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posted by Robin_Love
“Cassie, go watch our little prodigy.”
Wonder Girl stepped out of the shadows, head bowed.
“You want me to protect her, master?”
“No. She needs to be stopped.”
“And if they try to help?”
“Stop her. Ignore them. They are just pawns in this game.”
“Yes master.”

“I apologize.”
“For what Jade? آپ could not have forseen this would happen. Becca is a free spirit.”
“No. I need to apologize because I let my emotions, as well as Robin's, control me. Kaldur, that is a deadly choice I made. And I know Erin feels the same. But Becca...she is a lost lamb. She needs a guardian to guide her. I failed her.”
“Jade, whatever آپ think آپ did wrong, it is not your fault. We could not stop Becca. If anyone is it at fault, it is me. I should have listened, and trusted, you.”
“Why trust me? I was going behind your back.”
“But آپ were trying to save us. And I can not deny the fact that آپ have stirred some...forgotten feelings inside me.”
“Hmm...the same goes for me. آپ were trying to protect your team, no matter what your دل was telling you. And I was ignoring my own heart, trying to help Becca as best as I could.”
“We tend to do the right thing even if it hurts us, Jade. That is what should be the true nature of a hero.”
“And it is. Because آپ are a hero, those traits survive. Not a single thing feels wrong about these feelings. Nothing is wrong about our feelings. Right?”
“Why would anything be wrong?”
“It is a little fast. And, from what Becca told me, we are both still getting over past loves. Something we can help each other with.”
“Then why سوال something آپ have no control over?”
Jade smiled. Their faces were getting closer with each سیکنڈ that past. A centimeter away. And Slade entered.
“Well my guests. آپ seem to be doing well. Under the circumstances.”
“Where's Becca?!” Robin shouted. “I want to see her!”
“Why on earth would you? She betrayed آپ after all. And she doubts her own loyalty.”
“No Slade! I do not doubt.”
Becca came from the shadows. Her apprentice look was gone and she stood, dressed as Shade.
“So. The demons have escaped.”
“No. I used to fight my inner demons. We're on the same side now. And those demons turned out to be angels.”
“No Slade. What is a pity is that I had to watch my family get trapped سے طرف کی my hand to see how capable of heroics I truly am.”
“You are mistaken. I control you. Your powers are mine to command. Nothing آپ say یا do can stop me.”
“You're wrong. My powers don't belong to you. Only one person can command my soul.”
“Let me take a guess...”
“Slade doesn't control me. My heart, the case that holds the power, doesn't belong to Slade. My دل belongs to Robin. And only Robin can control me.”
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