last..unless I go through and have a deleting spree. But thanks Rae for help with the name..even though I already told آپ :P

Name: Adam Brown
Powers: -Can create a mini avatar of himself
-Hand to hand combat
-Field tatics
Avatar: Adams avatar is دیا the ability to touch corporeal objects. Because avatars are many times stronger than humans, Adam can help the people perform tasks that would normally require the strength of many people. The flip side to this "special ability" is the "feedback",...
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posted by Robin_Love
 Canary's Cage
Canary's Cage
This will answer one of the سوالات that was asked.

{This will be Devin's point of view.}

People always see Angels as perfect, free of all pain and worry. They have no clue how wrong they are. Angels are only a shred of the perfection of Heaven. Not all of us sing یا play harps. Not all of us have perfect white wings. Not all of us have fair hair. They're are thousands of Angels. Each has a story, some have scars, and few have enemies. Rarely would an Angel have experienced all three.
I am one of those rare ones. And I'm even مزید rare. Because it's near impossible for Angels to find that perfect...
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 " dark scary place"
" dark scary place"
(( Flash Back ))

A storm outside was brewing blowing through the trees, threatening to knock them down furiously. He sat on the floor flipping through a picture book, she smiled down at him as she looked back down at the words in her book. He let out a giggle reading the small sentences in his book, she laughed a bit with him still staring down at her book as the rain poured outside with small crashes. She jumped and gasped when a loud crash of thunder echoed through the house hearing a scream, she felt the bottom of the blanket she was under lift and pull down, she looked seeing the book sitting...
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posted by SilverWings13
The troop of teens walked on in silence, thinking over the scene of the interrogation in his یا her own way. Nic hung to the back, watching Richi carefully with distrust and caution. The others walked in pairs- Vika and Alek, Valeriya and Scotch, Aryess and Richi.
"We should go somewhere محفوظ to discuss our plans," Val کہا as they waited for the light to change at an intersection.
"We have plans?" Nic murmured.
"Yeah, the house," Richi said, ignoring the fire-caster.
"No!" Vika exclaimed, causing the others to give her perplexed looks. "I mean, if my papa hears what happened, he'll never let...
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posted by TheLegacy
Name: Alana "Legacy" McKenzie

Age: About to be 15 but is actually one year

Appearance: Shoulder length black hair. Pale skin black eyes.

Personality: straightforward, acts in a snap. Offensive and defensive. Loving and likes to have fun

Powers: Controls water and fire. Flight سے طرف کی wings. Shape shift to بھیڑیا and Tiger.

Uses: Guns, Swords. Hand to hand combat.


Abandoned at Imperial Church, Alana was left with a growth serum, a note from her mother, and a picture of her mother.
The sisters of the IC took her in, and did like the note said.Once Alana was about to turn one she was دیا the serum, and she jumped ages quickly.
The note کہا that she was her mother's legacy.
And the note told her to to find the boy with white hair to explain to her what she must know.

((She is the daughter of two former YJ members.
Her grandparents are from her mothers side that created JLA.

Take your guesses.))
posted by Robin_Love
 Not at all important in this part. Felt like I needed a pic though
Not at all important in this part. Felt like I needed a pic though
The knock sounded on her door, just as she expected. She didn't اقدام to open it, returning to putting her stuff in hidden spots. She wasn't surprised when he was suddenly leaning against the wall. She just kept busy.
“Welcome home.”
Tara made no response یا sign that she even heard him. She just went on with putting away the clothes she would re-pack later on. He grabbed her arm, forcing her to stop. She looked at him blankly.
“You know آپ did the right thing coming here. Don't act like I forced you.”
Tara nodded, choosing to ignore that last comment.
“Get ready. I'll meet آپ in ten...
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posted by MercyYJ
I'm to HYPER to switch accounts!!!!!!!!!!!

NAME: Spin-- Get it? Since spiders SPIN webs? Yeah...

SECRET IDENTITY: (Not known to team- except Batman, since he knows everything) Hailey King

-Enhanced strength and agility
-Hand to hand and agility combat

-Extremely cocky
-Secretive; What would آپ expect? She cares about her non-hero life!
-A bit of a hot-head

AGE: 17

-Short blonde hair
-Blue eyes
-Agile build
-5' 7"

-Black leggings
-Long turquoise blouse
-Ed Hardy rain boots

Ummmm..... I still have...
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posted by InfinityYJ
Okay, so most of these were made up when I first made Fin, but then the rest I just made up today with help because I'm an idiot and wanted 13 reasons why Fin's lucky number is 13. Because, آپ know, سال 2013.. *shrug* Idk man some of these are really weird but they're all damn true.
[Remember that I was only like 12 when I first made Fin.]

1. She was born 13 منٹ after Robin

2. Born on the 13th stop on the (circus) tour

3. 13 stuffed animals she slept with

4. 13 hours awake everyday

5. 13 when (first) she died

6. She dies every 13 years

7. 13 reincarnate form of the phoenix (don't got a clue...
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posted by The_Writer
Name: Rose Walker
Code-name: Vendicta
Age (as of DWF): 24
Height: 5' 7"
Weight: 121 lb.
Hair: Choppy, short red with occasional گلابی streaks.
Eyes: Green
Attitude: Girly girl, fashionable, flirty
Important Facts: Her father was formerly Governor of New York until Rose was 16, moved to Minnesota and became Governor there.
Civilian Clothing: گلابی tank-top, leather trench-coat, jeans یا leather pants.
Hero Clothing: Black skin-tight pants, Purple boots, گلابی سب, سب سے اوپر with black highlights, black sleeves, گلابی elbow length gloves. گلابی half-domino mask.
"Powers": Flight, pyrokinetic, strength, varying invulnerability...
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posted by Robin_Love
It was too funny to keep to myself!!!! XD And it is based off of a different fanfic from someone else on so yeah! ENJOY~!

“I'm going to put this simply for both of you. Hurt my son”-there was a pointed look at Ciel-“or my daughter,”-a pointed look at Shane this time “and I will break you. Understand?”
Both nodded their heads swiftly. With an almost evil smile, Fang stood up.
“Glad to talk with you.”
The other boys started to slowly back out of the room.
“Before آپ go, my wife wished to speak with آپ both. I believe she's in the kitchen.”
Again, both boys nodded....
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Of course, this is about Shane. So anything in 1st P.O.V. Is Shane, unless I say so differently.

I have some really bad secrets to share with someone, so it might as well be you-a stranger, a dear reader. But why am I telling آپ this? Because آپ cannot hurt me. So here goes nothing, یا maybe everything? I can't really tell a difference anymore. 

     The night of my parents death was cold, snowy and a long one. I can remember hearing my older brother, Peter, screaming, as our parents were taken down in black slick body bags. 
"Our parents were vile! But they didn't deserve to be taken...
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posted by Kurls_Basd
"How’d she done?"Asked Green Arrow, as Robin, Cyrus, Shade, Gravityboy and Artemis walked in the briefing room.
"She did okay," answered Artemis, with a slight smile.

"Admit it Artemis the girl did great," Gravityboy کہا with a small smirk on his face looking at his fiancee who narrowed her eyes at him, "OK so she disobeyed a tiny instruction, big deal it wouldn't kill," him continued.

"Luke." Artemis said.
"I don't think that's why Artemis isn't giving her the credit," Robin کہا irrupting Artemis, "Did آپ see how far the arrow when, I mean Artemis' arrows had never flew that far in the air...
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posted by ScarletYJ
This is what happened in a creepy dream I had last night

Warning there's going to be gore in this story, read at your own risk

Scarlet's eyes slowly fluttered open as she laid on what felt like a cold floor. She quickly jolted upright looking around at the never-ending darkness she had woke up in. She stood up trying to use her powers, with no success.

"Scarlet!" she turned as she heard her name not seeing anything but the darkness.

"Mom, is that you, where are you?" she shouted back, she didn't know how it could be her mother. She ran desperately towards where she had heard the voice. She slipped...
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