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posted by InfinityYJ
Brennan broke off the call with the team, turning to Joker. “Make it believable. We want them to think that’s actually her.”
The madman grinned. “I’ll do my very worst!”
Brennan rolled his eyes and walked out. “Idiot,” he muttered, walking out to another room. “Good thing I have that program.. incredible likeness to the real thing.”
Fin woke up to an indescribably strange situation. She sat in a large chair, one that towered over nearly the whole room. The room itself had little to no light, shadows dancing on the edges of the walls. She tugged at her arms, and found...
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posted by BladeYJ
Rookies, Guns, and Drums

"Aisling correct?" Sarge questioned her.
"Yeah? What will I be doing? Shooting? Killing!?!" She smiled.
"Uhhh here take this gun and shoot that target ahead."
Aisling grabbed the gun and fiddled with it,"Sarge?"

Aisling pointed at the target and pulled the trigger but Nothing happened.
"It won't shoot"
"Are! You! Stupid! Soldier!?" Sarge pressed a button on the gun,"Safety was on.."
"Riiiightt! Safety..." Aisling aimed the gun and shot six times and missed.
"Soldier...." Sarge growled.
"SHHHH! I got This!" She aimed again and...
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The Watchtower
June 4, 18:02 EST

“Sorry I’m late!” Flash said, speeding into the room and sitting down at the table.

“As long as you’re here.” Batman said. Everyone in the room was totally surprised.

“Well, we’re all here. What is it?” Superman asked.

“We’re not all here.” Batman said. “Not yet.”

The zeta tubes buzzed to life. “Recognized: Nightwing, B-01.”

Nightwing waked into the room and nodded at the Justice League members seriously.

“Grow up not like Bruce.” Wonder Woman muttered.

Nightwing took one of the empty seats at the table. Batman spoke up.

“There’s a تل, مول on the Team.”

“Again?!” Nightwing exclaimed.

“But this time, I’m confident who it is.”

The Justice League was startled. “Who?”

“Red Revenge.” Batman said, pulling up a holo-computer of the Black Hero.
posted by InfinityYJ
M’gann switched the T.V. off after awhile, going back to the کوکیز she’d left. Kaldur had gone back to Atlantis, while Nathan had convinced Wally into a game of air hockey. Artemis was chatting up with the teenage martian in the باورچی خانے, باورچی خانہ about the teens they’d all just seen. M’gann couldn’t seem to stop gushing about the girls’ dresses, while Artemis was finding parts of the interviews to criticize, whether it be Dick’s جیکٹ hem یا Danna’s hairstyle.
Robin had gone down the hall to check out if Delta was ready to go ہوم yet, considering they had a fundraiser to go to that...
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posted by MercyYJ

She stared at the faintly glowing symbol on her wrist, the pain slowly increasing along with the visibility of the mark.
"Only Maura, Karas, Carter, Kyle, and Gavin?"
"The only ones we're missing, yeah."
"Well, how much longer?"

Boulder, Colorado:

She snuck up behind him, the smallest smirk plastered on her face. "Got you!" She squealed and wrapped her arms around his broad shoulders.
He laughed, tilting his head up to allow her to peck lovingly at his forehead. There were 3 یا 4 مزید سیکنڈ of giggles before there was a small tap on the window in front of them, causing...
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Cassie jumped as a hand landed on her shoulder. She spun around to find Samuel Grant standing there.

“You.” Cassie growled.

“Cassie, I’m—“

“Don’t آپ dare say you’re sorry!” Cassie yelled. “You’re the reason he’s dead!”

Revenge stood there and took the brunt of Cassie’s blow. He listened as Cassie continued to yell at him.

“You had the chance to stop Ravager! آپ had the chance to stop his killer! Once and for all!”

“Heroes don’t kill.” Red Revenge said.

“But you’re not a hero.” Cassie کہا in a cold tone Revenge had never heard from the girl before. “You’ve...
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posted by AislingYJ
 Matrix 'Stume
Matrix 'Stume
PLEASE don’t kill me. Since I basically deleted all my OCs except Aisling (the Castaways might eventually get an never know) and Jackson’s gone, I wanted a RP-ing guy.
Name: Hayden Smythe
Hero Name: Matrix
Age: 16
Appearance: about 6’1”, muscular build, slightly tan skin, shaggy dirty blonde/light brown hair, blue-gray eyes
Civvies: See pic
‘Stume: Basically his civvies, but slightly modified (see pic)
Personality: quiet, down-to-earth, hostile at first, hot-tempered, has some trust issues, tough outer shell, a good liar, mysterious, rebellious
Powers: none
Skills: deception and manipulation, escape artist, lock picking, hacking, escaping from things, etc.
Weapons: mostly martial arts, but he’ll use whatever he can get his hands on, handy with tools
Bio: Hayden refuses to reveal his past. ((Mostly cuz I really don’t wanna figure it out right’ll come. Eventually.))
 Hayden civvies (ignore the hair spikiness)
Hayden civvies (ignore the hair spikiness)
 Random Hayden!
Random Hayden!
posted by InfinityYJ
Earlier that week everything had been perfectly normal. Fin, Delta, and Robin were relaxing on the couch, flipping through channels (Connor was not pleased that they’d fixed the static--he’d disappeared into his room some time پہلے complaining about his پسندیدہ show.) M’gann was in the kitchen, Artemis was sitting on the counter. Wally was eating the burnt کوکیز that M’gann had pulled out some time ago, and Kaldur was sparring with Nathan in the main room.
Fin’s hand began to go even faster, smoke coming off the remote as she sped up to a Wally-like pace. The T.V. couldn’t keep...
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posted by Robin_Love
Had him in my head for a few months. Just now wrote him up. Yay me! XD

Name: Satsuriku Kuran
Alias: None
Occupation: the Dark Prince; Full-blood Vampire
Powers:faster than light, strength, “kiss” of death, people speaking, super senses, endurance, excellence in fighting-with یا with out weapons
History: Satsuriku was raised as the prince of Vampires, strongest creature there is. His parents died when he was eight (in human years). He became ruler of the Vampires. He was cursed سے طرف کی a witch with the power to steal souls; the “kiss of death”. He travels often, his band of vampires faithful to...
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New York City
May 3, 22:09 EST


“Are we in position, Draxx?” Revenge whispered.

“Yes. All positions secure.”


“Are آپ sure Grant won’t mind us doing this?” Draxx asked. “I mean this is his company.”

“What Grant doesn’t know, won’t hurt him.”

“That’s usually not true.”

Red Revenge laughed.

It took almost two hours for the assassin to appear. She slipped stealthily among the shadows.

“Target spotted.” Revenge said, picking up his gun and aiming it squarely at the feminine figure.

“On your signal.” Draxx radioed over.

Revenge aimed the sights, lined up the crosshairs, and pulled the trigger. The assassin began to scale the building.

“Now.” Revenge said, leaping from the roof of his company at the same minute.
posted by SilverWings13
"15 minutes" a voice crackled through the speakers mounted in the corners of the arena.
"Damn it!" Aryess exclaimed. She threw back her ڈاکو, ہڈ to allow the cool air conditioning to cool the sweat sliding down her face.
"Your rate is fine," Emily کہا through the speakers from the viewing room above.
"You matched mine," Alek muttered barely loud enough for her to hear through the sound waves.
The teenager standing in the center of the arena glanced up to the long window above. The four other members stood above, all wearing similar and completely different expressions.
Emily tried to give the younger...
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posted by CoaxochYJ
Cuz most people dont know....

Ciel's POV

I crouched in the vent. Watching every اقدام of the slender girl. In the cave, alot of people thought, Mel was, a little girl, one who needed protection. Boy were they wrong. I watched her sit on the سوفی, لٹانا with her casted arm, typing on her laptop with her good one, her left one. She put in her white earbuds. She nodded to the beat. Nod, nod, pause, nod. Mental note that. I crawled around in the vents, to another grate. آپ know how many broken arms she gets from being beat up? She says its from beating up Erasers. Pfft. Big, fat, lie. Exactly 21. She heals...
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posted by The_Writer
New York
January 17, 02:34 EST


Red Revenge balanced carefully on the beam. Any movement یا noise would reveal his location and ruin what he was working on.

"Positions?" he asked quietly.

"Emerald, here."

"Nightress, here."


The Black Hero continued to پرچ as the drug lords filed in from below him. Then in came the assassin. Red Revenge couldn't see his face یا any feature of him.

The assassin was dressed in sandy robes and a turban. Medical bandages covered his face leaving a slit for his eyes. Two scythes were on the man's back and Revenge noted several...
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posted by InfinityYJ
BAH... Another one-shot... Fluff, kinda to get the oblivious people مزید aware of this.. :D
I hope I nailed Epsilon right. *shrug* oh well.

Fin stumbled back, running into another form behind her. She didn’t have to glance back to see who it was she’d run into. “You doin’ alright, Ep?”
“Fine,” the shifter grinned, smacking another guard away. “You have quite a history with these guys.”
“Eyup. I hate them, they hate me. Feelings are mutual between us.” She lit her hands on آگ کے, آگ and blasted a couple of them away. “But these guys.. they seem different. They’re better fighters...
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posted by InfinityYJ
BAH. I'm working on Living Remains, I swear, but I was pressured into posting this.
Rated PG-13 for gore and over-description.
Kind of AU-ish, where Nathan Stone is real and not Ryan Zucco, but not dating Fin. At all. :D

The linoleum tiles were splattered with a crimson liquid, and Dick could've sworn it was taunting him. Some of it was just random splashes of coppery scented color against the pale walls, most of it was in patterns and words. Widened grins of a crazed madman were prominent, Bruce noted dutifully, but some were crude letters scribbled with a finger. Among these were "help," "pain,"...
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posted by SilverWings13
Aryess trudged into her room, threw her heavy backpack on the floor, and flopped facedown onto her bed. School had sucked and nothing exciting had happened in the past 24 hours. Even if it was jinxing it, the teenager wished something would just HAPPEN.
Suddenly, the door to her room was flung open. Ary didn't have the دل to jump in surprise یا even react when something soft hit her head.
"SilverWings!" Alek کہا in a sing-song voice from the doorway. She answered with a groan into her comforter.
"Fine, be that way," her partner said, "Guess I'll just tell Blaze آپ aren't up for tonight."...
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posted by InfinityYJ
Five years. Mini-Mel and grown up Kenz. :3

Fin walked into the cave, defeated, the black and yellow of her cape ruffling out from behind her. Two. Two team members in one night. And that wasn’t even the worst of it. She ignored Nightwing’s pleading calls, Longshot’s silent mutters of “It wasn’t possible.” Not even Conner’s blind rage یا M’gann’s soft sobs could deter her. Not until she got to her room.
When she did manage to get there, the mask was off in an instant and Kenzie fell to her bed, silent tears beginning to stream down her face. She curled up, throwing off the glove...
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posted by Hot_ShotYJ
 Image credit: Adonihs
Image credit: Adonihs
Name: Sebastienne Bellerose Moran

Alias: Hot Shot

Occupation: Assassin, professional sniper, black بیلٹ, پٹی martial artist.

Appearance: Long and light brown hair but sometimes dyes it black for disguises, icy blue eyes, tall.

Personality: Loud, out going, kind, serious, can be aggressive very easily, caring, loyal.

Power: She heals but not rapidly, it is possible for her to die (obviously), and she age like normal people (also obviously) . She can also heal others as well but can’t bring them back to life.

Weapons: Rifle, two hand guns, knives, explosives.

Hero outfit: Black T shirt, black or...
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posted by FangYJ
               That's all Fang felt when he opened his eyes to blinding lights. He shifted around, noticing the cuts that were across his face, including the one that stretched from his left eye and the way down past his lips. His hair was stuck together in the back from all the blood. Fang coughed and wincing from feeling his newly cracked ribs, he looked to the right staring at a IV drip that was in his arm.
"Nyah, wha?" Fang managed to croak out.
"Don't strain yourself." A woman in a labcoat re-adjusted the restraint around Fangs wrist. 
"No no dearie. You're in Dr....
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posted by MidnightYJ
((Too involved in RP to change accounts))

She adjusted the small میز, جدول mirror, watching her reflected fingers braid her hair. She wasn't really paying attention to anything, just relaxed.
“Stop worrying, will ya? You're gorgeous.”
She jumped at the voice and turned to see the fifteen-year-old soldier sitting on her window sill.
“You scared me! I didn't know آپ were here.”
The young warrior shrugged.
“I have that affect on people.”
“Not all people.”
She shrugged again, her foot hanging out the window, swinging against the sheer cliff drop the little house was located by.
“What are...
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