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posted by Candy77019
 "We sped along the wet roads, ignoring the looks people were giving us."
"We sped along the wet roads, ignoring the looks people were giving us."
When we got closer to the thicker clouds, it started to rain. I regretted not bringing and umbrella, for I couldn't see with all my hair over my face.
Superboy didn't seem to mind. We sped along the wet roads, ignoring all the looks people were giving us. Finally, we spotted a grassy clearing, where a teenage boy stood, completing a Waterbending move.
I hid behind a tree, Superboy close behind me. "I think that's him!" I hissed.
I walked cautiously toward the boy, afraid to startle him. I tapped him lightly on the shoulder, and he jumped.
"Wer sind Sie?" he demanded.
I groaned. "Do آپ speak English?" I had a feeling Superboy couldn't speak German either.
The boy nodded. "Who are you?" he asked with an accent.
I rolled up the sleeves of my red turtleneck, revealing my Firebending tatoos. "I'm Erica, the Avatar before the گزشتہ one."
Superboy cringed from behind me, but I pretended not to notice.
The boy rubbed his chin. "I heard of the Firebending Avatar... what happened to the گزشتہ one?"
I gulped, remembering the tragedy. "She... um, died."
His index finger was pointed at me. "Then how are آپ alive if there was another Avatar?"
I sighed, telling him the whole Lazarus Pit story. He nodded, understanding.
"What's your name?" I inquired.
He cleared his throat. "My name is Niclas Fynn."
"Okay, Niclas. Could آپ دکھائیں me a Waterbending move?"
He stood on one leg, and performed a simple splashing move, accidentally wetting Superboy. I heard him clench his fists.
Calm down, Conner, I told him mentally.
"Niclas, I'm going to have to ask آپ to come with me. If آپ want, I could train آپ to be the اگلے Avatar."
He looked confused. "Alright, but--"
"Okay then!" I said, interrupting him. I took his hand and held onto Superboy. "Let's super-leap out of here!"

We waited for the team inside the bioship, ignoring the pattering rain on the windows.
Niclas was admiring the structure of the plane. "This is alien technology!" he کہا in awe. "It would take years for a simple human mind to create this!"
I looked back at him. "Are آپ sure your parents let آپ come?"
"I live alone," he replied casually.
Finally, the rest of the team came inside the bioship, all of them sopping wet.
Niclas jumped out of his seat. "Kid Flash, Aqualad, Robin! My پسندیدہ heroes!" he rushed over to them and shook their hands.
Kid Flash looked at me awkwardly. "Erica, who's this...?"
"This is Niclas everybody," I introduced as they all got into their seats. "The اگلے Avatar."
"But--" Niclas started.
"Nice to meet you, Niclas," Megan greeted while starting the plane.
Niclas looked unencouraged, but decided to follow.
I had a bad feeling about this. What if he wasn't the Avatar?
Don't worry, Eri, you'll train him, right? asked my subconscious.
"Right," I breathed. "I'll train him."

I looked out the window, remembering the months I spent training with Jenny.
 "I looked out the window, remembering the months I had spent training with Jenny."
"I looked out the window, remembering the months I had spent training with Jenny."
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posted by Obscurity98
Harley jumped from the سوفی, لٹانا onto the island counter. Her lips parted with a dangerous smile. Her teeth gleaming, and claws digging into the granite. She stayed in a crouching postition for a moment. یا atleast until M'gann turned around, کوکیز freshly baked. M'gann screamed as she came face to face with Harley, whose eyes looked beyond wild.
Superboy jumped up from his spot on the سوفی, لٹانا eyes no longer looking at static screen. But he made no advancement when he noticed Harley on the counter. "M'gann, dont move. If آپ do,she'll attack you. Just dont اقدام i'll get the rest of the team. try...
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Young Justice Robin is compared to Teen Titans Robin. xDDDDDDDDDD mucho funny
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An unboxing vid with Wally's first appearance in The Flash skip to 1.05 to just see Stan Lee related یا skip to 2.00 to see Wally related.
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My YJ review, maybe i got a bit zany..
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